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Former WWE superstar, former World Tag Team Champion, & former eight-time OVW World Champion, Nick “U-GENE“ Dinsmore, was one of the special guest on this past week’s live edition of Monday Night Mayhem (09/24/07), which can be heard in streaming audio every week (hosted by The Big Mosh & Blade, and heard LIVE at 8PM ET/7PM CT every Monday night) exclusively on The Monday Night Mayhem Radio Network (,,,, www.Showdown,net, &
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U-Gene’s first interview on “Your Home Of Wrestling Radio” (a Mayhem exclusive) can now be heard for FREE in Real Audio.
Here are some of the highlights from the interview provided by Mayhem Senior Correspondent, Mr. DFL.
The Big Mosh & Blade welcomed Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore to The Mayhem. In his first public interview & public comments since being released by the WWE, Nick said he was honored to be on the program, in part to promote the big event coming to Amherst, MA (presented by Full Throttle Energy Drink: & The Mullins Center that he will be a part of.
Mosh got right down to business and asked Nick if he thought he was a victim of the WWE’s Wellness Policy, which lead to his release from the WWE. Nick proceeded to explain that he had a prescription for a certain kind of pain medicine, which was managed by two separate doctors (including the WWE’s Dr. Rios). He mistakenly took a different one that he did not have a prescription for, and with his past history with the company in that department, it was frowned upon him taking something that was not prescribed for him. He deemed this a “simple accident. I regret it a whole bunch. But there is nothing I can do to change it.” With the media coming down hard on the business recently, it was time for him & the company to part ways for now. “The WWE Wellness Policy is a good program, and it keeps people in check. If you step out of line, they will get right on you.”
Nick does not think the Wellness Program is there to punish anyone, but is there to help people that need it & to get them on the right track. World Wrestling Entertainment went to an outside company to regulate their wrestlers — From what Nick understands, the tests are random. First the results go to the wrestler to see if the problem can be corrected, and then it goes to the WWE to address the problem hands-on if it cannot be addressed at the onset. Nick believes the policy is good & it is indeed “cross-the-board,” whether you are a main- eventer or an OVW talent. Nick also went on to say that he thinks the superstars of today & wrestling in general is taking a beating by the mainstream media for the passing of the wrestlers from past generations, however it is sad nonetheless that those talents are passing away as quickly as they are.
Dinsmore knows for a fact that because of his mistake “that he is going to have to take this on the chin.” He accepts full responsibility for what went down. He does not feel he burned a bridge with them by any means, and will see if another opportunity arises in the future with the WWE. But, he welcomes this as a new opportunity to work certain guys he as not had the opportunity to wrestle before, and has him excited to compete against some fresh talents on the independent scene. Nick also was very candid in mentioning to Mosh & Blade that hopefully his prior actions & decisions he chose will not affect his role/work in other wrestling promotions.
Nick saw the opportunity to head over to SmackDown after the WWE Draft as “exciting.” He loved being on Monday Night RAW, as well as the guys there though. Nick has friends within all three brands, and had no problems going to any brand. Despite what a lot of the internet reports & reads, Nick believes that most of the guys to not take going from one roster to another as a “demotion” of any kind. “No matter what show you are on, you still work for the WWE.”
Nick loved his time tagging up with both William Regal & “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, and that it was an honor for him to work with both guys. He did however mention that each of those two men had many stories & many different takes on the wrestling business. Regal was more of a mentor to him & it was “the opportunity of a lifetime” to team up & be managed by him, while Duggan will be known for the laughs. It was a whole “opposite” experience, as “Hacksaw” showed him truly how to get the crowd in the palm of your hand so to speak.
Without a shadow of a doubt, Nick feels very passionately that if it were not for his time in Ohio Valley Wrestling (signing his WWE developmental deal in 1999 & making his WWE RAW debut in 2004), he would not be where he is today, nor have experienced as much success as he has. It was a very worthwhile experience, especially since he was “able to make as many mistakes as he could possibly make” to get the kinks out & improve his craft. He wouldn’t be anything in the business if it were not for OVW, especially Danny Davis & DCW’s Rip Rogers — They are the ones whom made Nick, the wrestler.
Addressing the rumors of Al Snow being upset at Triple H & Shawn Michaels at a recent OVW television taping & giving his expert analysis on certain things, Nick could not comment on that — simply because he was not there, nor has he had the opportunity to speak to anyone who was there. He does not see why Al would be mad at HBK/Triple H or vice-versa, because OVW is the trop training facility in the world, thanks to both Al & Danny and their success ratio is second to none.
Nick strongly feels that Vince McMahon does indeed put a lot of faith in the Creative Team & staff within the WWE. Yes, the writers get a great deal of slack from the wrestling fans & the internet, but in response to that, Dinsmore brought up a valid point to Mosh & Blade, by saying that “whenever something goes great, the performer gets the pat on the back, but whenever something negative happens, the creative team gets the criticism.” Being in the creative side of things is “one of the hardest jobs”‘ within the company. People that have worked in the television business have different ideas than those who have been in the wrestling side of things. He does feel that that both are needed for the business to be successful however.
With regards to the development of the “Eugene” character in the WWE, it was created by himself, as he has a friend who has a son whom he based the character off of. He took it in his direction, and made it more wrestling-oriented. He had no problems “living the gimmick” for the fans outside of the shows (meeting fans at autograph sessions/behind the arena) as well, despite what the “smart fans” might have said otherwise.
The topic of TNA was brought up, and Nick feels that TNA is “biased towards talent itself,” and not towards hiring former WWE employees just for that sake. He said he would love to have the opportunity to work for them. On the flip-side of things, Nick said he would really like to work for Ring Of Honor, and have some bouts with “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson. “U-Gene” does not fit in ROH, but Nick Dinsmore does.
Nick did have the opportunity to work & travel with Chris Benoit. He wished to set the record straight with regards to the events from late June by saying that Benoit was “a first-class guy all the way” — both inside & outside of the ring. What happened was a tragedy, and that “the wrestling business will never get over this.” Chris was a “family guy,” and Nick did have several opportunities to speak with Nancy, as well as play with their son, Daniel. Nick went on by adding that professional wrestling did take a toll on Chris physically, as evidenced by the analysis of his brain tissue within the past few weeks. Nick truly misses Chris, and also credits him for putting him over at The Louisville Gardens in Ohio Valley Wrestling — which gave him more credibility. He feels that his accomplishments in the ring should stand alone, but that with the way things turned out, he does not see any induction for Chris into the WWE Hall Of Fame or other accomplishments for what he did in the business.
And to close out the fun on The Mayhem, U-Gene then joined The Big Mosh & Blade! Plenty topics were up for some quick debate — including dancing backstage with Cryme Time, Extreme Expose, Slick, The Fabulous Moolah, & Mae Young @ WrestleMania 23, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Jeff Hardy, The Great Khali’s World Heavyweight Title run, Mr. Cena getting beaten up by Randy Orton, Hornswoggle being Mr. McMahon’s son, the old vs. the new ECW, & the rumors of Marcia & Jan Brady’s “relationship” off-camera on “The Brady Bunch.” Plenty of jokes to keep you laughing into the end of the week fans!
Nick came back aboard with a message to those within the offices at World Wrestling Entertainment: He wanted to thank each & everyone at the WWE for being given the opportunity to work on RAW, SmackDown, & on Pay-Per-View, as well as being able to meet fans from around the world. “It was the ride of a lifetime.”
The 50+ minute interview (a Mayhem exclusive), a deserving contender for Interview Of The Year, with Nick “U-Gene” Dinsmore, also includes his uncensored thoughts & takes on the immediate future of the business (both WWE & TNA) as the business is put in front of Capitol Hill in the weeks to come, working with Vince McMahon, his WrestleMania 21 moment with “The Immortal” Hulk Hogan, being Eric Bischoff’s “nephew” on television, his RAW moment with The Rock, the Kurt Angle Invitational (and his feud w/Kurt, while being managed by Christy Hemme), whether or not there was any resentment from any other superstars in the company that may have been jealous of his pushes, his memories of “The Nature Boy” & Ric Flair‘s upcoming retirement in 2008, & much more!
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