DDP to be honored twice by the CAC


Get ready to…feel…the…BANG!  On this edition of CAC Radio, co-hosts David and Morgan welcome wrestling star Diamond Dallas Page to the program!   As we mentioned on our last show, Dallas is going to receive the 2015 Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award at the 50th annual CAC Reunion this coming April.

And in a special announcement, Diamond Dallas Page will ALSO be receiving a 2015 men’s wrestling award! Dallas will be the FIRST EVER double award recipient at the same reunion!  DDP is going to be a 2-time, 2-time, 2-time…award winner!

Dallas first broke into the world of professional wrestling as a manager but he eventually stepped into the ring himself. And even though he began his professional wrestling career at the age of 35 he quickly reached superstar status. Injuries threatened to derail his career, but Dallas overcame his physical challenges, and even developed his own spin on traditional yoga which became a total fitness solution, called DDPYoga.   It is his work with DDPYoga that has allowed him to continue to inspire and help people, ranging from professional football players, professional and amateur wrestlers, MMA fighters, and regular individuals. His efforts have helped earn him these prestigious honors, the 2015 Jason Sanderson Humanitarian Award, as well as a 2015 men’s wrestling award.

During this interview, Dallas shares stories about his wrestling career, including:

  • Working on the “DDP” character
  • Learning from Jake “The Snake” Roberts
  • Being inspired by Dusty Rhodes
  • The origins of the Diamond Cutter
  • Enjoying the Monday Night Wars
  • Working with Randy Savage
  • His most memorable championship
  • Overcoming a serious injury
  • Joining WWE
  • Creating DDPYoga
  • And much more!

Make sure to stay in touch with DDP on Twitter @RealDDP and @DDPYoga, and check out his website www.DDPYoga.com for more information about his revolutionary exercise program!

In addition, David and Morgan announce the winner of the 2015 James C. Melby Historian Award! This person worked with many promotions, including World Class, UWF, NWA, WCW, Smokey Mountain and WWF/WWE, and is a NY Times bestselling author, writing books with some of wrestling’s biggest stars. Tune in to find out the recipient. We are sure you will be excited by this news!

It is another “can’t miss” episode of CAC Radio!  Listen to it here!

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