NWA Anarchy – Hostile Environment ’07

NWA Anarchy’s Hostile Environment from the Gainesville Mountains Center will be remembered for its many spectacular moments, the unspeakable violence that is the War Games, and a level of effort from the entire roster that was beyond reproach.  The show drew 697 paid and there were well over 700 in the building. Not the 1000 many inside the company were hoping for, but the largest crowd in company history, more than Hermie Sadler’s UWF drew a few months back, and more than enough to break even. And the Anarchy hardcore fans showed up in force, so the reactions to the entrances were strong across the board, and generally strong for the matches themselves, although there are bound to be some lulls during any show lasting almost four hours. Overall, the heat was better at the Fright Night and Season Beating shows in Helen, because the venue was just the right size.  

The production values were first rate for an indie show. The sound and lighting were far superior to the UWF event. The spotlights and entrance videos gave it a big league feel. Here’s what went down… Ring announcer Eddie Rich introduced NWA Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer and Julie McMillans from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. Palmer said the worst possible thing that could happen tonight was that money was going to be raised for a good cause (according to Palmer, somewhere between $1000 and $2000 will end up going to MDA). When the crowd chanted “thank you Jerry,” Palmer said it was the other way around. Palmer said the building was only half full, but he would take it. He promised the fans one whirlwind of a ride.     

<B>(1) Todd Sexton beat Salvatore Rinauro via submission with the figure four leglock in 10:52.</B> Sexton had been left laying in the ring at the NWA Arena on two occasions during the month of June after Rinauro enlisted the help of Anger Alliance to take him out. The crowd gave Rinauro a mixed response. Sexton got a good pop, significantly better than he got last time in Cornelia. Sexton frustrated Rinauro’s attempt to school “the legend.” Rinauro used a pie face, and Sexton made him pay with armbar submissions. At the four minute mark, Rinauro crotched Sexton on the top rope and hit a top rope bulldog. Rinauro got heat with the swivel hips routine. Sexton ducked away from Rinauro’s turnbuckle-assisted Pele to start the comeback. He applied a crossface, but Rinauro made the ropes. Rinauro hit a jumping knee for a near fall. Rinauro pulled his kneepad down, but Sexton caught him with a dragon screw legwhip and worked over the knee to set up the figure four. Rinauro’s facial expressions as he limped to the back were awesome. I liked the match. A couple of minutes shorter would have been even better.     <B>(2) Anger Alliance (Brodie Chase & Brandon Phoenix & Adam Roberts & Don Matthews) beat Sex & Money (Caleb Konley & Andrew Pendleton) & Derrick Driver & Steven Walters in 15:56 .</B> Alliance got heat for holding up the four fingers. The Alliance attacked. The faces cleared the ring but got no pop for doing so. They did a series of dives that didn’t get much response either, as if the crowd wasn’t taking them seriously. Driver did some flashy stuff. His style appears to be tailor-made for an X Division singles match. Alliance got false heat on Walters, who took a hell of a corkscrew bump on a missed enzuigiri. S & M doubled up on Matthews. Then it was bigtime heat on Konley, while the faces whined and complained. Roberts hit a big thump powerslam. The crowd started to get behind Konley, but Chase used a hammerlock slam and worked on the arm. Konley hit a double flying lariat and made the hot tag. Driver got off a hot counter move to Matthews reverse suplex. Matthews then pinned Driver after leveling him with The Lariat. S & M were unhappy with Driver and Walters for losing the fall. An Ok match, but in the big picture, it behooved them to accomplish the same thing in less time. <B>(3) Slim J defeated Patrick Bentley in 17:38 to win their best of five series 3-2.</B> Although they entered the Mountain Center knotted up at two wins apiece, J had dominated Bentley with his ground and control offense throughout the series. Bentley was on the verge of a confidence melt down during match number four before managing to pull out a win. This match was different – back and forth, fast-paced, and wide open. The highlight of the opening minutes was a cool exchange of armdrags. Bentley hit a plancha to the floor, and you knew this was going to be balls to the wall. Bentley flew right into a lariat from J for a near fall. Bentley picked J off the top and flipped him from a fireman’s carry into a backbreaker. Bentley started working the back. J rallied with a brainbuster. He really cocked that sucker. J got Bentley’s back for a choke submission, but couldn’t make it stick. They traded pin attempts. Bentley scored near falls with the Full Articulation, the Spring Action Kick and a top rope sitout face plant. Bentley blocked a huracanrana and countered with a stiff kick. J looked like he was in a daze. J countered a fisherman neckbreaker with a DDT. J took an amazing bump on a layout moonsault Bentley hit the fisherman neckbreaker for a near fall. J hit the package piledriver, but Bentley managed to roll out to the floor. J did a corkscrew dive off the ringpost. J was bleeding hardway from the mouth. J hit a super Side Effect for a near fall. J applied the Roach Clip. The crowd chanted for the tap out, but Bentley made the ropes. Bentley went for Anger Management, and J countered with the Canadian Destroyer. J spilled to the floor to buy time, and managed to kick out just before the three count. With Bentley on the top rope, J came underneath for Anger Management. Bentley fought it off, so J brought him off with a rolling prawn to score the pinfall. Without a doubt, this was the technical wrestling match of the night.  J said he had proved his point by bringing out the wrestler he knew was inside Bentley. The crowd popped in appreciation of what they had witnessed. J told Bentley he had his back, and it was all’s well that ends well. NOT. Bentley turned on J, laying him out with the Canadian Destroyer. Bentley’s face turned mean and ugly. “The Reverend” Dan Wilson appeared in the aisle motioning for Patrick to come to poppa. They hugged in the aisle and departed.     <B>(4) Shadow Jackson (with Jerry Palmer) beat Mikki Free (with Al Getz & his masked bodyguard) in a Dog Collar Match (7:30) .</B> Getz reverted to his “Duke of New York” days in a prematch promo where he put over the Yankees and Hillary Clinton. You know that got heat. Jackson got the best entrance pop so far. Free decked Jackson before ref Harold James could get the collar on him. Jackson came right back with bionic elbows. Free tried to run, but that wasn’t happening with the chain. Jackson used the chain to run Free into the post. They both bled but not a lot Free took over after a missed elbow drop and went after Jackson’s eye. Getz raked Jackson’s head with the chain. The crowd was hot for Jackson’s comeback. Jackson hit a powerslam, but Free kicked out of his one arm cover. Free almost lost Jackson on a pumphandle slam. Jackson hit a spinebuster and it was suddenly over.

 According to the stip, Palmer was to get five minutes with Getz. Getz tried to run, but Jackson hauled him back to the ring. Free clocked Palmer from behind to give Getz the advantage. Getz choked Palmer with the chain. Not for long, as Palmer decked him with a pair of lariats and put him out of his misery with a powerslam.  Palmer was getting ready to hang Getz, when the mystery masked person entered the ring to save his obnoxious Yankee ass. It was Melissa Coates (former OVW talent and the Bag Lady in Deep South Wrestling) under the hood. She loaded Getz onto her back and carried him out like it was nothing. Nemesis made a triumphant return to reunite Urban Assault Squad and got a huge hug from Palmer.    

<B>(5) Jeremy Vain and Truitt Fields wrestled to a 10 minute draw. Vain retained the NWA Anarchy Television Title.</B> This match provided a nice change of pace. The story coming in was Vain weaseling his way out of tight spots with Fields. Huge pop for Fields. For better or worse, he looks like what today’s fans expect from a big league wrestler. Vain used a variety of stalling techniques in an attempt to make Fields lose his temper. He succeeded. Vain bailed after absorbing a wicked pair of lariat. Fields no sold Vain’s chops and gave him an old style Beel throw. Fields uncorked his power game to full effect. At 5 minutes in, Vain moved and Fields speared the post. Vain followed with a slingshot legdrop to the outside. Fields was selling Vain’s chops now. The crowd got hot for the comeback. Vain asked the ref to check the time. Fields powered out of Vain’s DDT attempt. He hit a flying forearm, and Vain rolled a shoulder at 2.5. Fields hit a gorilla press slam for a near fall with one minute to go. They did a big collision spot. Fields hit the Truitt Slam (sitout uranage) as the time limit expired. Fields signaled for five more minutes, and the crowd was in favor, but Vain wasn’t down with that at all. These guys match up really well.   <B>(6) Awesome Attraction (Austin Creed & Hayden Young) beat Hollywood Brunettes (Kyle Matthews & Andrew Alexander) and Seth Delay & Adrian Hawkins in a Ladder Match to retain the NWA Anarchy Tag Team Titles (19:10).</B> This was nuts. The belt was hung 15 feet above the ring. Three ladders of various sizes were ready and waiting. There was some comedy stuff early with the heel teams trying to get to the belt from an impossible distance below. Hawkins knocked Attraction off an 8 foot ladder with a springboard back elbow. That looked dumb. The action started to pick up. Alexander took a top rope bump onto the 6 foot ladder. Matthews ran up the ladder for a great dropkick on Creed. What followed were some of the most psychotic spots in Anarchy history. Two of them involved Young. From the top turnbuckle, he vaulted over the 8 foot ladder for a legdrop from the heavens onto Matthews. He topped himself by climbing to the top of the twelve foot ladder for a frogsplash onto Delay, who sold it like he was about to puke up a kidney. Delay launched a huracanrana off the 12 foot ladder onto Alexander, who was about halfway up the 8 foot ladder.Delay busted out the reverse 450 for a great crash and burn spot. Brunettes did the Sheeney Curse (double knee gutbuster/double stomp) off the ladder. Hawkins was the first to climb the 12 foot ladder and reach the belt, before getting knocked off. Matthew also got a touch. Matthews absolutely risked his life by taking a backdrop over the top of the 12 foot ladder onto a bridged ladder some 10 feet below. Creed appeared to have a clear path to the belt, but Delay whacked his ankle with a chair and climbed. Young slipped off the ropes on a springboard to the ladder ala Shelton Benjamin. Too bad. It would have made for a killer finish if he had hit it. Delay took a bump from near the top of the 12 footer and Young grabbed the gold. In victory, Young’s face showed his disappointment with missed spot. Creed was selling like his ankle was shot. All of the heels needed help from security to make it to the back. A jaw dropper of a match.     <B>(7) Ace Rockwell beat Chad Parham via DQ at 10:15. Parham retained the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Title.</B> I felt for these guys. They had to follow an insane ladder match on a show that had gone over two and a half hours without an intermission. The match was fine, but the crowd was spent and couldn’t get up for it. It was also too similar to the story of the TV title match to garner maximum impact. As per usual, Parham got his personal security escort to the ring. Good pop for Rockwell but not what it normally would be. Rockwell took it Parham in the early and often. Parham wanted out. The turning point saw Rockwell chase Parham down on the ramp, only to take a devastating vertical suplex on the ramp from the champion. Parham dragged Rockwell back into the ring and made the cover. Rockwell got a shoulder up just before the three. Parham was Mr. Happy Go Lucky as he dished out the punishment. But Parham ate a spear as he flew from the top. Rockwell made a fiery comeback but the crowd energy was shot. Rockwell hit the spinebuster for a near fall. Rockwell ate the turnbuckle on a missed Stinger splash. Parham pounced on the opportunity with the senton backsplash for two. Rockwell came back with like a million blows to beat Parham down in the corner. Rockwell hit a bulldog for a near fall. Parham tried to run. Rockwell went for Aces High. Parham blocked and decked ref Brent Wiley for an intentional DQ. That got a reaction. But again, not what it would have under any other circumstances.   Palmer confronted Parham on the ramp. He said he was sick of the way Parham was representing the title and ordered no DQ-no count out rematch against Rockwell for the NWA Arena in Cornelia in two weeks. Furthermore, Palmer vowed to strip Parham if he laid hands on another Anarchy official. <B>(8) NWA Elite (Kory Chavis & Jeff Lewis & Phil Shatter & Abomination with Jeff G. Bailey) beat Devil’s Rejects (Iceberg & Shaun Tempers & Azrael & Tank with Reverend Dan Wilson) in the War Games when Iceberg submitted to Shatter (24:18).</B> This was one hell of  a cage: 14 feet high and 22 feet square, with barbed wire strung around the top and bottom. Chavis dominated Tempers for the first five minutes. At one point, Chavis hit the Spinesplitta and stared a hole through Wilson, the guy who called that move like nobody else could on Wildside TV for all those years. A section of the crowd chanted for blood. They wouldn’t have long to wait. Azrael (who defeated Chavis last week to give the Rejects the man advantage) entered. The Rejects tossed Chavis into the cage like a javelin. Chavis got great color. Lewis came out next, but in a nice touch of logic, Azrael held the door shut to keep him out of the cage. Never known as a high flier, Lewis scaled the cage and entered with a plancha off the top. Iceberg was next. He potatoed Lewis with a punch, chucked him into the cage, and took a fork to his forehead. Shatter’s entrance made a major impact. He tossed Tempers into the cage and he juiced. Then, Shatter hit a top rope fallaway slam on Azrael and gigged Iceberg with the barbed wire. Lewis used the fork on Tempers and licked it clean. The Elite had Rejects in a triple figure four when Tank made his return wearing a big grin on his face. He was back in his element. Wilson came in with him. Tank nailed Chavis with a chokebreaker. Meanwhile, Shatter was destroying Tempers ala Hernandez, with a powerbomb into the cage and then to the mat. Abomination announced his presence with a tree slam on Tempers and a powerslam on Iceberg. Bailey got in there as well, and it was THE MATCH BEYOND. Bailey stabbed Wilson with the veggie peeler and sawed on his forehead. Blood was pouring out of Wilson’s head. Bailey went for a dropkick. That was a sight. But Wilson hung Bailey out to dry and took a dagger to his forehead. Bailey was busted open. Dominous got involved. At some point, Azrael got tossed into cage and bit his tongue. He also had the barbed wire cutting his head and arm. Sick stuff. Iceberg went to the top rope and Bailey blinded him with the powder. Iceberg took unreal punishment for the rest of the match. Shatter brought Iceberg off the tope with an amazing superplex. Chavis put Berg through two tables with a top rope Spinesplitta and applied the Hillside Strangler, but he refused to tap. In the end, Shatter was digging a jagged shard of table into Iceberg’s throat. Iceberg was screaming bloody murder and was forced to tap out. This match made Shatter. He became the first man to make Iceberg tap out in Anarchy. He was already the first man to pin him. It wasn’t the bloodiest War Games they’ve done, but for danger and violence, it was near the top. As always, an incredible match.           NOTES: No word on Azrael’s condition as this time. He was the only competitor to suffer serious injury, which is pretty amazing in an of itself…NWA Anarchy returns the NWA Arena in Cornelia for their next television taping on 7/7 with Parham defending the Anarchy Heavyweight Title against Rockwell with No DQ and no count outs…GWP has a show the Waleska Ballfield on 6/30 with Shaun Tempers defending the GWP Title against Slim J in a 2 out of 3 falls match. Then, on 7/8 they have their big “Rage in the Cage” show featuring Demolition Ax…Chick Donovan is booked for 7/14…A. J. Styles put NWA Anarchy over strong during his appearance on the “Between the Ropes” radio show. He basically said it was the only NWA promotion that was worth a flip.     

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