CZW Cage of Death XI 12/12 results

Reported by Bob Magee –

CZW returned to the ECW Arena last night before a packed (and I mean, physically hard to move around the building packed) ECW Arena for its annual hallmark event, Cage Of Death XI. The event featured returns of two old CZW favorites (one hoped for…and one that was a total surprise) and a returning faction that will shape CZW shows in 2010.

A personal note before the results regarding last night’s Toys for Tots collection:

A ton of thanks to all who donated toys last night at Cage of Death.
As I pretty much hoped they would, CZW fans responded, donating large boxes upon boxes of toys for the children of the Philadelphia area. Despite the reputation among some of the smarkier wrestling fans and wrestling media for CZW and its fans being “garbage”, CZW and its fans proved they are anything but. All of you who donated proved you have big hearts, and at a time when many of you are living on tight budgets, and some without jobs of your own.

Please also know that those of you who gave the Marines who came to the show to collect toys a great response…how much they appreciated it, as well as the kind personal words from so many of you (while coming back in the building from intermission) thanking them for what they do. It is very likely that all of the men you met last night will be getting their orders to go to Afghanistan very shortly (one of them already has done three tours of Iraq/Afghanistan). They can take that good feeling with them while they go overseas soon in service to their country.

The student show next Sunday, December 20, will also do a Toys for Tots collection for those of you who couldn’t make Cage of Death, or who feel moved to make another donation.

Thanks to Roger Artigiani of the Arena, and David Markland, Maven Bentley, with the rest of the CZW staff for doing far more than their share to publicize the collection last night..and again thanks to all of you. Know that a child will have a Christmas or Hanukkah because of what you did.

On to the results…

Pre-show/CZW Wired taping for Hybrident.TV

  • In a six-way scramble match, Ryan Slater defeated Rich Swann, “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy, Drew Gulak, Alex Colon and LJ Cruz when Slater pinned Swann after a hanging piledriver in the ropes.
  • Jon Dahmer defeated former CZW Junior Heavyweight Champion Ryan McBride following the Murderplex. McBride got up after the finish, looking especially pissed.
  • CZW Wired Television Title Tournament Final Match: Tyler Veritas submitted Adam Cole with a crossface, to become the first CZW Wired Television Champion in an excellent match. These two performed well, despite it being easily the largest crowd the two have ever worked in.
    Between shows, the four US Marines who were collecting toys for the Toys for Tots were recognized by CZW’s David “DJ Hyde” Markland to a standing ovation from the full ECW Arena crowd, with some “Semper Fi” chants breaking out as well.Cage of Death XI
  • The show STARTED with a sick, twisted, demented CZW Ultraviolent Underground Title/No-Rope Barbed Wire Match, with Thumbtack Jack defeated Nick Gage to retain the CZW Ultraviolent Underground Championship after a cross legged brainbuster off the cinderblocks (yes, I said cinderblocks). This match featured Bill Alfonso-level blood from Gage at one point and had the crowd going nuts time after time. Thumbtack Jack wound up with at least 15 stitchesPost-match, Jack was attacked by two guys in hoodies who turned out to be the returning Half-Breed Billy Gram and the returning JC Bailey (who literally got out of prison on Friday and came straight to Philadelphia), who Gram then called the newest member of Cult Fiction, re-awakening that stable in storyline. Th
  • DJ Hyde pulled a really smart and unselfish one, with this match being in the “death slot” after the crowd was so hot for the opener; by not letting them cool down and taking one for the team by working the match himself. He first came out and played CZW owner, and asked the fans what they think of the show. Nate Hatred comes out and bitched out Hyde, who then responded “Why don’t we do this right now”. Meanwhile the ring crew started putting up the regular ring ropes as Hyde and Hatred brawled through the Arena crowd. “Chainsaw” Joe Gacy runs into the match dressed as CZW security and jumps Hyde. Hatred hits Hyde with the Decapitator but Hyde kicks out, hits Hatred with a Summoning Lariat, and gets the pinfall
  • CZW World Tag Team Title #1 Contendership Match:
    Ruckus and Sabian defeated Scotty Vortekz and xOMGx, Azrieal and Bandido, Jr., & Kirby Mack and TJ Mack to become the #1 Contenders to the CZW World Tag Team Championship. During the match the middle rope snapped off. Despite that the ring crew came out (as the match was still going on) and switched the bottom rope to the middle with the match contuing all the way along. Post-match the ring ropes were fixed and all went well for the remainder of the night.
  • CZW World Junior Heavyweight Title Match:
    Greg Excellent defeated Drew Blood folowing a Tiger Driver ’98 on a cake (yes, a cake) to become the um… “full figured” new CZW World Junior Heavyweight Champion.
  • CZW World Heavyweight Title #1 Contendership/Golden Dream four-way match:
    Jon Moxley defeated Eddie Kingston, B-Boy and Egotistico Fantastico with a small package on Eddie Kingston to earn a CZW World Heavyweight Title shot at the 11th Anniversary Show in February. Crowd didn’t seem thrilled with the finish, as they were looking for a Drake Younger-BBoy rematch to come out of this match. Little did they know…
  • CZW World Tag Team Title Match
    TJ Cannon and Bruce Maxwell defeated Ruckus and Sabian retain the CZW World Tag Team Championship following a sickening looking shooting star double foot stomp through a ladder from Cannon on Ruckus was laying on a ladder. Ruckus left the ring looking hurt.
  • CZW World Heavyweight Title Match
    Drake Younger defeated Devon Moore to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship after a Drakes Landing through a table. Drew Blood ran in during the match and tombstoned Drake, followed by Eddie Kingston hitting Moore with a backfist for the save.Then, DJ Hyde came out with a bunch of announcements:

    1) A January 30 (CZW won’t run its usual second Saturday slot in January…a night which would have run against a potential Philadelphia Eagles NFL playoff game) show features the Drake Younger vs. B-Boy rematch that fans have been demanding.
    2) A CZW doubleheader on February 12, with the first (afternoon) show having free admission. Main event thus far is Drake Younger vs. Jon Moxley for the CZW Heavyweight Title
    3) March 13 will feature a doubleheader with Germany’s WXW with a main event announced of Drake Younger vs Thumbtack Jack.
    4) On March 27, CZW will be invading Indianapolis, IN.

  • Then, the Cage Of Death Match….
    This Cage of Death was demented as ever with two traditional Cage Of Deathcage walls, and two Caribbean spiderweb barbed wire walls that are hangin off at a 45 degree angle with panes of glass on both sides, a scaffold with a hole in the middle with two panes of glass underneath, then four panes of glass on the front of the scaffold and barbed wire at the back (with what sounded like a chainsaw) and another pane of glass in three corners. You can see a picture of the Cage of Death at this linkThere was too much insanity to describe in this match, Sami Callihan won the 20089 Cage of Death match Curtain Call through the glass scaffold through a table in the ring! Post-match, Callihan got up, was ready to cut Havoc with the switchblade..and the lights go the returning Necrobutcher making a save.

    Overall, a helluva night. Great crowd. Lots of toys for kids. Seriously violent main events. Can’t beat that.

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