Bill DemottMr. Bill DeMott, WWE & WCW Superstar is our special guest on William Hatfield’s The Wrestling Hotseat Audio Interview Show this week! Of all the interviews Bill DeMott has given, this one goes further and farther into his storied and amazing career!In this amazing 45 minute audio interview, the man formerly known as both Hugh Morrus and General Rection answers questions about his illustrious career and gives his true thoughts and feeling on a wide variety of subjects! Some answers will absolutely blow your mind!!

Topics discussed include:

Training under the Legendary Johnny Rodz and how different the training and schedule was then

Winning the W*ING Tag Team championship with Mr. Pogo and the difference between America and Japan

What it meant to him to win the W*ING Heavyweight Championship and how doing so caused him to miss the birth of his daughter

The long term effects of being on the road and the subsequent effects he and his family feel from it

His first memories of Eastern Championship Wrestling and bringing the Barbed Wire Bat match to the United States

The physical toll that peforming the moonsault takes on a big man’s physique

Coming to WCW and becoming Hugh Morrus

The development of the No Laughing Matter Moonsault as a finisher and how the move originated from being drunk at a swimming with “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan! Hilarious story that you won’t believe until you hear it!!

Joining the Dungeon of Doom and how he was ready to feud with the likes of Hulk Hogan & Randy Savage

How much of Hugh Morrus was Bill DeMott’s own devious side

His original thoughts on becoming General Rection and how he took a negative and turned it into an overwhelming positive.

His Feud with Lance Storm and his thoughts on winning the United States Championship

Debuting in the World Wrestling Federation and how the locker room received him

Internet misconceptions Including how a minor motorcycle accident in 2002 became blown out of proportion

If he was given as much of a chance to succeed as he deserved in WWF (and a fantastic answer that shows the true character and humility of an attitude that many say is lacking in wrestling)

How difficult it was becoming the commentator for Velocity knowing he still had a desire to be competing

The pride he feels towards Melina, John Morrison and The Miz

How proud he is of others he has trained including Matt Capotelli

Why Josh Matthews could’ve been in the ring and why Josh chose not to

His uncensored thoughts on Tough Enough 4 and “The Boogeyman” Marty Wright (no punches pulled!! worth the listen alone!)

His thoughts on the current state of wrestling and how buzzwords like “respect” “opportunity” and “passion” have been changed from their true meaning

His New promotion New Energy Wrestling, his upcoming book scheduled for a Summer 2008 release, and what the future holds for Bill DeMott

Bill DeMott gives such insight into the inner workings of professional wrestling and shows the true heart of someone who actually cares about professional wrestling.. For fans who are missing that old time feeling, Mr. DeMott lets us know the slogan for his new promotion New Energy Wrestling is “Everything Old is New Again!”

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for information on Bill DeMott and New Energy Wrestling, Mr. DeMott let’s us know that only on his personal myspace can you read Exclusive passages from the upcoming book!!

I have never heard Mr. DeMott be this open in an interview and it’s definitely something that fans won’t want to miss!

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