John Cena upset with the WWE?

According to an insider WWE source, there is some major backstage heat on John Cena after what took place at Monday Night Raw yesterday.

For those of you that watched the ending segment of Raw yesterday, you should’ve noticed John Cena’s abrupt departure from the ring after his brief speech on the microphone directed towards CM Punk. That’s not what was supposed to happen.

John Cena was supposed to remain in the ring until CM Punk had finished his rebuttal. That’s why CM Punk appeared puzzled after Cena suddenly left. The entire segment after that became awkward as Punk had to decide on the spot to return his attention towards Jerry Lawler. That confrontation between him and Lawler was supposed to take place about 5 minutes later than it actually did.

There is word going around backstage that Cena has been very upset lately with his current situation in WWE. The former WWE Champion believes that he puts in a very heavy work load, but doesn’t get enough back. It is being said that he wishes to drastically change his character, ring attire and persona in order to adapt to how the audience is reacting to him.

Furthermore, Triple H was said to be furious at Cena once he got backstage, and an arguement broke out between the two. Things have not cooled down just yet. In his defence, John Cena has not had a character change, or even tweak in almost 7 years.

It is unkown if the company will decide to punish him or not. Not going off script to make yourself appear better is considered an unwritten rule for everyone backstage. The source also revealed that Vince McMahon and John Cena will get together to pan things out.

If John Cena truly is upset with his current situation in WWE, it’s hard to blame him as it’s well documented how much work he really puts in for the company. Fans have been asking for change, and now Cena himself wants it too.


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Editor’s note:  Take this as just a rumor for right now, as The Wrestling Cafe is the only site reporting this.

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