IWC presents Night of Legends 2010

The International Wrestling Cartel presents
Saturday April 10th, 2010
Rocky Grove High School
403 Rocky Grove Ave.
Franklin, PA 16323
Belltime: 7:30 PM
Pre-Show: 5:00 – 7:00 PM
Gold Circle Ringside (First 3 Rows): $30
Ringside Reserved (Remaining Floor Seating): $20
General Admission (Bleacher Seating): $15
Pre-Show Admission: $8 (must have ticket to evening show to attend)


Appearances by…
–“The Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase & his bodyguard Virgil
–“Mr. Wonderful” Paul Orndorff

Legends Match – The Score Is Finally Settled:
–Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake vs. The Honky Tonk Man
  Back in 1988, the Honky Tonk Man was the WWF Intercontinental Champion, in the middle of his dominating reign that would place him in history as the “Greatest Intercontinental Champion of All Time”. At WrestleMania IV, he was set to defend the title against Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake. Beefcake dominated the match, even escaping the Shake, Rattle, & Roll. Beefcake applied his finishing maneuver, the Sleeperhold to HTM, but Honky’s manager “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart interfered, striking Beefcake with his signature megaphone. Over the next several months, Beefcake would taunt Honky, threatening to cut his signature hairdo. The two men were scheduled to finally settle the score at Summerslam 1988, but Beefcake was taken out by the “Outlaw” Ron Bass prior to the event and was forced to pull out. Honky Tonk Man went on to lose the Intercontinental Title to the Ultimate Warrior in 32 seconds, and HTM & Beefcake never settled their differences. Finally, 22 years later, at Night of Legends 2010 in Franklin, PA on April 10th, the Honky Tonk Man and Brutus “The Barber” Beefcake will end things once and for all! Will Beefcake be able to cut Honky’s hair? Will HTM prove he would have retained the title anyways? There’s only one way to find out!

Legends Match – Family Feud Renewed:
–Larry Zbyszko vs. David Sammartino
 In the early 1970s, a young man from Pittsburgh named Larry Zbyszko began training under former WWWF World Heavyweight Champion Bruno Sammartino. He debuted on the historic Pittsburgh television show, Studio Wrestling, in 1973 and soon expanded himself across the country and beyond. As the decade came to a close, Zbyszko had established himself as a top star in the northeast region, capturing the WWWF Tag Team Championship with Tony Garea. But, no matter what, he couldn’t shake the fact that he was considered a protege of the “Living Legend” from Pittsburgh, Bruno Sammartino. When the two men met in an “exhibition match” in Allentown, PA in 1980, Zbyszko lost his mind and attacked Bruno with a chair, leaving him laying in a pool of his own blood. The rivalry between Zbyszko and Sammartino ruled wrestling for several months. Finally, they met inside the confines of a steel cage at the legendary Showdown at Shea supercard held in Shea Stadium in New York. The teacher bested the student that night as Sammartino came out on top.

It’s now 30 years removed from Showdown at Shea, but Larry Zbyszko still has yet to let go of his anger. He still refers to himself as the “Living Legend”, a moniker he adopted just to dig at his former mentor. And, when we here at put up an announcement several days ago about David Sammartino appearing at Night of Legends 2010, Zbyszko contacted IWC’s head office about it. The details on his communication with IWC are sketchy, but we’ve heard word that Zbyszko merely heard that a Sammartino would be at Night of Legends, and Zbyszko wanted to get his hands on him. David accepted, sick of Zbyszko defiling his family’s name for three decades, and the match has been signed! Can the pupil finally satisfy his lust for revenge? Or will Sammartino be able to step up and defend his father’s legacy?

Legends Match – The Bird Man vs. The Wrestling Poet:
–Koko B. Ware vs. The Genius
 Two wrestling legends make their IWC debut on April 10th at Night of Legends 2010 in Franklin, PA! “The Bird Man” Koko B. Ware will be taking on “The Wrestling Poet” The Genius! The pompous Genius has been making claims that he is finally coming to IWC to add some intelligence to the Night of Legends live event, especially after seeing Koko B. Ware added to the card. When Koko got wind of this, he took exception to The Genius’ comments, and asked IWC officials to sign the match for Franklin! It’s the Wrestling Poet meets the Bird Man as IWC returns to Rocky Grove High School!

Legends Match – Battle of Extreme Legends:
–Raven vs. “The Franchise” Shane Douglas
Several weeks ago, we revealed that Raven would be in the house at Night of Legends 2010. We now have received word that the IWC Director of Wrestling Operations, “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, has stepped up to take him on! It will be a Battle of Extreme Legends as these two former ECW World Heavyweight Champions square off on April 10th at Rocky Grove High School in Franklin, PA! These two men have taken each other on in an IWC ring before at A Call To Arms 1 in December 2003 in Johnstown, PA. That extreme rules match saw “The Franchise” come out on top. This time, Raven has vowed not to be pinned by Shane again. Will he live up to that vow?

IWC Super Indy Title Match:
–Super Hentai (champion) vs. Ricky Reyes
The road to Super Indy IX won’t be an easy one for Super Hentai. At Night of Legends 2010, for the first time ever, Super Hentai must defend the Super Indy Title against the “Cuban Crippler” Ricky Reyes. Reyes is a former IWC Champion who has been in the Super Indy tournament before, but has never been able to win the tournament nor has he been able to capture the title. However, with the provision that the Super Indy Champion gets an automatic bit in the Tournament, Reyes could capture two birds with one stone! It’s not going to be easy however, Super Hentai is perhaps the most successful Super Indy Champion in history. Not to mention that he’s the reason the Super Indy tournament has continued to this day. If Hentai is able to defeat Reyes, he’s going to be back to square one one week later against “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross at CCAC South Campus. So much can happen to the complexion of Super Indy IX. Only one way to find out… be there on April 10th!

BabyFace Fire Explodes!:
–Shiima Xion vs. Jason Gory
Jason Gory has had enough! Jason was give a second chance in Clearfield, PA to get into the Super Indy 9 Tournament against Johnny Gargano. Unfortunately for Jason he fell short once again. After the match, his former BabyFace Fire tag team partner Shiima Xion once again went to the ring to berate Jason and chastise him. However, this time Jason had enough! Jason challenged Shiima to a match at Night of the Legends. He also promised that this encounter would eclipse anything we have ever seen from the two in the past. Never before have these two been involved in a match against one another with so much emotion involved!

 For only an additional $8.00, Night of Legends ticket holders can attend a pre-show press conference and private autograph session with the legends on hand that night before the doors open! Plus, you’ll get to see some exclusive IWC action!

Pre-Show Exclusive – Tag Team Challenge Match:
–“The East Coast Killer” Dean Radford & Jimmy Vega$ vs. “The Whole Shebang” Johnny Gargano & Logan Shulo
The first two men to qualify for the Super Indy 9 Tournament, Logan Shulo and Johnny Gargano will join forces to meet two former IWC Champions, Jimmy Vegas and Dean Radford. Logan Shulo is on a hot streak so far having just defeated Jimmy Vegas at Clearfield Cataclysm 2. There’s no doubt that Logan wants to continue his winning streak through Super Indy 9. This time however, he will have to join forces with fellow SI9 competitor Johnny Gargano. Will Gargano and Logan be able to co-exist with so much on the line at Si9? Will either man have what it takes to defeat two former IWC Heavyweight Champions?

Pre-Show Exclusive – Super Indy IX Qualifying Rematch:
–Justin Idol vs. Michael “The Bomber” Façade
Façade and Idol went to a time-limit draw in Clearfield, PA, for their Super Indy 9 Qualifying match. For those in attendance, you know why they are two of the best young talent on the INDY scene today! Long time IWC fan Jan Templeton called their match, “An IWC Classic!” Immediately following the match, IWC Owner Chuck Roberts announced that there two men will meet once again at Night of Legends 2010 to see who will move on and make it into the SI9 Tournament. This is one match that you don’t want to miss!

—Plus much much more!

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IWC’s 2010 Schedule:

The Road To Super Indy IX
Saturday April 17th, 2010 – CCAC South Campus Gym in West Mifflin, PA
–Featuring: IWC World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy DeMarco vs. Ray Rowe; Dean Radford vs. Shane Taylor in a Lumberjack Match featuring members of the CCAC Baseball Team at ringside; IWC Super Indy Champion Super Hentai vs. “M-Dogg20” Matt Cross; Brandon Day vs. Dustin Rayz in a Proving Ground Match, and much more!

Super Indy IX
Saturday May 8th, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA
–Featuring the Super Indy IX Tournament! Already entered: Logan Shulo, Johnny Gargano, Prince Mustafa Ali

Summer Sizzler 2010
Saturday July 17th, 2010 – CCAC South Campus Gym in West Mifflin, PA

Caged Fury 2010
Saturday August 21st, 2010 – Cout Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Clearfield Cataclysm 3
Saturday September 18th, 2010 – Clearfield County Fairgrounds in Clearfield, PA

No Excuses 6
Saturday October 16th, 2010 – CCAC South Campus Gym in West Mifflin, PA

A Call To Arms 2010
Saturday November 13th, 2010 – Court Time Sports Center in Elizabeth, PA

Winner Takes All
Saturday December 4th, 2010 – CCAC South Campus Gym in West Mifflin, PA

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