Welcome to this week’s Ring of Honor TV recap from Wrestling Inc. This is one of the first after ROH’s Destination America era, as they start on Comet tonight.

Kevin Kelly, Mark Briscoe and Nigel McGuinness are on commentary.

Adam Page (w/Decade) vs. Will Ferrara

Page attacks Ferrara early on, but Ferrara slaps Page in the face and starts an assault of his own before landing a second rope huracanrana. Ferrara follows up with an elbow, but Paige hits a big dropkick out of the corner before posting Ferrara. Page scores a nice pumphandle suplex, but only gets a two count.

Page and Ferrara trade big punches and Ferrara rolls up Page after he goes for Rite of Passage. Ferrara hits a sunset flip powerbomb, but Page kicks out. Page is sent outside, and Ferrara takes out all three members of Decade. Colby distracts the ref and Page tries to use Whitmer’s crutch, but Ferrara uses it instead for the win.

Winner: Will Ferrara via pinfall

Whitmer and Decade attack Ferrara and the referee, which causes Mark Briscoe to make the big save.

– Addiction are ringside for a promo and talk about the bias against them by ROH. They say they’re leaving for NJPW, and are going to win the Tag League.

– We see a video package of Kyle O’Reilly and Adam Cole‘s feud. O’Reilly feels betrayed and Cole wants to prove Kyle is lesser than him.

– We also see another video of Maria saying she doesn’t have to play by a man’s rules in ROH.

– Third video package in a row, this one covering the Cheeseburger-Brutal Bob Evans feud. Their match is added to Final Battle.

Jay Lethal comes to the ring with Truth Martini and Taeler Hendrix. He said that said everyone was talking about what a great TV champ Lethal was instead of talking about Roderick Strong. He said he’ll beat AJ Styles at Final Battle, too.

AJ comes out and said Lethal is great, but he has a target, and it was weird that Lethal called him out instead of the other way around. Styles wants no excuses after he wins at Final Battle. Lethal hesitates but shakes Styles’ hand and says “may
the best man win, and it’s gonna be me! I’m the best man. I’m the greatest wrestler in the world. And you’re looking at me because you know it!”

– Kevin Kelly announces Bobby Fish vs. Roderick Strong and Moose vs. Michael Elgin for Final Battle.

Dalton Castle vs. Adam Cole (w/ Kingdom)

The Boys showed up, but Cole attacked Castle as he tried to chase them down. Silas Young showed up and ushered them to the back. Kingdom get involved and Castle dives onto them, but the numbers game is too much. Cole is DQ’d

Winner: Dalton Castle via DQ

War Machine show up and chase off Kingdom. Nigel McGuinness makes this a tag team match, playa.

Kingdom (w/ Maria) vs. War Machine & Dalton Castle

Everyone brawls until Hanson and Cole went at it in the ring. Hanson cartwheels into a clothesline, but gets dropped with a jawbreaker and worked over in Kingdom’s corner. Poor Hansen in crotched on the ring post and beaten to a pulp on their side of the ring with leg drops, dropkicks and flying cross body blocks

Hansen finally makes the tag to Rowe, who kills Taven with a series of knees until Cole superkicks him. Dalton then gets a hot tag and clotheslines Cole. Castle scoes on a missile dropkick, then tries to Tombstone Taven. The two reverse each other several times, but Castle finally gets it. Castle eats a superkick but Rowe comes back with the knees to take out Kingdom.

Kingdom breaks up a Rowe dive with a forearm, but Hanson landed one on everyone brawling. War Machine with a double backbreaker into a German suplex on Cole from Castle. Hanson goes for another dive and misses, then Kingdom superkick Castle. Cole finishes Castle with a big neckbreaker over his knee.

Winners: Kingdom via pinfall

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