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TNA superstar & former OVW World Champion, Matt Morgan, was one of the special guests on this past week’s live edition (02/25/08) of Monday Night Mayhem (presented by Sweet Sunshine Sauces: the official finishing sauce of “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio”) — which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh, Blade, & DFL, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,, &

The closing of The Mayhem’s sixth-anniversary month-long celebration with Matt’s return to the program can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.

February 25th Monday Night Mayhem (streaming audio):
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Here are some of the highlights from Matt’s interview on the show, provided by MNM listener, Lance from San Jose, CA & The Mayhem’s co-host, The Big Mosh.


The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed Matt back to the program after a year-long absence. Just like plenty of critics around the world might have thought at some point in time or another, the bodyguard for Jim Cornette put it best: “Who would have thought it: Six years…”

To break the ice for the listening audience, Mosh & Matt described a story dating back almost two years about how Matt was one of the first superstars to literally (and physically) pick up “the man behind The Mayhem” — in the hometown of The Mayhem in Buffalo, NY, as part of the Ballpark Brawl event in the summer of 2006. Now if that does not get some discussion/banter started, then nothing will!

Mosh asked Matt about the revitalization of his career after his departure from the WWE & his thoughts so far in respect to his tenure in TNA Wrestling. Mr. Morgan first comments about being rejuvenated through his recent work in Japan where he learned new dimensions of the wrestling business along with retooling his work ethic. In regards to his role as enforcer in TNA, he issued a hefty amount of praise for the company by allowing his character and presence to incrementally flourish. Matt spoke about the empathy, meaning of character & proper build-up of character in the wrestling industry, and how that has been lost in recent years. He stressed that wrestlers of his stature should not be immediately thrown into the ring due to their sheer size (which sometimes happens) — as a character, the role should be a matter of construct not prone to immediacy. An element of the utmost importance is being cast in the “right light,” where Morgan issues praise to his current company for enabling him to be projected in that fashion.

Blade & Mosh asked Matt who he would like to face as his first in-ring opponent when his time arrives to show his wrestling abilities. Morgan singled out Kevin Nash because he “has one of the best minds in the business.” Nash is said to have great ring presence & a feeling for all angles/aspects of the wrestling business, and he would definitely like to work a program with someone who has contributed a great deal to the industry. Along with being paired with a great opponent, Matt again discussed how key it truly is to have a decent production/build of character. He again makes a comment about how his role was not properly established in the WWE, where he was just basically “tossed in the ring with black trunks” without a lengthy build or identification of character.

Switching gears, Mosh made light of the closing of Ohio Valley Wrestling and asked Morgan’s thoughts on working closely once again with Jim Cornette. Morgan remarked that the cutting of OVW was a big mistake, a place where “75% of the current roster has been through/learned a great deal through Cornette & Davis’s system.” Quite simply, the move to focus primarily on Florida Championship Wrestling is befuddling to him. In Matt’s words, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Talking about Jim Cornette, Matt issued nothing but praise for his hard work & assistance. Basically calling Jim a living, breathing, wrestling repository, he commented on Jim’s basement wrestling shrine (chock-full of paraphernalia — including a 600+ wrestling tape video library spanning several wrestling companies) and issued encouragement for wrestlers on the current TNA roster (such as The Motor City Machine Guns) to take full advantage of Cornette’s expertise & experience working within the industry. He follows his story up by saying Jim lent him several tapes of Glen Jacobs to “learn big guy psychology” before eventually having visits with big WWE personnel, Kane & The Undertaker.

Speaking of TNA’s current touring itinerary (United Kingdom, Boston, & New York City) and its noted success, Mosh asked Matt if TNA wrestling is ready to go with a weekly live iMPACT television show each week. Morgan responded by saying the “wrestling side of TNA is always ready,” but the move is more on the Spike TV/administrative side — no matter live or taped, TNA is truly “total-nonstop action,” and will always draw a solid fan base.

Speaking of the recently-released TNA “Global Impact” DVD & its success thus far, Matt commented that it is an excellent DVD that should be seen by all. Speaking about his experience in Japan, he made several remarks regarding how critical it is to branch out and try something different for fans to enjoy. The Japanese fans’ embrace of the pro-wrestling genre is much different than the typical US wrestling fan, as it is seen as a sport & work of art as opposed to how it’s viewed in the states. Nonetheless, Morgan commented that shows, such as the “Global Impact” DVD allow, fans to appreciate “what wrestling is all about.”

Switching topics, The Big Mosh prefaced his next question by stating Matt’s past work experience with The Big Show in the WWE, and subsequently asks Matt for his thoughts on the Floyd “Money” Mayweather/Big Show match at WrestleMania XXIV in Orlando, FL. In addition, Mosh also asked if Matt feels if the respective sports of wrestling, boxing, & MMA can successfully co-exist. Matt responded by saying that all three sports have easily borrowed some aspects of production from each other — mainly in terms of match marketing, hype, & promotion. Regarding the upcoming Show/Mayweather WM match, Matt pulls no punches and plainly states that “The Big Show is gonna eat that little mother alive.” Morgan supplemented his statement by saying Show is a truly nice & charismatic individual, but there is no way that a guy Mayweather’s size can defeat a giant-sized Big Show.

The subject of TNA’s expansion was then discussed, with The ‘Ham asking Morgan where his favorite wrestling crowds to perform live are located. Matt said that he is originally from the northeast — an area that is highly passionate about the true art of wrestling and not necessarily the theatrics of the business. He also stated that these fans are known to cheer heels & boo babyfaces, an indication of their reverse perspective on wrestling characters. If Matt were to single out favorite cities, he cites the Connecticut area, Boston, & New Jersey as desirable work environments. TNA made a huge impact in the northeast in the past few weeks, and he feels that they definitely intend on making a return there in the very near future.

Locker room morale has always been a hotly-debated topic in TNA discussion circles, and Matt quickly moved to squash these rumors once & for all. He said that “TNA is the exact antithesis of bad morale,” and is an environment where workers work hard to put one another over, as opposed to what is being erroneously reported. Morgan remarked that a strong work ethic & short work weeks on behalf of the TNA locker room is what makes the stable so appropriately successful & encouraging. Any negative remarks are made by “haters” who obvious are not happy with TNA for one reason or another, and are just fabricating the truth. Lastly, he praised both Dixie Carter & Jeff Jarrett not only for caring about the well-being of their wrestlers, but their families as well.

As a parting shot, Matt shared that he is a big fan of the Monday Night Mayhem program, and wished the show yet another prosperous year — into its seventh year & counting.

In Matt’s return appearance, he also gave his uncensored takes & thoughts on the rumors of a feud with himself & “The Samoan Submission Machine” Samoa Joe, his goals for himself & for TNA in 2008 (and what the “payoff” will be for the fans), as well as some pretty harsh words for the internet critics. Check out Matt’s official website @ www.Matt-Morgan-org.

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