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HCW Superstar Nick Mayberry to Confront International Recording Artists, Peelander Z !!!!

7-time HCW Hardcore Champion Nick Mayberry has issued a statement regarding Japanese action comic punk band, Peelander Z. Peelander Z, a group well-known for their on-stage antics & appearances on TV’s MXC: Most Extreme Challenge [SpikeTV], Best Week Ever [VH1], and Upright Citizens Brigade [Comedy Central], has infuriated Mayberry with their highly-publicized use of professional wrestling in their personas.

“I am 22 years old, and I have been involved in this business in one capacity or another for almost 10 years now. This is my passion, my dedication and my life – and this is something that I take very seriously. I live, eat, sleep and breathe this business and its given me so much – and to see these guys on television using professional wrestling as part of a stage act, it makes me sick”, Mayberry said in a recent phone interview.

Mayberry, a well-known and controversial performer on Florida’s independent wrestling scene, has been a part of HCW, Rusty Brook’s FSCW and the now-defunct FOW promotion. He has shared the ring with the likes of superstars from WWE, WCW, TNA, ECW and NWA and is a 7-time Hardcore Champion. In 2002, he established the Annual Incredible 8 Tournament, won by Shark Boy, Reckless Youth and others.

Peelander, formed of Peelander Blue, Peelander Yellow and Peelander Red, have been in their industry for almost a decade as well – being formed in 1998 and appearing at important music events, such as SXSW, ever since. Their on-stage personas incorporate their love of pro-wrestling into their act, via their use of pro-wrestling moves on-stage, and wearing wrestling themed outfits and replica belts while performing.

“If they have a love for the business, they’ll appreciate my point of view. Them having wrestling involved in their act is like David Arquette being WCW Champion. It definitely produces mainstream attention, but in reality it’s the wrong kind. These guys degrade, insult and make a mockery of something I consider to be important to me, and while others have said so privately, I’m saying it publicly”, Mayberry continued.

Peelander Z, currently on a nationwide tour across the United States, stops in Mayberry’s home city of Ft. Lauderdale from June 22nd through the 24th as part of the Florida Supercon – a huge comic book, sci-fi & animation / anime convention – where they will both perform and meet with fans. Michael Winslow [Police Academy], Marcia Wallace [The Simpsons], Dana “Master Shake” Snyder [Aqua Teen Hunger Force] & George “Space Ghost” Lowe will be among others in attendance.

Also planning on attending is Mayberry himself, who says he will confront Peelander Z and assist them in seeing his point of view on the situation. “I’ll be there just to give them a little insight on how wrestlers like myself treat people like them. As fans, I’m sure they’ll be awed and amazed to be in the same building as Nick Mayberry, and will want to see exactly why I am a 7-time HCW Hardcore Champion.”

The Florida Supercon, a comic book, sci-fi, animation and anime convention takes place June 22nd through the 24th, inside the Marriott North Hotel [6650 N Andrews Avenue – Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33309]. Other guests will include Roy Thomas [Marvel Comics Creator of Ghost Rider, Red Sonja, etc.], Kevin Conroy [The Voice of Batman], John Wesley Shipp [Dawson’s Creek], Cindy Morgan [TRON], and numerous others. For more information visit: www.FloridaSupercon.com ADVANCE TICKETS ARE AVAILABLE ONLINE NOW.

For more information on Peelander Z, their past performances and media appearances, as well as current projects and tour information [& to see them in a city near you] visit ’em online at: www.Peelander-Z.com

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