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Combat Zone WrestlingFull Detailed CZW Results – Lights! Camera! CZW!These are the official CZW results from the CZW Chat and Feed Room.

The Combat Zone Video clips from the past month are now being shown to the live crowd. Things are just about to kick off, as the lights have dimmed and the CZW theme is playing.

Larry Legend is entering the ring, accompanied by referee Brian Logan for opening announcements.
*Pre-show announcements- Brain Damage cannot make it to the show due to the inclement weather, and Joker was in a car accident last night, so neither man will compete tonight.

>Joe Gacy vs. Jon Dahmer
Now, to the in-ring action… Joe Gacy takes the upper hand moments into the match with his STO/Backbreaker, and works over Dahmer with strike and submissions, keeping him on the ground. Dahmer is able to work his way to his feet from a camel clutch, shoot Gacy off the ropes, and hit a big spinebuster. He takes Gacy to all four corners and hits a chop at each one. He loses control temporarily, but regains it with an exploder, followed by a leg-hook backdrop! The crowd explodes for that one! Top-rope elbow by Dahmer gets two. Dahmer brings Gacy to his feet, but Gacy goes to the eyes and looks for a swinging STO, but it’s blocked, and Dahmer hits the Move of 1000 Maniacs for the three! Winner: Jon Dahmer

>Don Paysan vs. Chrisjen Hayme
Dan Paysan is making his first appearance since the Trifecta Eliminiation III. The crowd is giving Hayme some flack Paysan and Hayme exchange waistlocks, which evolves into a fast-paced sequence where Hayme gets control with a toreador… Paysan with a casadora, then an innovative arm drag out of the corner. Paysan with a leg-drag, and Hayme to the floor. Paysan follows. Back into the ring, Hayme sends Paysan back to the floor and hits a corkscrew plancha. In the ring, a nice Northern Lights Suplex by Hayme gets two. A lionsault misses, and both men get to their feet for an exchange of strikes. Paysan whips Hayme into the corner, charges with the knee, then hits a dropkick on a downed Hayme. Standing moonsault by Paysan for two. He picks up Paysan and hits him with a couple kicks “to the teeths, bro!” This sends Hayme to the floor, and Paysan follows with a corkscrew of his own. In the ring, Paysan misses from the middle rope, Hayme follows with a German Suplex and a Reverse Rana, but two only! Paysan reverses and irish whip, hits an enzugiri, a springing hurracanrana, and a big slam gets him two. Now to the top… swanton… Hayme gets the knees up! Hayme hits an enzugiri of his own, looks for the half-and-half but Paysan blocks. Paysan now in the corner, but Hayme follows. Paysan presses him into the air looking for the bandera, but Hayme catches him and hits a reverse headscissors for the win! Winner: Chrisjen Hayme

>Spyral vs. Pinky Sanchez
The fans are really behind Pinky Sanchez as he makes his entrance, dancing in the center of the ring. Spyral has seen enough, and hits him with a kick to the head before the bell! Spyral whips Pinky to the ropes, but Pinky slides out and continues to dance. He outsmarts Spyral on several occasions, but gets pulled out of the ring. Pniky is put through the metal railings and hit with a hard kick! In the ring, Spyral takes control and gets a two count. A low Diamond Dust doesn’t quite do the damage Spyral wants, so he follows with a good ol’ fashions foot to the skull. “Kick to the head” seems to be Spyral’s strategy for the night, as he hits another. He utilizes a head-and-arm choke to try to put Pinky out, but Pinky fights back, and hits a forearm, followed by a kick to the head of his own, then a Michinoku Driver for two! A couple running “arriba!” forearms, and another two count. Pinky ducks a Yakuza kick, hits a dropkick to the knee, and hits a Shining Ass! Spyral blocks a second and hits a snap backdrop, taking control of the match. He hits a big jumping neckbreaker out of the corner, then goes to the top, but Pinky cuts him off! Now some nasty chops from the apron to the seated Spyral, then a lariat… now, the jumping ass… misses! Spyral gets out of the corner and charges Pinky head-first to the corner. Pinky recovers and hits a nice banzai drop… he follows with a… moonsault ass drop?!? It gets him the victory! Winner: Pinky Sanchez

*Sabian In-Ring Speech
>Sabian, as many of you know, suffered a broken jaw last month at the hands of Brandon Thomaselli. His jaw is wired shut. But he’s addressing the crowd as best he can. He says he considered quitting wrestling, but thought better of it, and said he’ll still be here every month, bustin’ his ass, giving his all for the crowd. He tells the crowd he’s going to let them go back to watching the show, but Vordell Walker comes out and taunts Sabian. Vordell gives Sabian a hard time, but Ricky Reyes is out for the save!

>Ricky Reyes vs. Vordell Walker
Reyes take the upper hand as he saves Sabian from Walker’s attack! A great series of moves from Reyes, but Walker turns it around and hits a belly-to-belly, followed by a nice kick to the teeth! Now on the outside, Walker takes control and goes for the irish whip, but gets whipped into the crowd himself! The come back into the ring, and Vordell gets his bearings and is able to take control. He hits a stalling vertical suplex for two, and a glancing Yakuza kick. He charges, but Reyes blocks and hits a Tornado DDT! Both men down… now they’re up and exchanging forearms… Reyes with an enzugiri… a Saito suplex with a bridge! Two only. Vordell looked for the ankle pick, but Reyes got the ropes. Vordell quick on the recovery with a charging STO for two. He picks up Reyes but gets hit wit a jawbreaker, allowing Reyes to take control and lock in a cross armbreaker. Now an exchange of kicks… Reyes with a Sobat… Walker avoids a second strike, and gets the rolling kneebar for the tap! Winner: Vordell Walker After the match, Walker refuses to release the hold, until Brian Logan physically pries him away from Reyes’s leg.

**Next month, Saturday, April 5th, CZW returns to the New Alhambra Arena**

>Team AnDrew vs. Naptown Dragons
Team AnDrew is looking to take back the titles they held for a short time in 2007, while the Naptown Dragons are looking to establish their dominance in the tag team division. Before the match, though, Diehard tells “CZW’s hungriest tag team” that, because of a recent loss to the former tag champs, they can’t have their shot tonight. Things get started quickly, and a pair of dropkicks from Team AnDrew sends the Dragons to the floor. Back in the ring, Gulak takes control of Scotty Vortekz with a number of technical holds. Vortekz gets back to his corner and tags out, but Gulak stays in. Diehard Dustin Lee looks to use his size, but Gulak takes a chickenwing and tags out. Sumner hits a snapmare on Lee, then locks in a chinlock. He brings Lee back to his corner, and Gulak tags in. He takes the mount, but Lee reverses to guard. Two count from a guard-position pin, and Gulak gets back on the upper hand, leaving Diehard looking for the time out. Now poke to the eyes by Lee, and a half-nelson backbreaker. The Dragons are now on the advantage, taking control of Gulak and keeping him isolated in the ring with double-teaming and an assortment of slams. Frequent tags by Vortekz and Diehard. Sumner wants at Vortekz, but this just opens up the window of opportunity for the Dragons to double-team. Sumner is trying to get the crowd behind Gulak as the tag team champions work him over. Vortekz is laying the chops in on Gulak in the corner, and appealing to the crowd. This gives Gulak the chance to chop back and get within INCHES of tagging Sumner before Vortekz takes back the advantage. Tag out, and Lee with some more chops. The Dragons are laying in some heavy blows, almost playing with Gulak, but Gulak reverses a high roundhouse by Diehard into a capture suplex! Both men tag! Sumner is firing away on both Dragons, hitting heavy clotheslines, a T-Bone suplex on Lee, and a press-up powerslam on Vortekz. Naptown Dragons reclaim the advantage with a nice double-team combination, and Vortekz brings out the ladder. Sumner double-teamed, but breaks through and tags back out to Gulak. Leg-hook backdrop on Vortekz, two only! A pair of lariats from both members of Team AnDrew, but Vortekz kicks out at two! Diehard drags Gulak out of the ring, and throws him to the railing, while they hit Sumner with a double-team suplex drop onto the ladder! Gulak is still the legal man, and he catches Diehard off-guard with a satellite headscissors school boy pin for the three! Winners: Team AnDrew A post-match staredown between the teams, and a (somewhat) legitimate shake of hands between the two teams.

>DJ Hyde vs. Whacks
DJ Hyde addresses the crowd and notes that Britney is “back at [his] place”… this lights a fire under WHACKS, as he charges to the ring and goes right at Hyde with a chair. This one is already on the floor not thirty seconds in. A couple nice forearms and a couple Irish whips into the guardrails leaves Hyde floored. DJ takes control again, however, with a forearm and a HUGE chairshot to the head. This one is back and forth, all around ringside. A lot of hard striking and chairshots… and now WHACKS has DJ covered in chairs. He climbs one of the arena pillars and comes off with a big senton! Hyde has time to recover as WHACKS plays to the crowd, and he fights his way up the ramp with WHACKS following. Hyde in control, and a vertical suplex on the entrance ramp! Hyde has a noticeable limp as he walks around ringside looking for something… and he’s found it… a barbed-wire board! He brings the board towards the ramp, but sets it down in favor of a steel chair, which he blasts WHACKS over the head with. He now has the board set up across four chairs next to the ramp. WHACKS and DJ are fighting on the ramp… WHACKS looks for the suplex, but DJ takes him and dumps him off the stage unceremoniously off the side of the ramp through the board! He follows with a series of chairshots that make an ugly thud against the barbed-wire boards and WHACKS’s body. DJ is now dragging WHACKS back to the ring, and WHACKS is a bloody mess. DJ hits WHACKS with a pair of knucks, quelling the crowd’s chanting very quickly. DJ is methodically plodding around the ring, taking his time and putting the hurt on WHACKS. WHACKS makes his way back to his feet and gets a couple forearms in, but DJ reverses and hits a lifting Flatliner on the fan favorite. He now hits him with a HUGE chop in the corner, and goes back to work on the cuts on WHACKS’s head. WHACKS on the recovery, and charges at Hyde, who hits him with a Boss Man Slam! Rather than covering, he chooses to go back under the ring and grab a table. It is set up in the corner, and DJ whips WHACKS towards it, but WHACKS puts on the brakes, and avoids a charging DJ, who goes right through the table. WHACKS brings out a sheet of glass, but goes back on the offensive, hitting DJ with a chair then going to the top rope. DJ is up and crotches WHACKS, then whips him off, hitting him with a lariat! DJ is now setting up a few chairs, and has laid WHACKS between them. He has put the sheet of glass across the the chairs, and is going up to the top rope. He goes up top, and hits a cannonball senton through the glass! There’s the pin, and there’s the three. Winner: DJ Hyde

>2 Girls, 1 Cup (w/ Kylie Pierce) vs. 2.0
2 Girls, 1 Cup have been on an absolute tear since being paired up at Cage of Death with LJ Cruz. On the other hand, 2.0 is making their CZW debut after being successful in a number of other companies in the U.S. and Canada. They’re notable for their endless banter before, during, and after matches. Jagged will start off against Beef, while Shane Matthews and Greg Excellence wait on the apron. Before things can really get underway, though, Cloudy interrupts by taking the microphone. He inserts himself and Cheech into the matchup as Brodie Lee watches their back. Now things really get underway, with all three teams in the ring… 2G1C with Bionic Elbows and Polish Hammers all around! Beef and Greg get attacked by both teams as they play to the crowd, and 2.0 begins the assault on Beef. The tag is made to Cloudy, and he and Cheech take the opportunity to double-team Beef. It seems to be a 4 on 2 right now, with Cheech, Cloudy, Shane Matthews, and Jagged taking the fight to Beef. Beef is able to tag out, and Excellence is a house of fire. Quadruple waistlock by the opposing teams on Greg Excellence, but Greg breaks out and all four men catch an ass punch! Beef goes for a 619… he tries… he really does… but he gets caught up in the ropes and hit with Partly Cloudy with a Chance of Cheech! Things break down and there’s a crowd outside the ring, which Excellence breaks up with a big tope! In the ring, a lot of fast-paced action… a cannonball by Excellence on Cheech, a Busaiku Knee by Cheech, and all hell is breaking loose! Diving Tornado DDT by Cloudy on Shane Matthews… double-team on Jagged by C and C. Beef breaks up the pin, and hits the Walker Texas Ranger-plex on Cloudy! Now Greg and Shane in the ring… Matthews looking for the pedigree… Greg Excellence with a the Tiger Driver 98… it’s over! Winners: 2 Girls, 1 Cup Post-match, Brodie Lee enters the ring… BIG BOOT to Greg Excellence! Beef takes issue and takes a Rydeen Bomb for his troubles. Now Kylie’s in the ring… BIG BOOT TO KYLIE… LIGER BOMB! And Cheech and Cloudy try to all him off, but Brodie is fired up! Brodie Lee has made a statement here tonight at Lights, Camera, CZW!

>Barbed-wire Match: Mickie Knuckles vs. Insane Lane
After the previous match, Kylie Pierce was stretchered out of the ring. Keep your eye on for updates on her condition. On to this match… Mickie Knuckles gets a big ovation in her return to CZW, as does Insane Lane. Insane Lane takes the mic and takes issue with having to face Micke Knuckles, but Mickie answers those concerns with a big forearm. She sends Lane to the floor, and follows with a tope suicida! Mickie is very much in control in the early goings as they exchange strikes and headbutts that thud throughout the arena! Lane is now going at Mickie with a series of headbutts, but Mickie breaks it up with a slap and a forearm. The match is back in the ring, and Lane hits Mickie with a barbed wire bad to the head. His control is short lived, however, as Mickie goes to work with the bat. Both competitors are busted open, and Mickie hits a series of Kawada kicks… they exchange punches… and Lane comes back with a Yakuza kick! He goes to work with a barbed-wire oar. Very even matchup thus far, as neither competitor has taken control. Lane smacks Mickie after taking a series of headbutts! Short-lived control again, as Mickie hits a hard forearm. Lane is again able to get the momentum, and chews away at Mickie’s head. Mickie rears back for another forearm that topples The Mental Messiah. She lays Lane out on the barbed-wire chair and goes for a senton, but only hits with a glancing blow for a two-count. Lane looks to be in quite a bit of pain, as he’s clutching his ribs. Mickie takes the opportunity to grab a ladder from under the ring. Lane recovers and picks her up for a powerbomb… Mickie tries to fight out, but she gets powerbombed through the ladder in the corner of the ring. Two-count only! Fans are chanting for Mickie, as she struggles to get to her feet- an effort again impeded by a chairshot to the back. Lane hovers over her as she tries to get up, and she hits a couple punches, then bails to the outside for a couple chairs. Lane follows, and hits a headbutt, rolling her back under the ropes. As he enters, she kicks the rope, crotching the Mental Messiah. Lane recovers as Mickie sets up the barbed-wire chair across two others. Lane hits a half-and-half, and Mickie grazes the chair. She kicks out of the pin the follows, but Lane hits her with a tombstone through an open chair for the victory! Winner: Insane Lane

>Danny Havoc Invitational Gauntlet
The implements from the last match remain in the ring, along with some additional weapons brought by the fans. These include two jug bats, a barbed wire wiffleball bat, a hamster cage, an ironing table, and a number of other crazy pieces of weaponry. Nicky Benz has had a very special intro video made for “Dylan Summers”, talking about him walking the red carpet and how his name will stand long after other top Hollywood stars fade out. It is, in a word, absurd. “He is better than Danny Havoc… So he’s certainly better than you… DYLAN SUMMERS… Today, Hollywood. Tomorrow, the king of the world.” Words cannot do it justice. Nicky Benz is now trash-talking Danny Havoc, and down-talking the hardcore style. His first entrant… Shane Storm! Danny Havoc vs. Shane Storm Storm is armed with his trademark STOP sign, but he’s entering a new world with all the barbed-wire and plunder in the ring. This is far from lucha… but Shane Storm seems ready for the challenge… some thumbtacks spread throughout the ring, and some thumbtack lucha?!? Havoc to the floor now, and Storm follows with a tope. Back in the ring, a two count. Havoc hits a solid kick to the head, and then hits him over the head with a toaster! Keyboard to the head of Storm! Storm catches a barbed-wire chair to the back. Storm bails out, Havoc gives chase, but Storm employs his stop sign and bashes Danny with a piece of glass! Storm is going to work and taking to the ultraviolent environment, hitting Havoc with a bat. Danny takes control with some forearms, though, and hits a thumbtack mask headbutt. Storm is visibly bleeding through his mask, but is able to hit a German suplex… misses That Japanese Move, and gets hits with an Emerald Fusion through the hamster cage. Up next… Freakshow! Exchange of forearms to kick it off… some headbutts, and the big man takes control with a stuffed-Patrick assisted spinebuster. Now, Havoc just got a drawer shattered over his skull! Freakshow is in control and going to work with the barbed-wire bat, which he uses to assist on the Russian Leg Sweep. Danny gets the advantage by popping Freakshow over the head with a wifflebat, then hitting him with BOTH jug bats! The crowd is going nuts! Havoc has ‘Show’s face laid out on the ultraviolent ironing board, but Show follows him to the top. Headbutts from Freakshow, and he’s looking for the super piledriver, but Danny blocks! Headbutts from Danny… double-knee from the top through the board! Two only, as he didn’t get all of the board. Freakshow throwing punches, Danny reverses the Irish whip… and pins Freakshow for three with the mousetrap! Next… IAN ROTTEN! Rotten takes hold of things right away with a couple NASTY chairshots. I think everyone is in shock that Ian Rotten… a RETIRED man… is here in the name of Nicky Benz. He’s not showing any signs of rust, though, and is fully in control. He smashes Havoc over the head with the jug bat! And again! And he busts it over the head of the crowd favorite! Havoc tries to roll him up with an inside cradle, but Ian kicks out and starts stabbing at the head of the Cage of Death winner. Forearm exchange now, and Danny is grinding the 2×4 into the head of Rotten! Ian up with a spinning back kick to the gut, and hits him with an ironing board to the back. Now Ian is in control with headbutts… with the oar… the veteran is asserting his will on the homegrown CZW star. Havoc is taking abuse all over the place… but he comes back with a cable box to the head! Ian is back in control courtesy of a headbutt, though. Rotten Rush… YES! But Rotten doesn’t go for the pin, and simply chooses to continue to go to work on Havoc, including a B-Boy kick in the corner! Ian is fully in control… but Havoc out of nowhere with a series of headbutts! Ian responds with a kick to the groin… Oklahoma Roll by Rotten! Two count. Havoc now hitting some punches… looks for the suplex, but Rotten strikes his way out… Havoc and Ian exchanges punches and forearms… Yakuza kick by Danny, but Ian is still up… charing forearm by Havoc… knee strike finally puts Ian down, but only a two count! Havoc grinds a nail-board into the head of Ian, and Ian taps! Hollywood Dylan Summers is in the ring with the big boot, leg drop combo! Now Rotten and Summers are double-teaming the youngster, and Summers gets only two. Havoc gets control, but Dylan bails out, and in comes the “Necro Butcher stunt double”? The real Summers uses the distraction to hit Danny with a chokeslam and pin Havoc. Winner: Dylan Summers.

>CZW World Heavyweight Title Match: Drake Younger vs. Ruckus vs. Nick Gage ©
Ultraviolent Underground Champion Drake Younger is out first, with former World Heavyweight Champion Ruckus out next. The reigning champion makes his entrance with a pitch black arena, and the crowd chants “Nick Fuckin’ Gage!” Before the bell, Gage and Drake attack Ruckus and toss him out of the ring. Drake grabs the mic and asks CZW security for some ultraviolent weapons, and they quickly oblige! There’s a pane of glass and a barbed wire board in the ring, and Gage goes through the glass quickly at the hands of a T-Bone Suplex! Ruckus is back in the ring with Younger, and Younger hits him with the oar! Gage and Ruckus are on the floor, and Younger heads to the top rope, hitting a beautiful plancha from the turnbuckle the floor! It has turned into a brawl, as Younger gets dropped back-first onto the guardrail by Gage! Gage is taken out by Ruckus, who hits Younger with a Falcon Arrow on the floor! Now Ruckus has control of Gage, and lays him out on the ringside table… he heads to the top rope… double stomp! Back in the ring, it’s Younger and Ruckus. Ruckus with a wear-down pin that gets only two. Ruckus now whips Drake in, looking for the Razzle Dazzle, but it’s countered with the German Suplex… followed up with a half-andhalf! Gage hits Younger with a Samoan drop, then follows with his diving headbutt. Ruckus and Gage square off, and Ruckus reverses the Chokebreaker into a monkey flip! Quite a few big moves hit already, and they keep on coming! A nice backflip dropkick in the corner by Ruckus to Younger, putting him down for two. He follows with a tornado DDT on Younger and a kick on Gage, establishing his momentum in the match. Ruckus now has a barbed-wire board set up across some chairs, and has Younger laid out on it… he heads to the top, but Gage throws a chair at him! He goes up and looks for the piledriver, but Younger sunset flips him into the barbed wire board! Ruckus follows with a double stomp to Younger’s head! Ruckus and Younger in the ring, and Ruckus hits a nice vertical suplex on the UVU champ. Gage is now back in as well, and Ruckus turns his attention to him, leaving Younger a window to attack him and hit a piledriver. Ruckus rolls outside to recover, and Gage is able to down Younger in the corner for a facewash! Chokebreaker… reversed… burning hammer! Drops him right through a bridged barbed-wire chair! Now Ruckus downs Younger, and sets the barbed-wire board on top of him… CORKSCREW DOUBLE STOMP from the top turnbuckle! Gage is up… Hardcore Drop on Younger… Ruckus with a very nice reversal to a chokebreaker with a triangle choke, but Gage is able to break out… Ruckus reverses another attempt, but Gage goes right back to the Chokebreaker and hits two of them for the victory! Winner and STILL CZW World Heavyweight Champion: Nick Gage Post-match, Younger challenges Gage to a one-on-one match for the CZW World Heavyweight Title next month. For more information on next month’s show, check Thanks for joining us online for “Lights, Camera, CZW”! Keep your eye on for the DVD release of this event and also to catch up on past CZW shows.
Thank You, everybody who joined in over at during the event. The chat room was booming and made an amazing debut! – If you have feedback on the chat then please leave it here or email [email protected] – See you all on April 5th for the next CZW LIVE CHAT!

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