Florida Star Now International Star

 (Yokohama, Japan) – Pro Wrestling Fusion and NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Champion Craig Classic wrestled his first match of his current tour in Japan for Big Japan Pro Wrestling on December 4 at Bunka Taiikukan in Yokohama in front of 2,000+ fans. Craig teamed with Hashimoto Kazuki to take on Kawakami Takakazu and Takumi Tsukamoto in a match that aired that same night on Samurai TV. Craig’s team lost as Takakazu forced Kazuki to submit in 11:04. Video of that match can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BDTzEWI0JBw

BJW is excited to have Classic back as they talked about him representing BJW in the United States and his winning the NWA Florida Junior Heavyweight Title. The magazines all took photos of Classic with the belt as well.

BJW has a few days off and then a few smaller shows before kicking off their year-end tour on December 13 at the Fukuoka Hakata Star Lanes where Craig will team with Takumi Tsukamoto to take on Ryuichi Kawakami & Kazuki Hashimoto.


Then on 12/15/09 at the Osaka Tsurumi Ryokuchi Hanahaku Memorial Park Exhibition Hall there is a show featuring BJW and Osaka Pro talent. Craig will be teaming with his regular partner, MASADA to take on Shadow WX & Kanjuro Matsuyama.


Craig Classic was trained in Japan, he came up through the dojo there. He continues to train there under Daisuke Sekimoto. More recently the New Japan trainer has been working with Craig and Masato Tanaka has taken him under his wing.


Classic is on his 10th tour of Japan since 2006. Craig has wrestled against stars of FMW, BJW, Dragon Gate, DDT, K-Dojo and New Japan. He has wrestled everyone from death match guys like Abdullah Kobayashi, Shadow WX, Jun Kasai, Jaki Numazawa and Ryuji Ito. to guys who have competed in the J-Cup like Onryo. Craig has worked with guys like Daisuke Sekimoto, who wrestles everywhere, Mens Teioh who was part of Kaientai and wrestled for WWE & ECW, KUDO, who the internet marks love. Craig has also worked with Kota Ibushi, who is main eventing the EVOLVE show in a few weeks, at the Wrestle-Expo show, which was like an indy wrestling showcase in 2006.

He is coming off an incredible run of matches here in America against Gran Akuma, Chris Jones, Christopher Gray, Prince Iaukea, Kyle O’Reilly, Jerrelle Clark and TJ Perkins to name a few. Now he is back in Japan where he will be wrestling for companies other than BJW. As a matter of fact he was just booked on the big New Year’s show in Korakuen Hall which is co-promoted by DDT, BJW and Kaientai Dojo.

Craig Classic returns to the US at the end of February and will be available for bookings.


For more info about Pro Wrestling Fusion go to http://prowrestlingfusion.com



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