Eric Bischoff addresses Hulk Hogan’s issues

Should WWE erase Hulk Hogan‘s legacy after recent racism claims? Did WWE really even have a choice? This Under the Mat Radio exclusive gets answers from his former NWO boss and former employer, the legendary Eric Bishoff.

Eric also names off the Top 5 wrestlers he’d choose to start a company. What it was like when Ultimate Warrior cut a 25 min unscripted promo on Nitro & the Hulk Hogan WCW feud. How hard it was to book Bill Goldberg. Who really had creative control? Will anyone ever overtake WWE? Are black wrestlers being held back from better pushes? Why should Eric have listen to Chris Jericho more? Choose your topic below:

00:18 How WWE reacted to the Hulk Hogan controversy
01:59 Is WWE removing Hulk Hogan from history the same way as Chris Benoit?
03:32 What is to your answer critics who say you killed WCW?
05:40 Why the book “The Death of WCW” is BS
08:32 Why did you choose to push older talent in WCW?
10:36 Building the Goldberg character
15:25 What did you think about the Gillberg character?
15:54 Who’s call was it for Kevin Nash to break Goldberg’s undefeated streak?
17:31 How hard was it dealing with guys trying to control their characters?
21:30 “I wish I had listened more to Chris Jericho”
21:55 Ultimate Warrior…especially that super long promo during his Nitro debut
24:59 The NWO theme music and the cool promos
28:38 The controversial Four Horsemen mockery by the NWO
31:53 “I was wrong. That was a ***** thing to do to Arn Anderson.”
33:09 Ric Flair‘s infamous “Fire me! I’m already fired” shoot promo
35:36 How were things when Johnny Stewart bought the AWA?
37:07 Being let go and then losing the lead role in “Ready to Rumble”
39:40 What’s keeping black wrestlers from achieving more success?
42:55 The Top 5 guys who would pick to start a company
46:15 If there was 1 thing you could do differently…
50:04 Breaking Bad

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