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How about signing a NFL player suspended for repeated arrests, including charges of a Las Vegas brawl that resulted in a bouncer being permenantly paralyzed?

Nope, you won’t be seeing him at Summerslam or on RAW tonight… Vince McMahon and the WWE aren’t responsible.

As many of you have read, Dave Meltzer reported last Monday that suspended NFL player Adam “Pacman” Jones will shortly sign a short-term deal with TNA according to Channel 5 news in Nashville. TNA had not wanted the news out until Jeff Jarrett returned last Tuesday from an international business trip.

For those who don’t know, “Pacman” was suspended by the NFL for his link to repeated bruishes with the law, including the Las Vegas strip club shooting earlier this year in which former AWA wrestler AWA pro wrestler Tom Urbanski was turned into a paraplegic.

Want more? How about the fact that Adam “Pacman” Jones and Chris Benoit’s doctor, Dr. Phil Astin, under indictment for illegal prescription of drugs have the same criminal defense attorney, Many Arora?

If that isn’t enough for you in the Really Stupid Judgment Department, how about having an angle where an…er… “extremely muscular wrestler” has a fight with his wife? Remind you of anything or anyone we’ve been reading about recently?

TNA shot an angle at last week’s TV taping where Kurt Angle variously accused real-life wife Karen (who was there in the skits playing along) of:
“checking out Kevin Nash’s package”; having a “marital counseling session”
with Dr. Kevin Nash; and still another skit where Karen Angle is brought out in front of the IMPACT crowd to “explain to the fans and home viewers just who Kurt Angle really is” in which Angle tell the crowd that “it must be difficult to live in his shadow but wanted Karen to tell the people what it is like living with him”. Karen Angle finally responds claiming “living with Kurt for 12 years has been pure hell”.

Yup….I’d REALLY want to be hiring a felon who nearly killed someone, not to mention turning Kurt Angle in storyline into a reminder of someone who really DID kill his wife and son to be exact.

Then, there’s Vince McMahon doing his best impression of Bobby Ewing. Or, to put it another way, Mister McMahon was dead…but he’s better now.

After the announced disastrous 2.5 rating (later claimed to have been a mistake…funny that was only figured out after days, and after RAW’s ratings were bad), Vince McMahon decided to resurrect himself from the dead with announcing his return on tonight’s RAW. Forget the fact that his character was seen getting into a car that exploded, with no possible means of escape, and was incinerated. Ratings are low and the only one who can save things is, apparently, Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

In something far more positive, Georgie Makropoulos asked me to get out the news about this event, which is a fundraiser for ovarian cancer.

Georgie Makropoulos asked me to get out the news about this event, which is a fundraiser for ovarian cancer.


“Hi Everyone!

My McDonald’s restaurant in Canton, CT was one of seven restaurants in New England selected to participate in “Teal at The Wheel,” a fund raiser for Ovations for the Cure, (Ovarian Cancer Research). On Saturday, August 18th, we will be having a grand event at the store.

We are selling discounted tickets for $5.00, which can be redeemed for a Quarter Pounder With Cheese Extra Value Meal. (Retail value $6.04!) All proceeds from ticket sales will go directly to Ovations for the Cure.

How Does It Work?

Until August 18th, we are selling $5.00 tickets for a QPC Extra Value Meal.
You can buy these tickets two ways. If you are local, you may come to my store in Canton, CT and purchase them. If you are not local, you may log onto

On the main page you will see the McDonald’s “Teal at the Wheel” logo, where you can purchase tickets. Please select the “220 Albany Turnpike, Canton , CT McDonalds” location when ordering tickets! After your online transaction is complete, it will let you print your ticket(s.)

ALL tickets sold may only be redeemed on the day of the event, August 18th, between 4pm-7pm for your meal. We urge you to come to the store around 4:30, because between 5pm-6pm, our goal is to get 1,000, YES! 1,000 Cars through our drive-thru in one hour.

This is how BIG this event is going to be. We are going to try and set the new world record while raising money for Ovations for the Cure! If you are unable to make it to the day of the event, I am asking that your hearts be open to this event. Any donation, even as small as $5.00, could mean the difference between where we are today, and where we could be tomorrow.

What’s Happening?

– 1,000 Car Contest
– Live TV Remotes
– Live Radio Station Remotes
– Local celebrities: Working on firming up names as we speak.
– Classic Car Show
– Face Painting
– Magic Shows
– Live Music
– Ronald McDonald and Friends
– Raffle Prizes (These are NOT Small prizes either! You WANT to win these!)
– Food & Fun for the Whole Family
– Helping a GREAT Cause!

How Can You Help?

1- Purchase Tickets! The more tickets we sell, the more money is raised!
There is a friendly competition between all seven stores to see who can sell the most tickets, I know we can be #1!

2- Promote Tickets! Please send this email to EVERYONE in your address book, MySpace page, FaceBook. Tell all your friends, family, co-workers! Spread the word!

3- Volunteer! We are looking for volunteers to work the day of the event.
Ever wanted to work at McDonalds? Run the drive-thru? Make a cheeseburger?
Now is your chance. We need 50 volunteers by the end of this month. No experience is necessary! Please contact me for more information.

Thank you so much for your help!

Brian Keifer, GM
CANMAC Enterprises, LLC
#17261, Canton, CT
Chris Jericho who will be signing autographs for ovarian cancer fundraiser at McDonald’s – 220 Albany Turnpike, Canton, CT from 3 to 5 PM.

Information is available at [email protected].

(As always…this column represents the view of this writer and not
necessarily of the website on which it appears).

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