Dory Funk / Antonio Inoki to Meet Again

Funking Conservatory Press Release – Dory Funk Jr. / Antonio Inoki to Meet Again

From Masanori Horie – News from the Rising SunDory Funk Jr. will be making a special appearance for the IGF (Inoke Genome Federation) on Saturday February 16th at 6:00pm at the Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo for the Naoya Ogawa vs Josh Barnett match.

This will be a rare occasion for Antonio Inoki and Dory Funk Jr. to meet. In 1969, Dory Funk Jr. wrestled Antonio Inoki to a one hour time limit draw. There was a return match in 1970 that also went to a one hour time limit draw.

In 1972 a return match was scheduled however just prior to the match taking place, Antonio Inoki announced he was quitting the company (Japan Pro Wrestling) and forming his own company, New Japan Pro Wrestling. Japan Judo Champion, Seiji Sakaguchi replaced Mr. Inoki in the match for the NWA World Championship against Dory Funk Jr.

Shortly thereafter, the old company, Japan Pro Wrestling ceased doing business and Giant Baba formed his own company, All Japan Pro Wrestling.

The 2008 Excite Series starting February 17 at Korakuen Hall and finishing with Dory Funk’s Final Match in Wrestling March 1st at Tokyo’s Sumo Hall will mark the 35th anniversary of All Japan Pro Wrestling.

The Funking Conservatory’s Flyin’ Ryan “Air” Mitchell has signed a contract with All Japan Pro Wrestling to wrestle on the 2008 Excite Series, Dory Funk’s Sayonara Series.

Funking Conservatory Wrestling School – [email protected]. Includes special direct link to All Japan Pro Wrestling’s Website where tickets are available for purchase to Dory’s Sayanora Tour and Dory Funk’s Final wrestling match at Tokyo’s Sumo Hall.

For training schedules at the Funking Conservatory wrestling school E-mail [email protected].

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