M.V.D. – Week Of 1/20/12


M.V.D. – Most Valuable Diva” is a weekly column where a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout is named the Most Valuable Diva of the Week based on their overall performance. The divas/knockouts that compete in matches and/or take part in segments automatically get nominated for Most Valuable Diva.

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

Kaitlyn: Kaitlyn continued to fight like the champion she is. On RAW, The Hybrid Diva picked up a win over a former Divas Champion in Alicia Fox. During the match, we saw Tamina Snuka watching the match. Could Kaitlyn’s first challenger be Tamina?

Alicia Fox: Alicia Fox was looking to pick up a win over Kaitlyn on RAW, which could possibly have earned her a shot at the Divas Championship. However, Kaitlyn made sure that didn’t happen, and Alicia Fox lost after getting nailed with a sharp spear. Alicia also faced NXT Diva Sasha Banks. Alicia was hoping that a win on NXT could help her recover from her loss on RAW, but the veteran diva lost to newbie Sasha Banks. Looks like A.Fox is starting to lose her fierceness.

Sasha Banks: Sasha Banks picked up her first win since debuting on NXT against veteran diva Alicia Fox. Despite her size, Banks showed us diva fans that she can hold her own and pick up victories against people that are bigger, stronger, and more experienced than she is.

Velvet Sky: Velvet Sky aimed high, as she looked to defeat Tara for the Knockouts Championship on Impact Wrestling. Despite the fact she controlled most of the match and looked strong, a distraction from Jesse caused Velvet to lose the match. Is this the last we’ve seen of Velvet vs. Tara?

Tara: Tara successfully defended her Knockouts Championship against Velvet Sky on Impact Wrestling, but it was no easy challenge. When it looked as though she was going to lose her title, Jesse saved the day and once again helped Tara retain.

Rosa Mendes: It’s not often we get to see Rosa compete in matches. On Smackdown, the Feisty Latina faced Natalya in singles competition. Towards the end, Rosa was in control of the match. However, after getting caught up with arguing with Hornswoggle, she tapped out to the Sharpshooter.

Natalya: Natalya picked up a win over Rosa Mendes on Smackdown. After Rosa let Hornswoggle get the best of her, Natalya made her tap out to the Sharpshooter.

This week’s MVD is…

Sasha Banks!

Sasha put on a great match against Alicia Fox, and despite the size different, she dominated the match. I consider Sasha the underdog when it comes to the NXT Divas. I have high hopes for her, and I can’t wait to watch her get better and better in the ring.

Come back next week to see who will be M.V.D. of the week. Thanks for reading!

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