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Nick and Aaron together.

Wrestling News and Discussions
– Nick apologizes for the previous two shows having technical problems.
– Aaron and Nick discuss next week’s guest, David Reiss as well as Thanksgiving plans. Nick goes on to say he likes Turkey seasoned with Root Bear. Aaron likes Diet Mountain Dew apples.
– A special mention goes out to OWW Radio Producer Dave who is going through a difficult family situation.
– Nick mentions listening to another Wild Talk Radio program, which had a post Survivor Series show Nick was impressed with.
– Discussion turns to the definition of “veteran”, which cropped up many times during a match of mostly young wrestlers. Nick runs down the list of match participants having Aaron decide whether the wrestlers are veterans are not.
– Nick mentions what else is coming up on the show, including OWW Jeopardy. OWW user “RKO93” is set to challenge former OWW Jeopardy winner “Ramon’s Razor”. The winner gets the book “The Solie Chronicles”. Johnny Rodz is set to come on later as well. Aaron expounds on his respect for Johnny Rodz. Billy Blade may be calling in too.
– The match between Hogan and Flair down in Australia was supposedly great. Aaron says Flair coming out of retirement (again) is an insult to Shawn Michaels. Nick doesn’t care about Shawn Michaels’ feelings.
– Nick mentions UFC 106. He goes on to talk about how impressed he was with Amir Sadollah’s win over Phil Baroni.
– (Commercial Break)

Mickie James Discussion
– Nick says the current Mickie James situation is all over the internet. He runs down what happened on a current SmackDown!, and then plays a clip of “The Piggie James” vignette which aired on a past Friday.
– Nick says WWE has a skewed vision of the real world. He mentions Vince and WWE being upset with Mickie’s weight, and demoting her to Smackdown!.
– Nick says WWE is ruining people’s vision of what real women look like, which has been happening for years. He cites the Trish Stratus/Molly Holly storyline where Molly was a “fat, preachy and prude”. The other face divas made fun of her weight. Molly said after leaving WWE, she wasn’t ready for the commentator and other divas making fun of her.
– Nick says Molly left the business because WWE shifted from women wrestling to women just looking pretty. Aaron says OWW Radio should try and get Nora Greenwald a.k.a. Molly Holly on the show. Nick agrees and says WWE is basically saying is good to be the type of woman who sticks a finger down her throat. He also says this damages younger viewers.
– Nick notes the CM Punk/Jeff Hardy story, where CM Punk was the heel character for being straight edge and Jeff was the face for using drugs. The fans cheered when CM Punk listed the drugs.
– WWE’s Universe is shallow and a lie Nick claims.
– Nick mentions a Dove soap commercial years back which featured full-figured women. The commercial was a hit. WWE on the other hand won’t accept any diva not in the image they want.
– The other divas should be looked down upon says Nick.
– Nick says this is what Linda endorses, and he hopes the voters in Connecticut know this. Aaron says the Divas are a big draw.
– TNA on the other hand, has it right in Nick’s eyes. The Beautiful People are shallow cowards who make fun of others. Awesome Kong is an amazing fighter, and not made fun of by the commentators like Jazz was in the WWE. Nick mentions how diverse the Knockouts are and wrestling talent comes first. Aaron mentions Forrest Gump, and there is an awkward silence…
– Nick says WWE will destroy Mickie James.
– (Commercial Break)

More News and Discussions
– Nick goes back to Survivor Series and runs down the results. He hopes the Batista/Rey Mysterio feud is over. Kofi Kingston‘s push won’t go anywhere says Nick.
– Aaron says he really enjoyed the RAW Jesse Ventura hosted.
Brock Lesnar will be back in six months says one of his coaches.
– Nick runs down UFC 106 results. Aaron says Tito Ortiz and Brock Lesnar are showboats.
– (Commercial Break)

OWW Jeopardy
– RKO93 defeats Ramon’s Razor
– (Commercial Break)

More News and Discussions
– Nick plugs the upcoming Johnny Rodz interview.
– Aaron gets worked up about not getting an E-mail back from Bill Alfonso after two months. Nick has to calm Aaron down after he calls Bill Alfonso a nobody. Aaron claims to be 15, but sounds about 35. He then threatens to read off embarrassing stories about Bill, and Nick wonders why Aaron is so worked up over not getting an E-mail.
– (Commercial Break)

Johnny Rodz Interview
– Nick reads off Johnny’s list of accomplishments, accolades, and students trained.
– Johnny says his mother was a wrestling fan, and he became a fanatical fan of it as well. They both went to events all the time.
– Nick asks Johnny about working under Vince McMahon Sr. before the WWWF became a nationwide dominance. Johnny talk about those days when every major city had its own promoter.
– The two discuss Joseph “Toots” Mondt and his impact on wrestling and helping teach Vince Sr. the business.
– Johnny mentions how close the two (Vince and Mondt) worked together over the years.
– (Commercial Break)
– The two pick up discussion “Judo” Gene Lebell (who once supposedly choked-out Steven Segal).
– Johnny goes over some of the greats he has worked with all over the east and west coasts.
– Nick asks Johnny about his “Arabian Wildman” gimmick. Johnny talks about fans at Seton Hall all wearing Arab clothing to show support.
– Nick asks about boxers vs. wrestlers. Johnny says boxers have no chance.
– Johnny talks about an incident between Gorilla Monsoon and Muhammed Ali.
– (Commercial Break)
– Johnny mentions an upcoming event at his gym in New York.
– Nick asks Johnny about advise for people who want to become wrestlers. Johnny says the most important thing is that you have to love it.
– Johnny mentions attending Lou Albano’s funeral.
– Nick thanks Johnny for stopping by.
– (Commercial Break)

Wrapping It Up
– Nick and Aaron wrap the show up.
OWW Radio wish to thank this week’s featured guest “The Unpredictable” Johnny Rodz.

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