M.V.D. – Most Valuable Diva” is a weekly column where a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout is named the Most Valuable Diva of the Week based on their overall performance. The divas/knockouts that compete in matches and/or take part in segments automatically get nominated for Most Valuable Diva.

*I apologize for the lateness of this everyone. I got caught up with starting college a couple of weeks ago. To make up for the two weeks of MVD columns I didn’t do, I am going to do them both in this one post.*

Week of May 12, 2013:

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

Summer Rae: Summer Rae has carried over her dirty tricks from NXT to RAW. She faked an ankle injury to set Chris Jericho up for an attack by her dance partner Fandango. Summer may not even win a dance contest, but she deserves an Oscar for being a great actress. On NXT, Summer Rae competed against Natalya. Summer brought a lot of attitude and used her long legs to her advantage. Ultimately, she won the match after a roll up. After the match, she was chased to the back by Paige.

Natalya: Natalya competed against AJ on RAW. It was pretty surprising to see a submission specialist like Nataly to lose to AJ by submission. She even fell for AJ playing possum. Despite that, Natalya put on a great match, just like she does with just about every diva, and she didn’t take The Black Widow AJ lightly. Nataly lost another match this week when she took on Summer Rae on NXT. After looking to lock in the sharpshooter, Summer Rae sent Natalya into Paige and scored the win via roll up. On Smackdown, Natalya was seen with Kaitlyn backstage when Kaitlyn received flowers and gloves from her secret admirer.

AJ: It’s official: AJ is The Black Widow of the WWE. After fooling Natalya into thinking she was down and out, AJ locked in her Black Widow submission hold and made the submission specialist tap out. After the match, her and former BFF Kaitlyn had a staredown.

Kaitlyn: Divas Champion Kaitlyn was on commentary this week on RAW during the AJ vs. Natalya match. Kaitlyn talked about her former best friend in a not-so-friendly way. After the match, Kaitlyn and AJ stared each other down. Tensions are certainly high between the two. On Smackdown, Kaitlyn received flowers and gloves from her secret admirer. Kaitlyn’s night on Smackdown got even better when she picked up a win over Aksana.

The Bella Twins: The Bella Twins were on commentary this week on RAW during the AJ vs. Natalya match making fun of AJ about her size and history with men.

Aksana: On Smackdown, Aksana competed against Divas Champion Kaitlyn. Despite dominating most of the match, Aksana’s sultriness wasn’t enough to defeat Kaitlyn.

Paige: During the Natalya vs. Summer Rae match, Paige came out and looked to get her hands on Summer Rae. Summer Rae used Natalya to knock Paige down, but that didn’t stop the Ant-Diva from chasing Summer to the back.

Brooke Hogan: TNA Knockouts Executive Brooke Hogan was seen backstage talking with Mickie James about her successful album. After Mickie tells her that she deserves to be in the spotlight more, Brooke announces that she will face off against Velvet Sky for the Knockouts Championship. During the same segment, Bully Ray comes in and tells Brooke he’ll never file for divorce, prompting Brooke to tell him to get out of her face before storming off. Although she should’ve said more to Bully than “get out of my face,” Brooke showed a lot of attitude toward him.

Mickie James: Thanks to telling Brooke Hogan about how she wants to be in the spotlight more, Mickie James was guaranteed a Knockouts Championship match against Velvet Sky next week.

Velvet Sky: Velvet Sky competed against Gail Kim on Impact Wrestling, despite her knee injury still bothering her. During the match, Velvet’s knee was a target for her opponent Gail, but after a roll up, Velvet showed that no injury is going to bring her down. Unfortunately, her knee injury brought her down after the match when Gail locked her in the figure four leg lock around the ring post.

Gail Kim: Gail Kim competed against Velvet Sky on Impact Wrestling. Gail targeted Velvet’s injured knee the entire match. When it looked as though Gail had Velvet where she wanted her, Velvet got her with a roll up for the win. After the match, Gail wasn’t finished with Velvet and her knee. She locked her in the figure four leg lock around the ring post, adding Velvet to the list of her victims. In recent weeks, we’ve seen a more aggrressive side to Gail Kim, and at Slammiversary, her aggressiveness could help her win her match against Taryn Terrell.

This week’s MVD is…

Gail Kim!

I am absolutely loving Gail Kim’s aggressive side that she’s been showing lately. She’s not taking any crap from any of the Knockouts, and she’s shown that by adding Knockouts to her list of people that have fallen victim to her figure four around the ring post. I’ve never seen Gail be this aggressive before, and now that I have, I love it! Who knows, her aggressiveness as of late could help her win against Taryn at Slammiversary.

Week of May 19, 2013:

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

Summer Rae: On RAW, Summer Rae was left behind by Fandango. After her and Chris Jericho lock eyes, they begin dancing with each other. When they looks as though they’re about to kiss, Summer gets dissed by Jericho and is left feeling embarrassed and angry! I guess Summer’s not woman enough for Y2J.

AJ: The Black Widow AJ competed against Layla on RAW. For the second week in a row, AJ picked up a win using her Black Widow submission. Just like a black widow spider, AJ knows how to wrap someone up and strike!

Layla: Layla competed against AJ on RAW. The former Divas Champion showed a lot of aggression during her match against AJ and nailed some sick kicks on her. However it wasn’t enough to get the win. But hey, at least we got to see aggression from Layla, and the crowd got behind her as well.

The Bella Twins: The Bella Twins were seen backstage making fun of AJ, just like they did last week on commentary. On Superstars, The Bella Twins teamed up with another set of twins aka The Usos to take on Tons Of Funk and Cameron & Naomi. The Bella Twins didn’t get much time in the ring, and their team ultimately lost. They did have a great spot in the match with Tensai though after they nailed him with a double booty bump that left him wanting more. What a LOSER!

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn could be getting closer to finding out who her secret admirer is. This week on RAW, she revealed to Natalya a phone number of her admirer. In walks Cody, and Kaitlyn thinks it could be him after seeing that he’s texting. Turns out that he was just uploading photos of himself, and Kaitlyn makes sure to tell him she’s happy it’s not him. Odd, I thought Kaitlyn liked him at one point? Oh wait, he dropped her for them DAMN Bella Twins *in my Cameron voice*.

Natalya: After Kaitlyn reveals to Natalya that her secret admirer gave her a phone number, Natalya wants to help by having Khali find out whose number it is. In walks Cody, and just like Kaitlyn, Natalya thinks it could be Cody because he’s seen texting. Turns out that he was just uploading photos of himself, making Natalya say “ew.” Even though Natalya currently isn’t receiving a push, I’m happy she’s been getting screentime with Kaitlyn and the secret admirer storyline.

Emma: Emma interrupted what was supposed to be Audrey Marie’s interview on NXT. Emma had fun making jokes about every insulting thing Audrey said to her. She even called her by the wrong name multiple times and poked her in the eye when she did her Emmalution dance. Great to see Emma bring out a more funny side to her character.

Audrey Marie: Audrey Marie’s interview was interrupted by Emma, and Audrey was not having it. She threw every insult she could at Emma, but Emma ultimately got the best of her, especially after accidentally poking her eye. Talk about a bad interview for Adurey.

Naomi: Naomi teamed up with fellow Funkadactly Cameron and Tons of Funk to take on The Bella Twins and The Usos on Superstars. Naomi got a little bit of ringtime against Brie Bella, and she hit an impressive hurricanrana on her own real life boyfriend Jimmy Uso. After the match, Naomi looked down at Jimmy and looked concerned about him.

Cameron: Cameron didn’t get any ring time during her match on Superstars, but at least her team that consisted of Tons Of Funk and Naomi won the match.

Gail Kim: Gail Kim was interviewed about her match at Slammiversary against Taryn Terrell on Impact Wrestling. Gail feels that she shouldn’t have to fight Taryn because she took her out two weeks ago, just like she did with Tara and Velvet recently. Gail goes on to say that she deserves a shot at the Knockouts title. As Gail continues to be egotistical, she gets attacked by Taryn Terrell and wants nothing to do with her. I don’t think I’d want anything to do with someone that’s nicknamed The Hot Mess either. So I don’t blame you Gail.

Taryn Terrell: Taryn Terrell attacked Gail Kim backstage on Impact Wrestling. The Hot Mess took it to Gail, giving us a preview of Slammiversary.

Brooke Hogan: On Impact, Brooke Hogan was close to resigning from being VP of the Knockouts, but Bully Ray came out and told Brooke that he still loves her, causing her to chase after him and wonder what does he mean that he still loves her. Bully tells her again that he still loves her, leaving her confused.

Velvet Sky: On Impact Wrestling, Velvet Sky defended her Knockouts Championship against Mickie James. Just when Velvet was gaining control over Mickie, her knee gave out, which cost her the match and her title. Despite that, Velvet fought like a champion and didn’t let her knee injury stop her from defending her title, no matter what the outcome of the match was going to be.

Tara: On TNA Xplosion, Tara competed against Mickie James. A great match that consisted of great wrestling ability and entertainment. Ultimately, Tara lost the match after Mickie connected with a Lou Thesz off the top rope.

Mickie James: On TNA Xplosion, Mickie James competed against Tara. A great match that consisted of great wrestling ability and entertainment. Ultimately, Mickie won the match after she connected with a Lou Thesz off the top rope to Tara. On Impact Wrestling, Mickie James made history when she became a 9 time champion by winning her third Knockouts Championship in her match against Velvet Sky. During the match, we saw glimpses of Psycho Mickie James come into play.

This week’s MVD is…

Mickie James!

Congratulations to Mickie James for making history. After winning her third Knockouts title, she is a 9 time champion! Mickie truly deserves it. After all, she’s one of the greatest female wrestlers in the business today. I also loved how we got to see Psycho Mickie come into play during her match. It’s truly making me think that she’s going to either turn heel or be a tweener. Either one would be fine with me because Mickie plays both a great face and heel. Once again, congrats to Mickie!

Come back next week to see who will be M.V.D. of the week. Thanks for reading!

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