Charlie Sheen talks about his WWE/Daniel Bryan storyline and potential SummerSlam appearance

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It was a bit of an awkward situation for the WWE recently when the man they’d promoted as their “Social Media Ambassador” for the 1000th episode of RAW, Charlie Sheen, quit Twitter just a couple of weeks that episode aired – cutting off his main social media connection in the process.

Sheen ended up appearing on the 1000th episode periodically via Skype, which ultimately led to a war of words between the actor and wrestler Daniel Bryan – which, given how WWE operates, most fans assume is setting up some bigger confrontation between the two, likely at SummerSlam, which will take place in Los Angeles again.

That potential turn of events hasn’t been met enthusiastically by some WWE fans, who’d prefer Bryan not be in a storyline so outside the wrestling world. But for the time being, there hasn’t been any actual confirmation on Sheen returning to WWE or specifically at SummerSlam.

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