Flash Flanagan challenges JKO for the HPW title


HPW Wrestling returned to the HPW Arena before another packed house of the best Indy wrestling fans around and they saw a great night of HPW action!
HPW Wrestling
Columbus, IN
Att-225 PD
Fiji Wildman pinned Fast Eddie
Ricky Ruckus squashed The Wicked Clown
Sign Guy pinned Cameron Star in Intergender match
8 Bit Punks kept the HPW Tag belts when they beat Bobby Black & Jay Maddix
Cousin Cooter pinned Stompin Steve in a Strap on a pole match
Troy Van Zant pinned Nick Cutler to keep the HPW Tri State title
Donny Idol won a Dog Collar match vs TJ Kemp who then was attacked by JKO  leaving Kemp lying
JKO then went after Promoter Jerry Wilson and ended up being the one who got Dog Food fed to him.
Wilson then annouced JKO would face Flash Flanagan later  with it being a HPW Title match
Diceman Ronnie Vegas & Hillbilly Jed beat Nate Stone & Dash Venture when Jed pinned pinned Stone
JKO kept the HPW Title against a bloody Flash Flanagan in an HPW Brawl to end a great show!
HPW returns June 7th with former WWE Star Rob Conway

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