Notes from Bret Hart’s autograph signing

Notes from Bret Hart‘s autograph signing in Cambridge, Ontario, Canada on December 3rd, 2007:The signing was originally scheduled to begin at 7 PM, but Bret had arrived & was signing copies of his book at 6 PM.

The store sold every copy of Bret’s book that they had in stock. Less than 10 copies remained at 6:30 PM, a whole 30 minutes before the signing’s original start time.

The store was literally full of people that were waiting to meet Bret for 90 minutes. From 6 PM until around 7:30 PM, if someone came to the store to purchase a book that wasn’t Bret’s, a member of the store’s staff had to be sent into the store to get the book. Bret’s fans had completely engulfed the store & the line stretched out into the mall.

Bret was very pleased by the turnout. He wasn’t sure if it was the largest turnout on his tour, but he was very happy & excited with the size of the crowd in Cambridge.

Bret continued to sign books after 8 PM as a lot of people were still waiting to meet him.

Devin Cutting –

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