ECWA presents New Year’s Resolutions III January 25, 2014 in Newark, DE

ECWAECWA presents New Year’s Resolutions III this Saturday night at the Greater Newark Boys & Girls Club in Newark, Delaware. We have the rekindling of old rivalries, debuts, and a lot more of that familiar ECWA attitude. ECWA promises to ring in the new year the right way this weekend and the night’s action will be white hot! Don’t believe me? Read on:

ECWA Heavyweight Championship: Kekoa the Flyin’ Hawaiian ( c) vs. Ricky ‘The Model’ Martinez w/ Renee MichelleIf this match doesn’t make you excited as a wrestling fan then check your pulse. These longtime friends turned foe have made this awfully personal over the last few weeks with both men talking trash on the other. Martinez’s greatly improved ring attitude and confidence make this match quite the challenge for champ Kekoa, who often relies on shock and awe to surprise opponents. Martinez won’t be fooled because NO ONE knows Kekoa better than his former best friend. And you never know where the sexy vixen Renee Michelle fits into all this. Can the champ beat someone who knows his every move?

Mid Atlantic Championship: ‘Heartkiller’ Chris Wylde (c ) vs. ‘The Good Guy’ Azrieal- Wylde is coming off a war with former Mid Atlantic champ Ricky Martinez. But don’t think for a second he’s tired or not ready for this fight. Azrieal is brutal and smart. He’s won numerous titles up and down the East Coast just by simply out thinking his opponents. Wylde’s confidence is sky high after WWE Hall of Famer and friend JJ Dillon endorsed him as the man to beat in the ECWA. And that’s exactly the overconfidence Azrieal will look to take advantage of, there’s a good reason he was a participant in the 2012 ECWA Super 8 Tournament. Will the ‘Heartkiller’ have his run at the top cut short?

Ladder Match- Final Match- Best of 5 Golden Opportunity Series: ‘Vietnam Phenom’ Matt Saigon (2 wins) vs. ‘True Talent’ Bobby Shields (2 wins)- This series has provided the ECWA with some of the most classic matches in the companies history. The reason is because both men hate the ground the other walks on. Saigon has felt disrespected and forgotten ever since he left the Blackhart faction. And he’s out to hurt someone this time around. Shields on the other hand is looking to finally gain his footing in the ECWA title picture and he’d like nothing better than to shut Saigon up. Move after move, counter after counter, both men have been evenly matched so far. The stakes had to be raised…. A ladder match! Who will reign supreme and get the coveted Golden Opportunity which will allow a chance at ANY ECWA title at any time?

Grudge Match: Breaker Morant vs. Asian Nation’s Bolo Yung– Just as things quieted down in the ECWA a new threat emerged in the mysterious yet deadly Asian Nation. They’ve destroyed ECWA favorites Kid USA and Meisure Ooh La La over the last few months but no bigger statement was made when they took the beast Apollyon down. However, they angered a man they shouldn’t have in Apollyon’s tag team partner and friend Breaker Morant. Breaker isn’t scared of the masks and weapons and issued a challenge to any Asian Nation member as he’s out for revenge! Bolo Yung answered and this will most certainly be hard hitting affair. Will Yung prove why the Asian Nation is here to stay? Or will Breaker shut them down before their master plan is realized?

Tag Team Spotlight: Team CK vs. Meisure Ooh La La & Kid USA w/ Coach Jim Shorts- Not much is known about Team CK. They contacted ECWA owner Mike Tartaglia about getting an opportunity to fight in the company with the goal of one day challenging for the tag team championships. That’s what makes this debut intriguing. Are they out for glory or out for blood? Who are these newcomers? We’ll find out quick as they take on ECWA fan favorites Kid USA and the French icon Meisure Ooh La La. The Kid and the ECWA Hall of Famer are no pushovers and will certainly be a daunting task for the debuting Team CK. Who will show they deserve the next shot at the ECWA tag team titles?

Showcase: Legion of Destruction member ‘Monster’ Ahtu w/ Joel Blackhart vs. Oz Tyler– Oz Tyler makes his Newark, Delaware ECWA debut and promptly issued a challenge to anyone willing. Oz is trying to make a name for himself but even he couldn’t have expected who was going to answer. The man beast ‘Monster’ Ahtu has accepted as he looks to dismember the rookie Tyler piece by piece. Just last month Ahtu was defeated in his bid to win the ECWA Heavyweight Championship… and that’s only served to anger him and make him want to hurt people. That doesn’t bode well for Oz who will most certainly look to out speed the much stronger Ahtu. Will Ahtu make quick work of the rookie and get back onto his path of dominance and the path to the ECWA title? Or will young Oz Tyler make a name for himself and show he’s a force to be reckoned with?

ECWA Women’s Championship: Fan Participation Lumberjack Match- THE ECWA FANS ARE THE LUMBERJACKS: Jessie Kaye ( c) vs. Renee Michelle– This match offers the most unique experience on the independent wrestling scene. Fans will be chosen at random for FREE to be the special guest time keeper, ring announcer, and the big one….. A LUMBERJACK that will surround the ring! 10-15 fans will be chosen at random. All fans have to do is sign up after they pay admission into the show. The match is a goodie. The feisty Kaye has been on a rampage through the ECWA since her debut! But that hasn’t made her any friends. And one of those enemies is the sexy Renee Michelle. Michelle feels she is by far the hottest diva in women’s wrestling and as such should hold the ECWA Women’s Championship by default. But the champion won’t go down without a fight in what should be an interesting match to say the least. Do you want your chance to be apart of a show? Then this is your chance.

Look at all that action that ECWA is bringing you THIS SATURDAY NIGHT! Doors open at 6pm for our usual meet and greet with ALL of our stars. You can even get your picture in the ring! The show starts at 7pm! So bring the kids for a night of FAMILY FRIENDLY pro wrestling that’s fun for the whole family! 46 years of excellence is the proof we provide an unforgettable experience! Be there!

East Coast Wrestling Association (ECWA) LIVE!
Sat, Jan 25th, 2014
Greater Newark Boys’ & Girls’ Club
109 Glasgow Drive, Rt. 40 & #1 Positive Place
Newark, DE 19702
(302) 836-6464
Doors Open: 6:00 PM
Bell Time: 7:00 PM

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