Dangerous Women of Wrestling TV debut

TORONTO — The Fight Network will be adding Dangerous Women of Wrestling to its exciting stable of cutting-edge pro wrestling programming starting this August.

“We strive to bring our viewers something unique and this program is exactly that,” said Ariel Shnerer, The Fight Network’s Programming Manager. “As opposed to our classic pro wrestling programming including Ring of Honor, CMLL and Ultimate Classic Wrestling, Dangerous Women of Wrestling takes things in a completely different direction with entertaining antics, innovative storylines and matches, as well as obvious sex appeal. There is a market for both fans of scantily clad women and hardcore mayhem, as well as enthusiasts of classic matches featuring Harley Race and Ric Flair.”

The action-packed 30-minute program is set to premiere in late August as part of The Fight Network’s late-night programming line-up, which is home to some other experimental promotions.

In the evolving landscape of pro wrestling, creativity is paramount. Make no mistake — Dangerous Women of Wrestling is not your grandfather’s wrestling show. In fact, forget pro wrestling as you know it.

You have never seen anything like this!

About Dangerous Women of Wrestling
The Dangerous Women of Wrestling are one part extreme women’s professional wrestling, one part Jerry Springer, one part Girls Gone Wild, and one part Las Vegas style show. This show has something for everyone –from wrestling, sexy women, to our dysfunctional cast of cripples, midgets, cross dressers, dancers and the obese creatively packaged into one entertaining action-packed event filled with colorful skits, and comedy marketed as an entertaining wrestling event. The Dangerous Women of Wrestling is an entertaining upstart, featuring a female cast that are young, sexy, and anti-establishment starring in a one-of-a-kind politically incorrect wrestling show! Unlike any other wrestling show ever, these Dangerous Women defy the rules of wrestling conduct. Most commonly seen at our wrestling events are beautiful scantily clad women wrestling, g-strings, tables, stripping referees, blood, ladders, chairs, midgets, sexy dancing, oil wrestling, and disgruntled staff members. This is where anything and everything goes!

About The Fight Network
The Fight Network is the world’s premier provider of combat sports content. Our combat sports content (mixed martial arts (MMA), boxing, wrestling, kickboxing and other sports) is delivered across an entire range of branded delivery channels including digital cable and DTH satellite broadcast, broadband, major internet portals such as FoxSports.com, mobile, radio and DVDs, all focused on reaching the rapidly expanding universe of fight fans around the world.
Dangerous Women of Wrestling (Philadelphia, PA)

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