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 Jim Cormette’s on-camera antics have made him one of the most captivating wrestling mouthpieces ever.  From his days on TBS, to WWE TV, to his many shoot-style interviews, and now to ROH, Cornette has become a figure wrestling fans just can’t seem to stop listening to.  And now they get to interview him.

Kayfabe Commentaries’ popular and irreverent shoot series “YouShoot” has selected Cornette as its next guest and has opened the door to submissions, and no doubt the floodgates.  KC co-owner Sean Oliver says they expect record submissions. “While the series was always very popular, certain guests evoke a more passionate response from fans,” Oliver says.  “I think fans will be tripping over themselves to get Cornette to wax philosophic on their particular question.”
The series places wrestling’s most provocative names on camera as they agree to answer everything and anything the fans ask of them, via email and webcam.  Previous guests have included New Jack, The Honky Tonk Man, Sabu, Kevin Sullivan, Missy Hyatt, as well as the forthcoming Bob Holly edition which goes on sale January 12th.  Oliver says that to date, Holly garnered the most fan attention.
“Bob Holly saw a huge response, and I think we’ll get at least that many submissions for Cornette, though for very, very different reasons.”  Oliver says that much of Holly’s edition was dedicated to fans taking this opportunity to call out Holly for his previous actions.
“It was overly antagonistic but I think we handled it well, as you’ll see on January 12th,” he said.  “But I think the gem of the Cornette show will be fans that just know how to push Jim’s buttons, giving it their best shot.  I can’t wait.”
Submissions for “YouShoot: Jim Cornette” can be made through  You can send questions or videos until February 10th.

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