Ethan Carter III realizes his dream!

Ethan 1

On tonight’s TNA IMPACT, Ethan Carter III scored a big victory over current TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle to win the company’s biggest prize!  Also, the Wolves won the vacant tag team titles!

Here is a full recap of the world title match:

Ethan Carter III comes out accompanied by Tyrus. Angle comes out and Josh hypes up his accomplishments in the ring and calls him the “standard bearer” for pro wrestling. Jeremy Borash does the fancy-style in ring introductions. It’s too bad the company is in the condition it is, otherwise this could have been a bigger deal than it actually is.

TNA world heavyweight champion Kurt Angle vs. ECIII for the TNA world heavyweight title

They have a very tense staredown for a few seconds then lock up. Pope hypes up Carter’s history, including hi retiring of Sting. Clean break by Kurt. Carter goes for the side headlock but Kurt gets out of it. The crowd are mostly pro-Angle and chanting “You can’t wrestle!!!” at Carter but Carter does seem to have some people cheering for him in the building. They brawl for a bit and Carter hits some punches, but Angle manages to reverse the arm and pull off a belly-to-belly suplex followed by two Germans. Clean break. Carter is then sent flying out of the ring by Angle. Angle joins him on the floor and tries to get another German but Carter fights back with elbow shots so he hits him with a belly-to-belly suplex. Kurt goes for the cover but Carter kicks out early. Angle pulls off another German on Carter. Carter counters with a lariat but barely gets a one count from it. Carter hits the chinlock on Kurt. EC3 hits a suplex, stinger splash and TKO for the two count. Carter sends Angle straight into the buckle and goes after him with chops. Angle fights back and sends his foe into the ringpost. Carter crawls to the apron but manages to pull off a DDT on the apron. Both men end up on the floor.

Pope talks about Kurt’s history of neck problems while he goes after Carter in the corner. Kurt hits a bunch on rolling Germans on EC3 while the fans go absolutely nuts. He gets a two count. Carter goes for the Stinger Splash but missing and Kurt hits the angle slam. Two count! Angle loses his straps and goes for the Ankle Lock but Carter rolls Angle through the ropes and sends him to the floor where Tyrus attacks.

Angle manages to roll back in and a smirking Ethan goes for the 1 Percenter but Kurt reveres into the Ankle Lock again! Carter escapes only to be hit with another four Germans. He throws EC3 into Tyrus and hits an Angle slam on Carter. Amazingly, he still is not able to get the three. The crowd is furious and insists “That was three!!! Angle tries to go for the Angle lock again but Carter rolls through and goes for the headlock driver. He gets a two. Carter is stunned. Tyrus gets a chair and gets on the apron but Hebner kicks him out. Carter goes for the 1 Percenter but Kurt counters and hits the grapevine on Carter instead. Carter is damn near screaming in agony but refuses to quit and gets to the ropes eventually. Kurt goes for the ankle against but Carter is able to escape. Angle goes for the Angle Slam but Carter turns it into a roll up for the three count. There is a new champion! Terrific match with both guys making a tremendous effort.

Winner and new Champion: Ethan Carter III.

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