Indy Wrestle Line Report 07/14/07

Indy Wrestle Line–7/14 Report
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Hello everyone and welcome to the Saturday Indy Wrestle Line Independent report, I am the weekend warrior Randy Klemme
We lead off today with great news from Night #1 of the Jeff Peterson Cup in Orlando, Florida as Indiana’s “Pure Dynamite” Billy Roc defeated Seth Delay in the first round of the “Reckless Youth” bracket to advance in the tourney. Billy defeated Delay in 6:53. Now Bill will face Gounge’s Krazy K Kirby Mack in the finals of the bracket in Port Richey, Floriday tonight. Other bracket final matches tonight include, Chris Hero taking on Erick Stevens……Chasyn Rance against Adam Flash and Matt Cross vs. “the Marquee” Bruce Santee. Hopefully we can be talking good news tomorrow from Florida…

Well we received word that Steve’s Gym in Elkhart was destroyed by fire Friday morning. Steve’s housed Friday night shows for Underground Championship Wrestling for the last few months. Steve Travis, the owner of the gym said in a newspaper article the fire may have started in the office area. The building also contained five other businesses. No word yet on future UCW shows.

Word from Louisville is that Classic Championship Wrestling has stopped running shows and are now looking for a new building. Apparently they lost the lease at the arena in Portland.

Another shout out goes out to Tim in Niles, OHIO, sorry that I said Michigan the Other day. Chris Clayze is a friend of mine and he has worked for me on a couple of the shows that I promoted here in Indiana, so I know his work ethic and style. The MySpace thing Tim was a friend helping a friend. I don’t do it for everyone. I also do it for a lot of promotions working on promoting their shows and things like that…SO if you are on my MySpace friends list—–you will probably be hearing from me again!

Thanks to all of the people that called and left comments on the number of wrestling promotions in the state of Indiana. It was pretty much agreed that there are too many but nothing stops people from running their own shows and using much of the same talent around the state. Promotions SHOULD have respect for one another though when trying to run in the same buildings or areas. There are no so-called territories for promotions, however everyone knows or should know where each other runs. One caller did bring up the fact, that it would be nice if a wrestler is working as a heel in one organization, they should be working as a heel in other organizations, but there is no way of getting everyone to work together. One caller even went as far as to say it would be great to have an organization that has a schedule like WCWO and the talent pool of IPW. The only way you could control the number of organizations in the state would be to have a wrestling commission like in Kentucky to monitor the groups, HOWEVER we don’t want that in Indiana….

Coming up tonight around the Midwest there are a variety of wrestling shows….

EWF is back at the EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams Street in Marion for their weekly Saturday night show. Scheduled on the card are Midwest Champion Nate Phoenix and Ladies Champion Camron Star. Tickets are $8 at the door and belltime is at 7:30…

AWA-Supreme will have their weekly show at 821 Main Street in Madison with a 7:30 belltime. Supreme Champion Billy Maverick, Mid-American Champion Damien Divine and TV Champion John Stratlin are scheduled on the card in Madison.

New Focus Wrestling will be in action at the CK Newsome Center in Evansville, Indiana tonight with a 6:30 belltime. Brian Christopher, Bill Bundee, The Naturals, and Jamie Dundee are all on that card tonight. Tickets are available at the door….

New Midwest Wrestling is at the American Center, 1401 Griffiths Street in Springfield, IL with a 7pm Central Belltime.

Hybrid Pro Wrestling is at the FCRC Arena in Fremont, Ohio with a 7pm belltime. LAX will take on Faith n Nothing on that card in Fremont, Ohio. Front Row reserved tickets are $15.00 and General Admission tickets are $10.00

Northern Wrestling Federation will be at the UAW Hall in Fairfield, Ohio starting at 8pm tonight…

Gen-X Wrestling is at the National Guard Armory in Ravenna, Kentucky with an 8pm belltime

And Mountain Wrestling Association will be at the Estil Street Jubilee in Mt Sterling, Kentucky for their weekly Saturday night show starting at 7:30pm

I am sure there are other shows and want to hear from you if you know of any others. If you go to any of the shows, we want to hear your comments, just leave them after the tone at the end of this report.


Northern Wrestling Federation was in Wilmington, Ohio last night
Tiny Tim defeated The Genuine Superstar Anthony Bryant & Little Larry D in a Triple Threat Match

Clutch McAllister & Christopher Michael Lotus defeated The Zodiacs.

Tri-State Champion Ice defeated Muldoon

The American Eagle defeated The Playboy.

The Hippies (Jesse Hyde & Pompano Joe) defeated Benjamin Kimera & The Crybaby by DQ

NWF Tag Team Champions The Thugs retained their titles over Freaks and Geeks

And it was Stewie Backlund & Jay Donaldson defeated Roger Ruffen & Ryan Stone


Last night at Six Flag’s Kentucky Kingdom, OVW was in action…

Seth Skyfire beat Jamin Olivencia
Chet the Jet over Jesse Dalton

Sylvan Grenier def. Mike Mondo

Jacob Duncan beat Festus Dalton

James Boys beat Majors Bros.

Stone Cold Goose & ODB beat Katie Lea & Kevin Keenan

Paul Burchill over Vladimer Koslov

Cody Runnels lost the OVW TV Championship to Sean Spears

and it was Cryme Tyme & Elijah Burke beat Ox, Hammer & Dr. Thomas

Don’t forget if you would like to get in touch with me in regards to wrestling questions or comments you can find me on myspace at or you can e-mail me at [email protected] or better yet leave them after the tone at the end of this report on the Indy Wrestle Line on option #2…

So until next time this is the weekend warrior Randy Klemme….have a great day!

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