Extreme Wrestling Federation News

EWF Wrestling in action THIS SATURDAY NIGHT, JUNE 9th, 2007!

At the EWF Arena on 3400 South Adams St. in Marion, IN with a 7 PM bell time.

Tickets are only $8 and are advailable at the door or can be purchased online.

Matches signed:


The Metal Master is thus far undefeated in the USA. And to hear Sami Callihan tell it, he is also undefeated in EWF.  Who will win? this sure to be hard hitting Japanese style bout!

* EWF Title:  Osyris (c) vs. Brandon Day

Osyris has accepted a challenge from Brandon Day.  Day is an East Coast based wrestler who faced Osyris when we went to Massachusetts for a fundraiser event.  Day has made a few appearances here since and is hoping to come back and skyrocket to the top of the EWF with a win over the champ.

* New Era Title:  Jay West (c) vs. Frank Stein

Frank Stein & Jay West signed the contract last Saturday, in what is sure to be a perfect mix of styles. West vows to retain the title, while Frank Stein says he will not leave the arena without the belt.

*Tag Titles: Locked N’ Loaded (c) w/ Destinee Blade vs. Cupid Valentino & Andy Santos

Locked N’ Loaded have been very lucky the past few weeks.  Valentino has been stepping up his game over the past few weeks and Andy Santos has held the EWF Tag titles a few times before…could this be the end for the champs?

* Big Ric Cannon vs. Jordan Ice

Ric Cannon will only say that he thinks Jordan Ice is a ham and egg-er and is not worried in the least….But Jordan says that he is about to show Big Ric Cannon a great view of the ring lights…from his back..in the middle of the ring!

* Wildman Rogers w/ General Lee vs. Damian Michaels

So far the General has lived up to the promise of making Wildman a winner in the EWF, but how will they fare against the self proclaimed “High Risk” Champion Damian Michaels…Will Damian make Rogers check into the High Risk Hotel or will the South rise again?

Also, Scheduled To Appear:  Just Justin, Bob, Dark Lion, Matt Justice, Gregory Iron, and more

Upcoming Events:

Friday, June 15:  EWF has joined up with the South Marion business district for their “3rd Friday” Celebration on Friday, June 15th with a 7 PM bell time. The event will take place on Washington Street between 28th & 32nd street in Marion, IN.

Saturday, June 30:  TNA Wrestling Star SHARK BOY make his return to the EWF Arena!  More details to come

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