Live! Join an on stage Q@A, interactive party with some of the original cast of the popular 80’s TV show GLOW. It’s about time !!

This is The AfterGlow Fan Party! What really happened after GLOW the TV show was cancelled? Most of the GLOW girls talk to their fans on a regular basis. IMAGINE, on stage with some of the original cast of GLOW, up close and personal.  NEVER has this been done in GLOW history. We want to give back to our fans and let them REALLY get to know us. Our fans are what keep the GLOW memories alive.

IT’S SIMPLE, WE LOVE OUR FANS! Glow was to wrestling what “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” was to films, an original! Glow with it’s one liners, over the top skits, and lots of Aqua net and shoulder pads, should stay in the past and not be reinvented. But, the girls with The AfterGlow Fan Party” are here to stay and ready to bring it to YOUR City!! This will be a Live show, so you never know whats going to happen. Unscripted,interactive with the audience and the best part is “The AfterGlow” cast will have their turn to ask “YOU” their questions.

There will be surprises along the way and I’am sure a few bumps, but not in the wrestling ring. This will just be PURE FUN!!! Let’s walk down Glow memory lane together. You don’t want to miss this if we make it to your City, and that is our goal, but we have to start somewhere. This has been a dream for a lot of the GLOW girls who didn’t get to say goodbye.

Now “YOU” the fans can help make this a reality with your love of GLOW, the 80’s and your support. Hope to see you soon!!!

Check out the kickstarter page soon to see all of the great donation packages available!