Mr. Fuji reveals why he never turned good.


He’s thrown more salt than Emeril Lagasse and has lead more men to wrestling gold than him too. That’s right. WWE Hall of Famer Mr. Fuji has come to for a rare 33 minute uncut shoot interview that any wrestling fan needs to check out…boy-san.


Fuji’s accomplishments in pro wrestling are too numerous to list and followers of the industry over the past 40 years know his name immediately. Whether terrorizing heroes from inside the ring or from his protégé’s corner, the star of “Fuji Vice” has faced them all. In his 33 Minute shoot, Fuji speaks to James Guttman about a ton of topics including: Why He Never Went To WCW, Improving “Fuji Vice,” The Advice That Yokozuna Didn’t Follow, Genuinely “Managing” His Wrestlers, What Vince McMahon Told Him When He First Took Over WWF, Not Watching TNA, The Death of Crush, Wrestling Mean Gene, Baby Randy Orton, His Son’s WWE Tryout, Why He Was Happy To Change Outfits From Tuxedo To Kimono, Steroids, The Toll Drugs Take On Your Body, “Master” Fuji, His Previous Career In Aluminum Siding, Don Muraco, Ultimate Warrior, Hulk Hogan, Bob Orton, Demolition, The Destroyer, and More.


Fuji stays away from no subject including his thoughts on Vince McMahon. Knowing both Vince Jr and Vince Sr, Mr. F had a chance to witness VKM’s rise to the top of the industry. He talked about the things Vince told him when he first took over, his business sense, the job he’s done cleaning drugs out of the locker room, his family, and more. On the subject of him personally, Fuji has good things to say.


“He’s a darn good man.”


Mr. McMahon may be a “good guy,” but Mr. Fuji wasn’t. Bringing deviousness to a new level, Fuji paid for his evil ways. He tells listeners about some of the things he went through as a villain in the days before the curtain was lifted to the public.


“People would throw chairs and every damn thing. I got stabbed twice. On my arm and I have a big scar on my stomach.”


James says that something like that in the 60s and 70s was like an Oscar for a heel. Fuji agrees.


“Right. That was my job. I made them hate my guts real bad. I was really good at that.”


But what about turning good? There were few natural heels like Mr. Fuji, but one would guess that the idea of making him a hero must have come up once or twice. During the shoot, JG asked about it and the evil Fuji reveals that the one time it happened, it wasn’t actually real…


“They tried that one time. Against the Powers of Pain and Demolition. And then I screwed the Demolition big time – my team, you know what I mean? So I told the Powers of Pain, pick me up on your shoulder and carry me out. The People and the roof raised up. They said finally Fuji became a good guy, really. But we just did it as a joke, know what I mean? It worked but I went back to the same way.”


But those of you longing to cheer for a Fuji may not have to wait long. His son is on his way to WWE this week for a tryout with the company and Papa Fuji couldn’t be prouder.


“My son growing up (would say), ‘Daddy. You’re a wrestler. I’d like to be a wrestler like you.’ (I said) You be serious about that because I don’t want you to waste my time, you know what I mean?’ So he has a good job. So he says, ‘I’m serious about this.’ OK. So I took him to the ring, worked out with him and I watch him and he picked up fast. He flies like a bird.. He’s a big boy too. 6’1. 290.”


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