Sunset Flip: Downfall of Bret Hart? Part 1

Sunset Flip Presents: The Downfall of Bret Hart? Part 1
By Jim Boy Star

The big story around the internet world of wrestling seems to be about Bret Hart. Certain sites are reporting that Bret Hart has signed a deal with WWE that would see him around until April and starting as early as Jan. 1st. I am going to make this a two part column. The first will be about Bret Hart returning and why I think it may tarnish his legacy. The second will be about Bret Hart returning and factors that the current WWE now has that may downplay his entire run.


I have both good and bad feelings about this. Most people seem to be positive about this so let me get that out of the way.


Bret Hart was one of my first favorite wrestlers. I did not get into pro wrestling during the 80’s. I got into wrestling during the New Generation era, in which at the time Bret Hart was the champion. So when I read Bret Hart was coming back, I thought to myself that I suppose this is one of the last great pro wrestling wishes that fans would make.


However, as time went on (minutes not days) and the more I thought about it, the more I did not understand it.


One of the biggest criticisms in pro wrestling is “when does a wrestler stay past his time?”. This means one of two things. The first situation is when a wrestler has no business being in the ring because they cannot go anymore and they look sad compared to the good times you would like to remember. A classic example of this is Ric Flair, but definitely not the only one. The other situation is the actual looks category. As great as performer Shawn Michaels is, I can’t help but feel a little sad because of how bad he looks from a physical standpoint. Another example is Ted Dibiase, who now seems really round (fat!). Some may say it is not a big deal to them, but to me it is because I remember when they looked great and those are the memories I would like to keep.


So, what does this have to do with Bret Hart? I will explain that in a minute.


Bret Hart, I felt, left in a great way. Obviously, I am not referring to the Motntreal Screwjob, I am referring to the WWE Hall of Fame. That was his goodbye. I think I have read or heard in an interview that Bret did not get paid for the appearance because he felt that since he was not getting paid he would not be working for the WWE. I commend him for that and if you apply that to your respective everyday situation, it makes sense. He went out on a great note, and so I ask myself, why would he want to ruin that?


I feel Bret Hart and The Rock had the best exits in WWE/F. The last time I saw both of them, they look great and in shape. Neither wrestler was wrestling to the point they got sad and worn down. They also did not come back so many times that their returns began to not matter. Bottom line is Bret Hart went out the right way, his legacy was not tarnished, he will not be remembered for overstaying in the business, and he will not be known as someone that comes back because he is broke.


The other factor I should mention is that Bret Hart never seemed like he was doing things for money. If it was about money he would have come back multiple times by now.


Ultimately I thought Bret Hart was going to be one of these guys that said he would not be in WWE again and meant it. The recent possible returns kills that theory.


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