Erik Watts responds to Rise & Fall WCW DVD


Fire up the flex capacitor.  It’s time for another edition of the only audio show powered by 1.21 Gigawatts.  Erik Watts returns to for a 67 minute edition of his hard-hitting show, MEGAWATTS, with James Guttman.  And once again…no one is safe.

Erik’s jampacked show features talk of a ton of topics that fans won’t want to miss including: WWE’s Plans For Abyss Before He Chose TNA, Elix Skipper’s New Career, The Rock’s Dwindling Movie Career, Why Shaq Won’t Return To Fight Big Show, Negotiating With WWE Over The UWF Library, The Pain and Agony of WCW Ring Ropes, Sting/AJ Styles: The Most Boring Rub Ever, Eating With Homeless People During TNA’s Wednesday PPVs, What WWE Should Really Be Spending Money On, Future Wrestling Prospects, Karl Malone, Brian Urlacher, Criss Angel, ZZ Top in Mid South, John Morrison, and Much More.

One topic that’s on the minds of fans is WWE’s newest DVD set.  On the Rise and Fall of WCW DVD, Erik’s dad, Cowboy Bill Watts, is featured prominently.  In fact, Erik himself is seen for a split second when they were mentioning examples of how Bill was “out of touch” in WCW.  It was a quick zing from the company to Erik and one that you may have missed if you blinked.  Watts gives his point of view on this to listeners:

“Let me ask you a question.  Is the DVD doing well?  Let me start off by saying this.  I love you, Vince.  Anything else you can put my image in, so I keep on getting royalty checks every quarter, I appreciate it.  If you bury my father, I’ll get over it.  I just need to see how big the royalty check is. Minus that, let’s think about this.  Bill Watts is out of touch.  OK? I’m not saying that’s a true statement.  OK?  Where did Bill Watts get brought in and was the sole and head writer with no other authority figure over him right after WCW.  Where did he go?”

James gives the answer – WWF.

“So that’s what gets me as far as, if you’re going to protect yourself, why kick yourself in the shin all the time?  Why would WWE even do that to themselves?  Vince, you brought him in.  You brought him in to be your head writer.  But he was completely out of touch?  That’s what you’re saying?”

Watts goes on to tell members about how DVDs like this are negatively affecting WWE’s negotiations for the UWF library with his family, why Ted Turner brought his dad into WCW, how the company made money under him, why it had to make money under him, how WWE would treat the Mid-South library, and more.

Erik’s show isn’t limited to his own experiences though.  JG and EW discuss today’s stars and the current state of the product as well.  Watts discusses TNA talent he’d like to see in WWE, Sting “passing the torch,” why his AJ Styles rub was the “most boring ever,” what wrestling should really be spending money on, Undertaker’s magic show, Criss Angel: The WWE of Magic, and tons more.  But although he has a critical eye, Watts has a few stars he’s very high on.  One in particular is John Morrison.  Erik tells ClubWWI members about his appreciation for John’s skills.  His former partner, The Miz….not so much.

“That dude is 100% pure athlete.  And it blew me away when they stuck him with the Real World Dude.  And then they break them off and the Real World Dude is getting Cena?  When they broke up that tag, I said, well.  I guess they’re giving John a push.  I was like, hold on, did someone get the short stick?”

James points out that Miz was pushed, but it didn’t last long.  His feud with John Cena started off strong, but Miz ended up in a worse spot because of it.  JG adds, “He’s not doing anything now.”  Erik responds.

“He wasn’t doing anything anyway.  That’s my point.  Who did he Pat Patterson to get his position?”

Guttman groans.  Watts understands why.

“Oooo.  That’s a little rough, isn’t it?”

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