Eric Young does the unthinkable!

Here is a recap of TNA’s Hardcore War between Team Young and Team Angle from this past Friday Night!

The rules of Hardcore War: Two men from each team start the match; every 90-seconds, a new member of either team will enter. Once all ten competitors are in the match, the bell will sound and a single pinfall or submission earns the victory.

Low-Ki and Drew Galloway start the Hardcore War, each wielding a steel pipe. Galloway is disarmed, but dodges a swing from Low-Ki. They brawl to the outside, where Galloway commands the advantage by sending his opponent into the guardrail. Galloway drives in a series of chops before dropping Low-Ki onto the rail and then bouncing his face off the apron.

Galloway connects with a stiff right as Kenny King enters the match. King drops Galloway with a spinning kick that permits The BDC a numbers advantage and double team assault. Galloway does his best to fend them off, but Low-Ki and Kenny King prove too much as Mica rushes to ringside with a nightstick. Mica assaults King and leaves him lying ringside.

The Rising members dominate Low-Ki. When King re-enters the fray, The Rising divides to conquer. Galloway suplexes Low-Ki as Kenny King grabs a bar and begins choking Mica.

Galloway makes the save and Eric Young comes to the ring! Using a trashcan lid, Eric Young quells The Rising. Galloway’s hung upside-down from the turnbuckle. Young places Mica atop the turnbuckle holding Galloway and repeatedly smashes the lid across both men’s bodies.

Eric Young stomps Galloway’s midsection before climbing the ropes to execute a superplex to Mica. Mica tries fighting back, which brings The BDC members forward. Galloway sits up, grabs Young and releases him into a throw suplex from the turnbuckle! Mica is superplexed into The BDC in the process!

With all of the Hardcore War participants down, Kurt Angle makes his entrance. He takes out Eric Young and Low-Ki before dropping Kenny King with three German suplexes! Angle and Young meet ringside to continue their brawl.

MVP and Chris Melendez are the next entrants in the Hardcore War. Bodies fly everywhere in and around the ring until Bram makes his entrance as Team Young’s surprise competitor.

Bram plows through Drew Galloway and Mica before climbing into the ring to assist MVP with a double team on Angle. Bram then shifts focus to help Low-Ki assault Chris Melendez. They throw Melendez over the top rope and that’s when “The Destroyer” Lashley makes his in-ring return!

Lashley drives Bram into the ringpost as the opening bell officially sounds!

Eric Young attempts an assault from behind, but Lashley connects with an early spear! Kenny King becomes Lashley’s next victim when he’s powered down with a slam, but the numbers provide distraction. MVP attacks Lashley with a kendo stick. Lashley wrestles the kendo stick away from MVP, but MVP connects with a big boot and a pin attempt.

Lashley counter’s an Overdrive attempt from MVP with a close-range spear! Bram rushes up from behind to rake Lashley’s eyes and for the Brighter Side of Suffering! Mica connects with a running power slam to Bram, but he’s met with a springboard neckbreaker from Kenny King.

Drew Galloway nails a huge running kick to Kenny King before launching himself over the top rope into a cluster of men including Low-Ki, MVP, Eric Young and even Mica! Angle then launches himself off the top rope with a crossbody taking out an even larger, mixed-team group of men.

Eric Young and Chris Melendez meet in the ring. Young rakes his eyes, but Melendez powers through Young with a series of clotheslines and a big boot. Melendez attempts a back body drop, but Young counters with a piledriver for the win!

Winners: Team Young

Post-match: Eric Young attempts to rip off Chris Melendez’s prosthetic leg. The ref tries to intervene, but Young delivers a stiff right before removing Melendez’s leg! He appears ready to use the prosthetic against Melendez until Angle makes the save.

Young begins to retreat, but changes his mind, opting instead to assault Angle with the leg! He wraps the prosthetic around Angle’s throat and screams, “Say I quit!”

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