NECW Fights & Frights Results for 10/27

NECW returned to the National Guard Armory in Quincy , MA this past Saturday night, October 27th for FIGHTS & FRIGHTS – a jam-packed card with tons of action and a number of big surprises.To start the event, Brian Cairo interrupts ring announcer Chris Norman and says how 2007 was supposed to be the year of Team Cairo, to date it hasn’t been good “but the year ain’t over yet”. Cairo calls out Scott Osbourne, talking about for his abilities, potential and his future as a Champion. Next Cairo calls out the Canadian Superstars (J-Busta and Dave Cole). Cairo says they WERE the best team in the business, they fell apart and were unable to regain the belts they lost. Cairo blames the Canadians for being selfish, self- centered and now that they are all on the same page again, success will come. Busta and Cole began to respond and Cairo acted indignant. Dave Cole went to grab Cairo and Osbourne stepped in the way.  (Continued…..)

Busta tossed Osbourne to the outside as Dave Cole threatened to punch Cairo . Instead in a shocking moment, Cole clotheslined Busta.. Osbourne returned to the ring and the two began an assault on J-Busta. Cairo then stated that he was ready to announce his newest signing to the world and seeing as Busta was still under his management, Busta would be that man’s first opponent as a Team Cairo member. Cairo then called out his “monster” Rick Fuller. This match was as brutal as it was short. Cairo seemed dedicated to having Fuller permanently injured J-Busta and may have gotten his wish. After the match, ringside personnel were required to transport Busta from the ring to a local medical facility.

Next was an NECW TV Title rematch between Max Bauer and champion “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke. As per a pre-match stipulation, “The Talent” TJ Richter was barred from ringside and any transgression from him would lead to Max’ instant disqualification and loss of any title shot opportunities for a year. As it appeared that Bauer gained a decided upper hand, for an unknown reason Richter returned to ringside leading to a disqualification. NECW President Sheldon Goldberg came to the ring and apologized to Max Bauer, but he had no choice to enforce the match stipulation. Bauer knocked out Richter and left to the solid support of the NECW fans.

The next match was an open invitational opening round match in the NECW Tag Team Title Tournament. The first team to the ring was Exotic Entertainment. Kristian Frost debuted a new member of his stable in “The Ladies’ Man” Gregory Edwards. Fans were instantly turned off by this team’s over-the-top antics and began to boo them. Their opponents, making their return to NECW after almost a 20-month absence were the NECW “super team” of former NECW Heavyweight Champions and Iron-8 Champions “The Revolution” Chris Venom and “The Pinnacle” Paul Lombardi. IN a great match, Venom and Lombardi advance to the next round after a spike piledriver on “The Ladies’ Man”

Next up was a special attraction between long-time rivals “The Human Nightmare” Evan Siks and “The Talent” TJ Richter. As Siks entered the ring, Michael Sain appeared on the Tron and talked to “The Human Nightmare”. Sain stated he was in Siks’ head and seeing him fall apart. Richter entered the ring, still showing the effects of the assault by Bauer earlier in the night and the match was on. This hard-hitting contest ended when Evan Siks hit the “Siks Sense” (Death Valley Driver) on Richter and then went for a second stating it was “for Michael Sain”. Sain appeared again on the Tron simply laughing in eerie fashion. Richter struggled to escape the grasp of Evan Siks and a schoolboy pin fall won “The Talent” the match.

After intermission in a World Women’s Wrestling Feature Match for the WWW Championship, Lexxus successfully defended her title, pinning Mistress Belmont with a reverse bulldog in a fine match.

Prior to the next match, manager of the Dynasty of Champions Sean Gorman came to the ring and explained why he had ousted Tanya Lee from the Dynasty. As she lost the WWW Championship, she was the piece of the puzzle to first fall. She caused the morale drop in the stable and Gorman blatantly scapegoated the former WWW Champ. He explained that Nikki Roxx was feeling betrayed and frustrated at her inability to regain the WWW Championship and struck a deal with the one man she knew understood that. Gorman then brought out 2-time defending Iron 8 Champion “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards. The two then began to run down “The Golden Greek” Alex Arion, who was scheduled to face Edwards but was given the night off due to the death of a family member. Brandon Locke ran out and said that Alex is one of his best friends and a mentor to him in wrestling and he’s accept the open spot in the match. Eddie Edwards then stated he would do so if the match was for the NECW TV Title. Locke agreed. In an amazing counter-for-counter match, “The Real Deal” Brandon Locke managed to counter “Die Hard” Eddie Edwards into a pinning combination and score the fall to retain the NECW TV Title twice in one night.

In the main event, DC Dillinger received his rematch against the NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion “Straight Edge” Brian Fury. This was another hard-hitting contest beginning in a huge brawl at ringside, with NECW Senior Official warning both men that if they did not bring the match into the ring to legally start the match he would throw it out. The match did get into the ring and went back and forth between Fury and Dillinger. Dillinger managed to pin Fury and to apparently become the first 2-time NECW Triple Crown Heavyweight Champion. As Dillinger celebrated and held up the title, his former stable mate Tanya Lee came to the ring with referee JT Franks in tow. Lee stated that she had just shown Franks that Dillinger cheated in his win by having his feet on the ropes. This led to a referee’s conference and the match would be restarted. Sean Gorman approached Tanya Lee and Lee attacked her former manager as the crowd erupted. It would take 4 NECW Officials to pull the fiery woman off of the “Mouthpiece of the East”.

With the match restarted, Fury soon hoisted Dillinger up for his bridging power bomb for the three count and retained his title.

After the match Brian Cairo returned to ringside, stating that Brian Fury was afraid to defend the Triple Crown against Rick Fuller and said that if Fury was any sort of a man, he would grant Rick Fuller a title shot on November 30th in Quincy . Fury quickly complied, but stated he had a message for Rick Fuller and hit a super kick leaving Cairo unconscious in the ring as the event ended.

NECW returns to live action in Quincy with a special Friday night event on November 30th with an 8 PM bell time. Tickets for this event are on sale now at all FYE locations, K.C.’s Sportscards, 33 Temple Street in Quincy Center and online at

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