Dixie Carter explains her actions

This Wednesday is #WinnerTakeAll on IMPACT WRESTLING where Team TNA will face Team GFW and the victor in the match will retain control over IMPACT WRESTLING.  Dixie Carter sat down with Josh Mathews to give some insight to the fans of TNA IMPACT WRESTLING as to why she would put so much on the line in one match.

When asked what made her put up the stipulation Dixie Carter responded by saying:

“For several years I’ve let his minority stakes, even when it wasn’t a positive sitution for TNA, To continue to be at play and I’ve always respected Jeff, I’ve always made that very, very clear.  I had hoped that by bringing him back things would have turned out differently…”

Dixie went on:

“It made me realize that I can no longer allow that minority voice who has chosen not to be a part of this company, who has chosen to go out and compete against this company, and then when asked to come back into this company pulls what he and his team has pulled, the best way to fix that is with swift action.”

Carter went on to elaborate more on what it could mean to lose everything and what the company means to her.  Watch the video for the full interview.

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