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Shark BoyIt’s time for the annual shark frenzy on television – flying sharks, great whites, mega jaws, hammerheads and more are all on the hunt and swimming across your big-screen! But right here on, it’s officially SHARK BOY WEEK! All this week, we spotlight Shark Boy – the longtime masked TNA Wrestling superstar and fan favorite from The Deep Blue Sea! A TNA original, the superstar debuted with TNA in 2003 and has made many memorable appearances over the years! Check out photos and videos from Shark Boy’s TNA career – including an early appearance for TNA in 2003, his infamous awakening from a coma, sit-down interviews, plus his recent appearances on the “One Night Only” events!


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of the “fin fans” out there who have supported me throughout the years and made my dream of being a professional wrestler come true. Every year when “Shark Week” rolls around, I get emails from so many of you and it’s incredibly nice to know that I am still on your mind and in your hearts. Believe me, you are in my heart as well! I also want to thank for spotlighting my career in such a huge way this week. I have so many fond TNA memories– my debut match in Nashville, playing board games with New Jack, wrestling with all the X-Division greats, running around Universal Studios with D-Ray 3000, waking up from the coma, teaming with Curry Man in the Fish Market Street Fight– it has been such a dream come true to be a part of TNA wrestling! Again, thank you all so much from the bottom of my heart! Please visit and drop me a “fishin'” line by clicking on the “contact” button. Can you expect to see Shark Boy swimming back to an arena near you in the future? Oh Shell Yeah!!!”

— Shark Boy

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