By Scott Fishman:

When former WCW and WWE superstar Bill Goldberg read the script for “Check Point,” he knew it was something he wanted to be a part of.

The movie set for release Memorial Day 2016 surrounds a vagrant who discovers a sleeper terrorist cell in a small town. A team of unlikely heroes go into action to fight the enemy within their own country.

Along with Goldberg as T.J., the eclectic cast also includes Kenny Johnson (“Bates Motel,” Sons of Anarchy”), William Forsythe, (“The Rock,” “Raising Arizona”) Michelle Lee (“Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” “Pacific Rim”) and more. Like most potential projects, he had his wife Wanda give this one an initial look before passing it on to him. She approved.

“The character, the timing of the plot, the timing of the subject matter couldn’t be on point as we are seeing right now,” Goldberg said.

“There was a great group of people working on this. Everybody on set made it a good experience. Everyone is extremely patriotic, which also helped. Everyone had a vested interest in it. This wasn’t your normal movie project. It was a very touchy subject matter and one that needs to be addressed. We need to raise people’s awareness. If any time they need it to be aware, it’s right now.”

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