FIP Radio #13 with Salvatore Rinauro

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MSL: And we are back on FIP Radio and at this time we’re actually backstage live right now in Inverness, Florida at the Citrus County Auditorium. I’ve got Sal Rinauro with me…

SR: Whoa, whoa, whoa! Everybody’s favorite wrestler, unsigned hype himself…Sal Rinauro!

MSL: We’ve got the unsigned hype, Sal Rinauro, on the show. And Sal, one of the craziest matches in the history of FIP, literally just ended, like 90 seconds ago, they just rang the bell. I got you to come to do this interview, basically immediately after the match, are you ok, first of all? Everyone, for those who don’t know, it was advertised that it’d be YRR and the Heartbreak Express in a Bunkhouse Brawl..

SR: Re-cock-u-lous!

MSL: X-Pac came out of nowhere and got involved, it turned into a 6-man tag. It was yourself, Chasyn Rance, and Kenny King, representing YRR….

SR: THE YRR, sir!

MSL: Steve Madison at the beginning of the night was in YRR. He left the YRR…

SR: By our choice! Don’t let him…Don’t buy what he’s saying!

MSL: I’m just setting up the picture for the fans at home…

SR: Fair enough.

MSL: That don’t know what’s going on, ‘cuz who knows, we might play this tape, in a week or two.

SR: Fair enough.

MSL: But basically, how are you feeling? You got hit with chairs, a table was thrown on top of you!

SR: You see…A mortal man, would be hurt right now! A mortal man, would be wounded…

MSL: Or possibly dead!

SR: Or more than likely dead. But I’m more than mortal, I’m young, I’m rich, and I’m ready for action!

MSL: Yeah, and you’re unsigned.

SR: I have had bigger problems. I’ve had bigger brawls break at parties, at my 18,000 room estate.

MSL: You have an 18,000 room estate?

SR: 18,000 rooms! I don’t even know what all I own, I’m so freakin’ rich. I find new location on my property all the time.

MSL: You probably have like 7,000 bathrooms.

SR: I have 7,000 horses!

MSL: Horses?!

SR: I own the Kentucky Derby!

MSL: Are you sure you don’t own the state of Kentucky?

SR: No, but I do own Sal-Abama. Little known fact.

MSL: Ok, let’s just for one moment, instead of talking about your immense wealth, which dominates the universe. Let’s talk about FIP. Let’s talk about the Bunkhouse Brawl. And the YRR won the match, it was an incredible match.

SR: What was that?

MSL: The YRR won the match.

SR: That’s right we won the match!

MSL: Congratulate yourself.

SR: I don’t need congratulations. The women will congratulate me later!

MSL: Right, well I’m actually keeping you from the women right now by making you do this interview.

SR: I know! You should be thanking me, more so than you’ve ever thanked any guest that has ever appeared on FIP Radio.

MSL: Well I’ve never thanked a guest before so, thank you!

SR: Thank you, for thanking me. Figure that out.

MSL: Now we saw Becky Bayless in the corner of the YRR. We saw Lacey, start with the Heartbreak Express, and then hit them in the testicles and then go with the YRR.

SR: Because she recognizes talent. Seriously, let’s think this one through. Look at “Not Cocky” Chasyn Rance, look at Kenny King, look at myself, Salvatore Rinauro. We are three of the finest, if not the finest men walking the face of the earth.

MSL: I have no comment on that but that’s what I’ve heard.

SR: Your eyes say it all.

MSL: Yeah.

SR: Lacey, would be dumb not to associate herself with us. Because as all of you should know, Lacey is a beautiful specimen. She is like the Mona Lisa meets the Sistine Chapel.

MSL: Right. Hybrid art, into one person.

SR: And she wants to align herself with the best. And time and time again we’ve proven, the best is in fact, Y..R..and R.

MSL: So, you, Chasyn, and Kenny, you’re like all tied for first place.

SR: Exactly.

MSL: You’re all the best.

SR: It’s a three way tie.

MSL: You’ve got Becky, and you’ve got Lacey…

SR: Among many.

MSL: So in theory, there’s two ladies, there’s three of you…

SR: Excuse me, sir! Excuse me, sir!

MSL: I’m just…

SR: We have more women than I have rooms in my house, which we’ve already covered.

MSL: And horses!

SR: And horses. Combined. Which we’ve already covered, is quite an alarming amount!

MSL: So you have like 30,000 women?

SR: Roughly. All beautiful, by the way. We get them from all over the world. Not just here in America.

MSL: Do you order them out of like in a catalogue?

SR: They fly in to see us. They order us out of catalogues! They see our pictures in magazines, and on the FIP website, and on the FIP DVD’s. They can’t help themselves. They cannot help themselves. They make it rain panties on us.

MSL: Is it true that FIP DVD’s, 60% of the people that buy them are housewives?

SR: It’s true that 60% of them were buying them for the YRR. That’s science.

MSL: Maybe 85%.

SR: More than likely. But, I was gonna’ be a little gregarious. And for the common folk out there, who don’t understand my immensely large vocabulary, gregarious means giving.

MSL: I thought it had something to do with Greg H.

SR: Actually no if it were to be with anybody it would be “Greg the Bunny”, a little known FOX sitcom.

MSL: Yeah, which actually still airs on HDNET.

SR: It’s a tremendous show. It’s a favorite of the YRR I can tell you that much.

MSL: You probably have like at least 11,000 DVR’s. That are recording “Greg the Bunny” at all times.

SR: I don’t know, I record crap just to record it, ‘cuz I can. ‘Cuz I can!

MSL: Now I just want to point out, for fans that were in Inverness, you already know what I’m talking about, the fans that missed it, get the DVD when it comes out, keep in mind that Sal Rinauro has literally just been through a war, he should not be alive right now, he should not be able to speak, and yet here he is, cool as a cucumber, talking about television programs, like it ain’t no thing. You picked up the win like it was nothing, and now it’s time to talk about television.

SR: It’s another night on the job. It’s not easy being awesome. It is not an easy job. But I do it, I do it to perfection. I’m sitting here with another man’s blood on my hands. And most people would be disgusted by that.

MSL: But it makes you think about television?

SR: But it makes me laugh! Because I have so much power. That’s what the YRR is all about, power. I guarantee. I’m sayin’ it.

MSL: Guarantee, 100%!

SR: I will guarantee it. By one year’s time, FIP’s initials will be changed to YRR.

MSL: Really? Would that still stand for Young, Rich…

SR: Young, Rich, and Ready for action!

MSL: Would there be a “W” at the end for wrestling?

SR: There’s not “W” at the end for wrestling now, sir!

MSL: But it’s FIP Wrestling, so it’d be YRR Wrestling.

SR: It would just be YRR. The name sells itself. They know what they’re getting.

MSL: If you think about it, YRR doesn’t just have to be about wrestling, you could franchise the thing and go global, it could be anything.

SR: It’s about a way of life.

MSL: It could be a clothing line, it could be a record label.

SR: Actually, we are in negotiations with Aftermath right now to get our own record label.

MSL: And get an imprint in Aftermath. It could be like maybe a brand of organic fruit.

SR: And medication. Chasyn Rance, will be the head of that division. We do have our own sneaker line, which will be coming out soon. Kenny King, he’s the designer of the shoes.

MSL: Is it true that you guys are so talented, this is a rumor I’ve heard, I don’t necessarily believe it, but I’ve heard you guys are so talented, that in the middle of the Bunkhouse Brawl, Kenny King was taking time out to sketch sneakers in the middle of the match.

SR: Not only did he sketch sneakers, not only did he do that, which he did to perfection, with color pencils, it’s not a black and white design, with FIP it’s all color. We bring it to the people’s faces!

MSL: You used the pencil sharpener, as a weapon, and then the sharpened pencil into the sketch.

SR: Actually, we actually sharpened the fuchsia pencil, in X-Pac’s mouth. I don’t know if they had that on camera…

MSL: Now how did you react when X-Pac came out here out of nowhere?

SR: I’m going to be honest with you. Growing up, X-Pac was a hero of mine. He was the underdog that could achieve. And then I realized I’m rich, I’ll never be the underdog. But when X-Pac hit the ring, I was in shock, I was in awe. I mean seriously, this guy’s traveled the world. He’s seen and done it all.

MSL: He had some fuchsia on his singlet, actually….

SR: Why in god’s good name would he align himself with the Heartbreak Express. The NAME itself is Heartbreak! We broke their hearts! We took their lady, and we disappointed X-Pac. All in one fell swoop.

MSL: Now you see a lot of groups, Sal, I have people on this show every week, and they make a lot of boisterous claims, and you guys claim to be young, rich and we know that, those are the facts, you claim to be ready for action. I gotta’ be honest, I’m impressed. Last month, So Cal Val, now Becky Bayless and Lacey, in the past, Daffney, some of the top women in professional wrestling. I’ve gotta’ give you your just do, you back up your claims.

SR: Everything we say is the real deal. It’s not, we don’t go off and shoot off at the mouth, because we think it’s cute, because we’re cocky.

MSL: Especially Chasyn, he’s “Not Cocky”.

SR: You know, when we’re not at the gym with our trainers, we’re laying out by our pools, we’re diving off our diving boards, sometimes we go spelunking. Why? Because we can. We can do whatever the crap we want. And the women love it. Women love successful men.

MSL: I thought you were going to say women love spelunking.

SR: They also do love spelunking. I read an article on that, in I believe TIME, I read it.

MSL: Do you subscribe to “Spelunking Monthy”?

SR: No.

MSL: It actually comes out every two weeks, which is really weird.

SR: Figures. It’s a sport that’s ahead of it’s time. But I was actually featured in an article, the December ‘04 issue, “Spelunking and Sal: Is this the wave of the future?”. I actually had a great future in spelunking, but I passed it up.

MSL: But really, you’re the kind of person that would have a great future in whatever you chose to do.

SR: I’m the Bo Jackson of life.

MSL: If you wanted to be a competitive hot dog eater, you’d beat that Japanese guy, probably.

SR: Um, he has a name, it’s Kobayashi. I’ve studied his work, and I’m not impressed.

MSL: You’re not?

SR: 58 and a half hot dogs in 10 minutes? What is that? With water, he has to douse it in water before he eats it. I swallowed three hot dogs whole once.

MSL: Really? They were pasted together with a glue stick?

SR: No. Side by side. I expanded my jaw like a snake.

MSL: Are you like double jointed, and you just un-hinged it?

SR: Hey, you can ask the ladies if I’m double jointed, if you know what I’m sayin’?

MSL: Well maybe we’ll have one of those ladies on the show, in the future.

SR: If they have any free time…

MSL: Well, here’s what I’ll do. You give me the number for your manager, okay and maybe I can get an appointment with one of the ladies, we’ll have them on the show.

SR: I’ll see what I can do.

MSL: I’ll ask them about your double jointed jaw, I’ll ask them a little bit more about the Bunkhouse Brawl, since it seems to you to be not much concern at all. The Heartbreak Express are out to kill you guys, basically. They’ve laid down the challenge for next month.

SR: And we’ll leave them bloody again.

MSL: You think so?

SR: They promised blood! They promised we would spill our blood this month, did they not?

MSL: Yeah.

SR: Yes, they did.

MSL: Well they promised blood, there was blood, but it was their blood.

SR: Exactly. So they can bring whatever they want. I’ve got huge fish to fry here in FIP, and lord knows I will take nothing away from the Heartbreak Express….

MSL: Well Sean Davis is a pretty big fish…

SR: He’s actually a whale of a man. I believe I saw him swallow Pinocchio, speaking of swallowing things.

MSL: No…no…

SR: However, I will take nothing away from the Heartbreak Express, they’re multiple time FIP tag team champions. Back in my youth, when I wasn’t focused, Colt Cabana and I, had a little problem with the Heartbreak Express. I know what they’re all about. But they’re not better than us. We are young, rich, and ready for action. We are ready to take over the world, we are ready to take women with us, limousines, jet planes, yachts, you name it! We can do, whatever we want! And that includes, destroying the Heartbreak Express, if they chose to cross our paths.

MSL: So the Heartbreak Express, Sal, basically you’re saying, they’re a stepping stone, on the YRR’s path to greatness.

SR: The YRR’s path to RUNNING FIP.

MSL: The whole company?

SR: Takin’ it over!

MSL: Now we’ve got a break coming up, but before we go, we talked a little bit about television before, and I’m sure that all the fans, especially “Evening the Odds guy”, would e-mail in basically crucifying me and Nick, if we did not ask you about Saved by the Bell, which we know is one of your favorite TV shows…

SR: Well, let me put it to you like this. Little known fact, Sal Rinauro was involved in the production of two television shows, Saved by the Bell, and Boy Meets World, which I actually appeared on.

MSL: No way.

SR: That’s a very true story.

MSL: What’s the name of the episode?

SR: The name of the episode is entitled “Frankie and his Father”, it’s the very first episode with Vader on it. Look in the front row, look in the front row of the crowd at the Arrowhead Pond, on August 11th, 1996.

MSL: Am I going to need a telescope? Or will I be able to see it right away?

SR: Look for a familiar face with a black hat, turned to the back.

MSL: Now as much as I loved Boy Meets World, and maybe we can have you on again in the future, to talk about various programs from the legendary T.G.I.F. line-up, let’s talk about Saved by the Bell for right now.

SR: Yes, okay, I’m sorry.

MSL: What is it about Saved by the Bell that has influenced your style in the ring?

SR: I don’t know if you people realize it, but Bayside isn’t full of poor people. Zach, Lisa, Screech, they literally all moved from Indiana to California. They just moved. They didn’t like Miss Bliss’ teaching. So all three of them uplifted and left.

MSL: And Zach Morris had a cell phone like in 1965.

SR: It was the world’s largest cellular telephone, which I actually have bronzed in my house, I rub it before I leave every night.

MSL: Is it true you hang out with him?

SR: I actually talk to Zach, as I like to call him, Zacharia. I talked to him two days ago.

MSL: Was that the name of the professor on the College Years?

SR: No. No it wasn’t, sir. That was Jeremiah Lasky.

MSL: Oh, I’m sorry.

SR: Yeah, well, glad you don’t know anything. Good job being useless.

MSL: (laughs) I apologize.

SR: Zacharia and I spoke on the phone. We’re actually planning a Vegas reunion.

MSL: No!

SR: Yes, we’re planning a Vegas reunion in 2013.

MSL: Now could this maybe be filmed as a bonus feature on an FIP DVD?

SR: It’s a possibility. We’ll see. I know people, who know people. It’s actually, little known fact, the 20 year anniversary of Zach and Kelly getting married. And we’re going to celebrate.

MSL: Now, you seem to know a lot of little known facts.

SR: And well known facts.

MSL: And well known facts, but little known facts seem to be your favorite facts. Is that in fact, a little known fact, that your favorite facts, are little known facts.

SR: Little known fact, little known facts aren’t my favorite facts to know.

MSL: No!

SR: Minute facts, are my little known facts facts that know facts, that I know.

MSL: Those are your favorite ones?

SR: Yes.

MSL: Now one last question before we go, ‘cuz we’re running out of time here.

SR: 17 inches.

MSL: You don’t even know what the question was.

SR: Doesn’t matter. 17 inches.

MSL: Okay, so I guess I don’t even have to ask the question then.

SR: You can go ahead.

MSL: 17 inches is the answer! How about this, fans, send us e-mails, [email protected]. Let us know, what my question was going to be. Keep in mind the answer is ‘17 inches’, so send us the question. And whoever sends us the best question, will win a free FIP DVD.

SR: Possibly spat on, by myself.

MSL: Possibly spat on by Sal Rinauro, the unsigned hype.

SR: And everybody’s favorite wrestler.

MSL: 1/3rd of the YRR at this point. Well Claudio is still involved.

SR: Claudio’s not here this month.

MSL: So 25% of the YRR…

SR: Claudio’s always here in my heart.

MSL: Right.

SR: And just like….I don’t know the women’s name.

MSL: It’s too bad you don’t keep track.

SR: I don’t know their names.

MSL: He doesn’t know their names. Okay we’re gonna’ take a quick break, and we’ll be right back. But Sal thanks for coming on FIP Radio, we’ll definitely have you on again.

SR: Always your pleasure!

MSL: 30 seconds, and we’ll be back on FIP Radio!

SR: 30!

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