Big Vito wins UXW U.S. Championship

Big VitoBig Vito wins UXW’S United States Championship using his Skull Von Krush Persona


Not to be missed in Orlando this year during WrestleMania, Big Vito aka Skull Von Krush appeared at UXW’s Pro Wrestling Event taking away the tile of United States Champion. He defeated Vordell Walker from Savannah, GA in the title match in 13 minutes.



The match started with Walker and two of his cronies degrading Vito’s use of the dress and his wrestling career. People screamed for him to appear after Jake The Snake Roberts came out in Vito’s defense and said a few choice words about having someone teach them a lesson. As a surprise to the crowd, the ring music was not Vito’s recognized YMCA theme song but an introduction to his appearance in his MMA, street fight gimmick, reminiscent of his ECW days – Skull Von Krush.


Using great wrestling skills in the ring gained from his years of experience, Vito demonstrated his ability to fight in any style, at anytime, anywhere, which continues to make him a success. He once again showed that he is the man to beat in front of Japanese press and other photographers. Abdullah the Butcher and Jake The Snake, two of Vito’s mentors, looked on as he appealed to the crowd.


At the end of the match, Walker was given a vote of confidence by Vito who extended him a hand. Vito said “He put up a tough fight but with a little more experience, he will one day become a great champion.”


It was a tremendous success with his fans that enjoyed some great no-nonsense wrestling.


Vito’s schedule for April includes:

April 5, 2008 DTW Philadelphia, PA

April 10 – 15, 2008 NWE Spain


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