ChickFight 5 on Mav TV, Episode 1 Recap

Cheerleader MelissaFilmed at the Kezar Pavilion, San Francisco, CA

ChickFight appears on MavTV
On Wednesdays at 8 p.m.,
Saturdays at 1 p.m. and 6 p.m.,
Sundays at 10 p.m., and Mondays at 2 a.m.

Reported by Karen Belcher

This show has four matches: the quarterfinals of the ChickFight 5 tournament.
Jason Deadrich (ChickFight owner) and Shane Stoli are the ringside announcers. I like the two man announce team better than the single person they had on ChickFight 4, and while the production values on 4 were solid, they are even better here. The women deliver the same high quality wrestling product as on ChickFight 4. These aren’t divas, they are wrestlers, and this time some real Joshi are on the card too.
Cheerleader Melissa defeats Tanny Mouse
Cheerleader Melissa is the only person who has been in every ChickFight so far, but she has yet to win a tournament. The women start off with a test of strength, and Melissa quickly gets the better of her smaller opponent. Melissa throws Tanny to the mat and proceeds to stomp her viciously in the corner. Mouse comes back with a headbutt and gets a forearm to the face in return, leading to more exchanges until Melissa decks Tanny with a kick to the face, but only gets one.
They battle on and Tanny Irish whips Melissa to the corner, then delivers a headbutt to the gut. After Melissa falls, Mouse repeatedly bangs her head on the turnbuckle, and Stole comments, “Tanny Mouse has apparently snapped, two minutes into the tournament!”
Melissa Irish whips Tanny into the ropes, then catches her in a fireman’s carry, into a Samoan drop, but fails to hook the leg and gets only two. The Cheerleader holds on and goes for her inverted cloverleaf submission finisher, but it’s too early, and Tanny pushes up and walks on her hands to the ropes and gets the break.
Next Melissa sets up for the vertebreaker, but Mouse reverses and tries for a belly to back. When that fails, she scoots away between Melissa’s legs and pokes her…. well, in the privates, seemingly surprising her opponent more than anything, but still getting a quick rollup and a two count. Tanny follows up by scooting across the ring on all fours to headbutt Melissa, ala the Junkyard Dog, and gets another two.
Tanny’s unorthodox style seems to be working to get Melissa off her game plan, but the Cheerleader comes back with an Irish whip to the corner, followed by a big forearm to the face. Melissa hits her with the curb stomp, but Mouse gets her foot in the ropes. Melissa tries for the vertebreaker again, but Tanny escapes and hops up on her opponent’s back to lock in the motorcycle stretch. Melissa drops down to escape, and Tanny goes for the pin but doesn’t get three. Tanny goes for a diving headbutt, but Melissa rolls out of the way and this time she hits the vertebreaker for the pin.
Yoshiko Tamura defeats Allison Danger
Tamura’s great robe and ring gear help her make an impressive entrance, and the crowd quickly gets behind her. Tamura starts off fast with a series of three beautiful drop kicks on Danger, followed by a slam and a quick pin attempt that gets only one. Tamura follows up with an Irish whip to the corner and a knee to the belly, then climbs the ropes and delivers a series of kicks to the side of Danger’s face. After the ref breaks that up, Tamura goes for an abdominal stretch.
Danger tries punching Tamura repeatedly in the thigh, but Tamura turns it into a chinlock, then a side headlock, and forces Danger to the mat. Eventually she switches to a front headlock and gets to her feet so she can deliver some knees to Allison’s gut. Allison reverses an Irish whip attempt and delivers a knee of her own, then follows up with a neck breaker variation. After a knee to Tamura’s head, she tries for a pin but it’s too soon.
After two forearms to the face, Danger locks in the STF, but Tamura bites her forearm and gets the break. Now it’s Tamura’s turn to reverse the Irish whip, then hit Allison with a boot to the gut and a diamond cutter. Allison flees to the outside, but Tamura goes after her and smashes her into the guard rail and the ring floor before wrapping her around a ring post and stretching her around it.
Finally they return to the ring, where Tamura delivers a series of kicks to Danger’s head. An angry Allison comes back with a couple of forearm shots to the face, a clothesline, and a back elbow. A neck breaker over her knee only gets her two. Danger hits Tamura with a couple of chops, but when she goes for an Irish whip Tamura reverses it into a DDT. She tries for a boot to Danger’s face in the corner, but Allison dodges and instead she gets a turnbuckle to the face. Now Allison goes for the boots to the face in the corner and follows with an Irish whip, and then a boot stomp to the head, but still gets only two.
Tamura blocks Danger’s forearm and gets a suplex into a bridging pin, but Allison gets out at the last second. She misses with a clothesline, and Danger goes for the STO but can only get two. Allison hits her opponent with forearms to the back and hits two suplexes, but still gets only two. Both women are now tired and frustrated. Danger insults Tamura with a slap to the face, then goes for kick, but it’s blocked by the angry Joshi, who comes back with a full nelson slam and gets the win.
Jazz defeated Simply Luscious
Jazz, who is clearly the fan favorite, looks great here wearing a becoming feminine ring outfit. Luscious is annoyed when she can’t get cheers from the crowd. They lock up for a test of strength, and appear to be closely matched. Luscious cinches in a headlock, but Jazz manages to push her off, and Luscious somehow gets oddly caught in the ropes. It won’t be the last strange thing she does in this match.
Jazz applies a side headlock, and her opponent tries hair pulling to get out of the hold, but finally has to push Jazz off. Jazz comes back with a shoulder block that leaves Luscious still standing but oddly wobbling around and flailing her arms like a drunk for way too long. The announcers appear to be baffled as well, and settle on calling her behavior “unorthodox.” Jazz comes back with another shoulder block, this time knocking her down, where she flails and bobbles some more.
Jazz locks in an arm bar and increases the pressure, then hits Luscious with two arm drags and a drop kick that sends her to the floor to escape. After looking for sympathy and failing to find it, Luscious gets back in the ring and asks for a test of strength, which meets with catcalls from the fans. Jazz powers her to her knees, and Luscious resorts to a headbutt to the midsection. Jazz tosses her out of the ring and follows, bashing her hear on the ring apron, and them slamming her into the ring rail. Jazz batter Luscious for a while longer before returning to the ring, where she tries for a pin but can’t get three.
Jazz hits Luscious with a double underhook suplex, and then a leg drop. Next she hoists Luscious up to her shoulder and walks around with her until she hits her with an emphatic power slam. She goes for the pin, but then pulls Luscious up at two. Jazz toys with the hapless Luscious some more until she hits her with an X Factor, but Luscious gets her foot in the ropes. They trade shots, but then Jazz locks in the STF and Luscious taps out.
MsChif defeated Sumie Sakai
MsChif won ChickFight 4 and is hoping to repeat her success here in ChickFight 5. Sumie Sakai is now in women’s ultimate fighting, and was recently featured in Time magazine in a photo essay about women in ultimate fighting. You can still see it online here:,29307,1645079,00.html
MsChif starts off screaming in Sumie’s face and keeps on doing it, apparently believing she’ll intimidate her opponent that way. Sumie goes to the outside just to escape the noise, and I don’t blame her. That word “unorthodox” is mentioned again by the announcers. Sumie reenters the ring, then bails again, and this time MsChif chases her. Sumie goes back in and drop kicks the Goth as she returns to the ring. Sumie just sits on MsChif’s shoulders and gets two.
Then Sumie goes for a variation on the Indian deathlock and manages to grab one of MsCHif’s hands and bites it whenever the ref is not looking. Finally the ref catches her and makes her break the hold. Sumie ties the Goth up in the ropes and stretches her arm some more, then whips her into the corner for some forearm shots followed by a foot to the throat.
Sumie judo flips MsChif over and goes for a pin, but gets only two as the announcers say that MsChif appears to have underestimated Sumie. Sakai gets the Goth in a camel clutch, holding her by her hair, and using her signature trick of switching which hand is holding the hair to break the ref’s count. MsChif powers out and into a nice bridging pin, but only gets two.
MsChif catches Sakai in a back stretch, then releases it. She comes off the ropes and Sumie hits her with a high knee, then catches the Goth’s long hair to whip her over. Sakai puts the boots to MsChif and goes for the pin but gets two. Then she goes for a suplex and a bridging pin, but still can’t get three, so she tries a beautiful moonsault off the top, but MsChif rolls out of the way.
They battle through several near falls, until MsChif gets an impressive leglock on Sumie. When Sumie won’t submit, she rolls it over into a pin, but Sakai kicks out at the last second. MsChif screams and charges, but Sumie hits a drop toe hold and the Goth’s face meets the turnbuckle. MsChif hits Sakai with a power bomb, but both women are out and the ref counts until they struggle to their feet. Sumie takes MsChif by surprise with a big kiss, and then rolls her up for a two count. Sakai fires off a string of forearms, but then the Goth catches her with a big slam and locks her into an arm submission, and Sakai submits. MsChif adds several forearm shots to the face for good measure.
Next week is the semifinals of ChickFight 5, with Cheerleader Melissa vs Yoshiko Tamura and Jazz vs MsChif.
ChickFight’s website is at
— Karen Belcher

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