Jeff Peterson Cup Profile: Chasyn Rance

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With new names in the 2007 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, Alan J. Wojcik decided to take some time and introduce them to the fans. Some of these people you know from previous appearances in the JPC in tournament or non-tournament matches (Chris Hero in 2004, Krazy K, TJ Mack and Chasyn Rance in 2006, Sideshow and Erick Stevens in 2004-2005), some currently work for Florida promotions (FIP, AWF, EWE, PWW, SCW, FPWA), while others will be making their debuts in the Sunshine State.

Chasyn “Not Cocky” Rance
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 187
Hometown: Avalon Park, FL
Pro Debut: June, 1999
Website/Myspace: or
Tournament history: 2006 MXPW Lords of the Ring Tag Team (w/ Trent Acid), 2006 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup (lost in opening round to “Reckless Youth” Tom Carter), 2006 YaPro Cup (defeated Nooie Lee & Jerrelle Clark, lost in the finals to Erick Stevens), 2005 Sunray Invitational (defeated Johnny Vandal & Jerome Hendrix, lost in the finals to Tommy Vandal)
Where you have seen him: Member of Hart Foundation 2.0 (w/ Teddy Hart, TJ Wilson, Harry Smith, Nattie Neidhart, Jack Evans, Deranged and Ashe Samuels) Young, Rich, & Ready for Action (w/ Claudio Castagnoli, Kenny King, Steve Madison, Sal Rinauro, & So Cal Val), Team Vision (w/ Mister Saint Laurent, Larry Zbyszko, & So Cal Val), TNA Wrestling, JAPW, MLW, Stampede Wrestling, PWG, NWA Wildside, UXW, NWA Pro, AWA Pro Wrestling World-1, NWA Spinebuster, FTW-AL, FOW, MXPW, CCW, NNW, IPW-UK, Premier Wrestling Federation, All Star Wrestling-England, Doghouse Pro Wrestling, Pro Wrestling Warfare, NWA Florida, IPW-Hardcore, AWA Power Pro Wrestling, Funking Conservatory, SECW, FSPW, CQPW, NWA Sunray Pro Wrestling, and D1PW.
Championships held: Current AWA World-1 Light Heavyweight champion & Currently holds 6 other Junior Heavyweight championships in
Florida. Former FOW International Heavyweight Champion & has held 10 other Junior Heavyweight championships.

Alan J. Wojcik: You were a last minute entrant into last year’s event and earned your way into the 2007 event. Please talk about your feelings of being part of the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup.

Chasyn Rance: You have to throw out that I was a last minute entrant, don’t ya? Nice way to start out. What point did that have anything to do with asking about how it feels to be part of the JPC? I’ll let it slide. Being a part of the JPC is great. I knew Jeff only for a short period of time before his unfortunate departure, but he and I got along real well. We met at a match once, went out afterwards, kept in touch, and then, you know what happened. I really wanted to be in the first JPC but unfortunately, I wasn’t ready to compete with the majority of the participants that year. Last year, I got caught off guard. But this year, this year is my year. There is a lot of competition this year still, but I’m ready. I’m doing this for myself; my personal advisor who’s brought me this far, Mister Saint Laurent; and Jeff Peterson. Jeff will be proud when I win this year’s Cup. Alan J. Wojcik: You have a professional relationship with one Mr. (Jared David) Saint Laurent who seems to enjoy causing trouble online with people (including this interviewer.) Do you feel his controversial reputation might cost you bookings with high profile companies?

Chasyn Rance: Look at what I’ve done and where I’m at right now. More people love MSL than hate him. He’s a genius. He’s helped me to become the number 1 junior in the south and helped me out with “high profile companies”. Since I’ve had MSL in my corner, like you listed above, I’ve worked all over.

Alan J. Wojcik: Listed on your website is an affiliation with the legendary Hart family. How did this come to be and could you share some memories of training in Calgary, Alberta.

Chasyn Rance: The Hart family. That was a crazy summer. MSL and I got hooked up with the Harts through MLW. I took on the crazy crew of Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, and Pete Wilson. MSL kept with Harry Smith and TJ Wilson, the chill guys of the group. Jack and I get along the best, and I get along with Teddy great too but he’s a bit out there as everyone knows. We hung out for a while and asked me to visit in Calgary, he’d take me around, we’d train, and just have a great time partying with all the girls up there. Who wants to pass up that invitation? So, that summer I went to Calgary for close to 3 months. The summer was long and lots of stories have come from it. Videos too. To sum it up though, lots of partying, a few fights, and many, many girls.

Alan J. Wojcik: On SCW events Team Vision has partnered with the “Living Legend” Larry Zbyszko. What is it like to work with a man who was once mentored by former WWWF champion Bruno Sammartino?

Chasyn Rance: First off, Team Vision is not just in SCW. It’s in World-1 and many other promotions. As for teaming with Larry, honestly, it’s great and it has nothing to do with his history in the business. He does have a lot of great insight for myself and MSL but moreover, he’s a fun guy to party and hangout with. He’s still got it. We go after the same aged girls so there is a bit of competition there sometimes, but we have been known to share. He’s also awesome at Stratego and Nintendo Wii.

Alan J. Wojcik: You have worked for nearly every Florida promotion in the last few years (the website link above lists all of them). Do you have a personal favorite and why? Could you also compare some of the promoters who ran or currently run them like Ron Niemi and Chris Carson to name two.

Chasyn Rance: If we’re sticking to just Florida, my all time favorite promotion to wrestle for would obviously be Full Impact Pro. FIP has the best talent in Florida and else where working very hard. Plus, I come out to the ring with beautiful girls that in between talking on the microphone and wrestling, I’m making out with. It’s fun to throw it in the fan’s faces how I’m everything they wish they could be. I say it out there and I say it so well cause it’s the truth; I’m young, rich, and ready for action. A very close second if not above FIP in some aspects would be Tallahassee‘s CCW from 2003-2004. They always had amazing girls there for us, drink, other things to party with, and more. We were treated great. I also have many female friends in Tallahassee so it was always worth the trip. As for comparing promoters, nah, don’t feel like it. Go on to the next question.

Alan J. Wojcik: You have been working for the AWA World-1 South promotion, currently holding the Light Heavyweight title. Recently WWE put forth a cease and desist letter concerning the AWA name. Your thoughts on this legal challenge as a competitor for the current AWA.

Chasyn Rance: So this interview is supposed to be about my wrestling career and the Jeff Peterson Cup. How does this have anything to do with either really? I’ll answer anyway. Dale Gagne is going to win. Ask me about something in my bio or something.

Alan J. Wojcik: Your bio shows working for the California based Pro Wrestling Guerilla. Is there anyway to compare it to the promotions you have worked for in Florida and elsewhere in America?

Chasyn Rance: Yes. PWG has top independent talent and draw well with a good fan base. It’s like working for other top independents I’ve worked for like MLW, JAPW, Stampede, and so on.

Alan J. Wojcik: Having some time before the tournament to prepare, do you watch video of the other competitors or do you send scouts out to see them in person?

Chasyn Rance: Ha ha ha. Come on. Do you really think I have time for that? I have a busy enough schedule. I train twice a week with Jamie Noble in the ring, in the gym 5 days a week, cardio in the bed at the very least twice a day, plus I’m finishing up getting my degree. I’m prepared enough. I don’t need to do homework on any of the other competitors. Do you have anything else to ask me about the tournament?

Alan J. Wojcik: This year’s tournament poses some interesting matchups if things go right. You could possibly face your fellow YRR compatriots in the opening round and the rounds that follow. Does this affect your match preparations in any way and how would you handle facing off with either Kenny King of Sal Rinauro?

Chasyn Rance: I just told you that I’m doing nothing different. If I do face either Kenny or Sal, I’ll shake their hand before the match and since we’re the best, we’ll have everyone in the crowd still wanting to be us. I hope I do get to wrestle them in the tournament so the fans will see the best matches and see why I’m the better of the group. Sorry guys.

Alan J. Wojcik: The other X factor in this year’s event is the presence of Allison Danger as a competitor. If matched up with her how do you prepare for her, I mean do you wrestler her like any other competitor?

Chasyn Rance: This is the last question because this is getting ridiculous. You must be really busy because you haven’t done that much research, have you? Check out last month’s PWI issue, and I talk about wrestling a match with Allison Danger. I chipped her tooth in that match. I’ve broken Amy Love’s nose before. I’ve dropped Sara Del Ray. If you’re in the ring to wrestle me, I don’t care if you’re a guy or a girl. The only difference is, if you’re a girl, I’m looking for a rematch later that night.

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