Sunset Flip Presents: Midgets in Pro Wrestling

Sunset Flip Presents: Midgets in Pro Wrestling
By Jim Boy Star

This week I decided to take a look at midgets in pro wrestling. Before I begin, please realize that for as long as I have known “little people” in regards to pro wrestling, they have always been known as midgets, so I am not looking to offend anyone as that is what I grew up with.

Midgets have a great tradition in pro wrestling that started around the 1950’s. To me, midgets are funny, they are comedy, but even with that in mind some were pretty good workers. Most people that watch pro wrestling today will immediately think of Hornswoggle, but he was one of many famous midgets. Hell, I will even go so far to say midgets are more entertaining than WWE’s womens wrestling.

One of the most famous midgets in all of pro wrestling was Little Beaver. The reason I say he is the most famous is because he was involved, in arguably, the biggest pro wrestling PPV in wrestling history and that being Wrestlemania 3. He was involved in a match that featuring himself the Haiti Kid and regular sized Hillbilly Jim fighting the big man King Kong Bundy, Little Tokyo, and Lord Littlebrook. The ending of the match was big man Bundy slamming Little Beaver leading to the disqualification. Bundy was booed out of the building as a Hillbilly Jim fended off Bundy. It should be also noted that this act also led Bundy’s midgets turning on him because the act went a little too far.

Another famous midget was the Dink the Clown, the manager of Doink The Clown. Dink the Clown was a Christmas present given to Doink. There are way too many Doink and Dink moments to recall in this writing, but they were quite a pair. They may not have won that much together, but they had fun doing it. They were also involved in the Suvivor Series match that featured Jerry Lawler and his midgets.

It’s time for a midget roll call, Doink’s team consisted of Dink, Wink, and Pink. Lawler’s team consisted of Sleazy, Queasy, and Cheesy.

Midgets are popular with kids and adult. Find me an adult that says “I hate midgets” and I’ll show you an adult that does not have much of a sense of humor. If you watch a movie and midget runs out randomly and hits someone in the leg with a baseball bat, that is funny.

With midgets that have been named “Mini Goldust”, “Mini Mankind”, and “Super Porky”, how can they not be funny?

There have been different midget divisions within various wrestling promotions, but the most famous is probably the one WWE started in 2005 called the Junior Division. Much like the cruiserweight division, I do not understand why WWE got rid of the division and instead choose to have a second botchy womens wrestling division. Midgets climbed on the top rope (a hell of a climb), had spinny moves, were fast paced, and didn’t botch many moves. Basically, it is everything the current WWE womens division is not and most importantly it was actually entertaining.

This week, midgets are the center of WWE’s main show Raw. Hornswoggle, a midget and former Cruiserweight champion, will take Degeneration X (Shawn Michaels and Triple H) to little people’s court. Degeneration X has comedy gold right in front of them, but will they be able to actually be funny this week? That remains to be seen because they have not been since their return. Unless you like child abuse and thought HBK and his godlyself (I still don’t think god approves of child abuse) kicking a child was funny.

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