NWA Anarchy TV Taping Results 2/2

After being forced to cancel their prior television taping due to inclimate weather, NWA Anarchy wrestling returned to the NWA Arena this past Saturday night for their international television taping and a sizeable house of over 200 fans. A momentary break from the action may be just what the doctor ordered for the Cornelia fanbase as they were as rabid as ever this past Saturday and deservedly so. It appeared a month away from their home ring sparked an extra fire of ambition in the wrestlers as they were going full tilt all night.

Anarchy owner Jerry Palmer addressed the fan base regarding the current happenings in the Church Of Rasslin’. He addressed the weather, teased returning to the Georgia Mountain Center in 08′, and reminded everyone that only a battle had been won in the war against the state athletic commission and that another meeting was on the horizon, so support was still needed for that movement.

Hour 1:

1) “Kool” Seth Delay defeated the debuting Frankie Valentine in around 8 minutes with The Delayed Reaction.

– Impressive technical debut by Valentine who’s been making waves as a cruiserweight to watch around the state. This was a fairly tightly contested back and forth contest with both grapplers matching each other hold for hold in the early going. This was also a great match-up for Delay, as his opponents physical attributes practically mirrored him, and pushed him to the limit for a bout with a guy in his weight class. Valentine scored a near fall with an impressive hurricanrana, but ultimately it was not enough. The more experienced Delay was smart enough to realize Valentine was a threat and had to take an extreme chance to ensure victory, but it definately paid off in the form of the absolutely breathtaking (and damn near suicidal) Delayed Reaction, which is actually a reverse 450 splash, where the momentum from the whip his enough of a ko to basically guarantee a victory. The flipside of that is if you miss, but luckily for Seth, he didn’t, and he picked up the 1,2,3.

– Jerry Palmer returned to the ring to give a warm welcome to the returning NWA Anarchy superman, Shadow Jackson.

Jackson appeared to a raucous standing room only ovation as the chant of “Sha-dow-mania” rang out in the arena. Shadow thanked all the fans for their cards, letters and support as he was forced to go under the knife after a parking lot assault at the hands of his former best friend and tag team partner Nemesis during Season’s Beatings 2008 caused a torn achilles tendon.

During this warm and fuzzy moment, “The Concrete Gorilla” Nemesis stormed to ringside with guaranteed plan to piss all over this parade and to “finish the job” perhaps by retiring Jackson permanently but luckily for Shadow, a man as loved as he is generally has a few good friends, and one of those happened to be “The Real” Slim J who tackled Nemesis off the apron and proceeded to go toe to toe with Nemesis until security broke up the exchange. Once Nemesis was escorted from the ringside area, Shadow thanked Slim for his help and advised that he’d be gone for a couple of months but as Shadow stated “if you can find time in your schedule……..whoop Nemesis’ ASS!!!”. Slim J obliged and the two were met with a hero’s reception as they left the ring.

2) “The Stray Cat” Brody Ray Chase defeated Melissa Coates by DQ in around 5 minutes when Don Matthews interfered.

– The story with this match really was at the end. The match had yet to really get incredibly aggressive, but when Coates po’d Chase and he was about to waylay her, “Merciless” Don Matthews hit the ring and attacked Chase for the DQ!!! Matthews was incredibly distraught over the fact that his “love interest” was about to be punched by Brody Chase. This caused more dissention within the Anger Alliance, but gave Melissa Coates a checkmark in the win column over an accomplished male veteran.

3) “The No Pain Train” Iceberg w/ The Reverend defeated The Regular Guys (Tyler & Bobby) in a handicapped match in around 3 minutes with the Ground Zero Splash.

– This was total annihilation. The Regular Guys have certainly faired ok against Iceberg in other encounters around the state but this wasn’t one of them. The 450 lbs beast got the jump on Tyler & Bobby before the bell and simply wiped the mat with them, ending the punishment with the infamous Ground Zero Splash.

– The Reverend took the mic from Greg Hunter and politely asked “No Pain Train, would you please remove the rotting carcasses from my ring?”. Wilson stated that when The Rejects went up to the secret coven over the solstice, they were foretold a prophecy…and that prophecy stated that The Devil’s Rejects would hold every championship in NWA Anarchy by the time the curtain closes on 2008 (well, 1/3rd of it has come true thus far). Next in line, he stated would be Iceberg by taking the Anarchy heavyweight championship away from Phil Shatter. He stated his main point though, was in regard to Patrick Bentley. He said Bentley can’t get his head together, and he’s disappointed him yet again, so to give him one last chance at redeeming himself he’s sent Bentley to the Singapore to learn from the ancient ones and the elders, the mastery of the asiatic spike and only if he can take responsibility for himself and master the tasks set before him, will he be allowed to return from exile. The Rev did mention that they hadn’t forgotten about Truitt Fields, it was part of the prophecy that his Television championship would soon belong to the Rejects and even though Patrick Bentley was gone for a while, there were plenty of Rejects to take his title.

4) The New Wave & Billy Buck defeated Talent & Money (JT Talent & Drew Pendleton)/The Hollywood Brunettes (“The Wizard Of Aaaaaaahs” Andrew Alexander & “Too Hot For TV” Kyle Matthews in around 12 minutes.

– Fast paced back and forth tag team action and outside of The Brunettes (who’ve been around a couple years now as a team and did take home Match Of The Year for 2007 in the Georgia Wrestling awards), my objective opinion of this match would be that it’s probably the single best match that Talent & Money, Buck & King, and The New Wave have ever been a part of. These guys were all busting behind to try and impresse someone and move up the ladder and you couldn’t help but get into the youthful exuberance and energy. The highlights included alot of buffoonery from T & M, great teamwork from Buck & King and The Brunettes, and an insane dive to the outside by Steven Walters. Everyone came out of this match better than they came in, win or lose…but it was The New Wave who hit the Unskinny Bop (Side Slam/Asai Moonsault combo) on Talent for the pinfall.

– After the match “The Wizard Of Ahhhhhs” Andrew Alexander complained on the mic that they were sick of being overlooked in NWA Anarchy and forced to compete against “bottom card” tag teams, when their rightful place was on top. “Don’t you know who we are?” he exclaimed. At this time the lights suddenly went black and the ominously familiar classical strains of “Carmena Buerana” thundered across the NWA Arena and the 6’8″ Mikal Judas made his entry into the battlefield. He quickly dispensed of Matthews, Talent & Money with a boot, and a pair of chokeslams.. Alexander offered to give up the mic in an effort to save his hide and at first it appeared to be successful, but as Alexander was attempting to escape Judas grabbed him by the shoulder, spun him around and delivered an El Crucifejo. Judas picked up the mic and demand that Dominous appear. He got what he requested, but when the lights flickered Dominous appeared and had Judas in the goozle. Judas pried his grip away and applied a goozle of his own, but before a chokeslam could be administered, the lights went out and Dominous disappeared again. Judas stated that in two weeks, this would end. It would appear that he’s challenged Dominous to a match.

5) “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis vs. “The Real” Slim J to determine who would face Phil Shatter in hour #2 for the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship never got underway as Nemesis proceeded to deliver a brutal assault on Slim J as he was making his way to the ring. The sneak attack beating was so severe that Slim was left unable to continue and Jeff Lewis was awarded the bout via forfeit. Nemesis was agained carted away by security and will probably be fined for that one. Was stepping up for his friend Shadow Jackson a wise move for Slim J after all?

Hour 2:

6) “The Technician” Todd Sexton defeated Adrian Hawkins in around 9 minutes by pinfall.

– This was a teacher vs. student encounter and Hawkins was up for the challenge. They traded holds early on but Sexton sent Hawkins soaring on the outside with some counter attack offense and young Adrian crashed and burned onto the hardwood floor. Sexton took control of the match at this point and tried put Hawkins away several times but he kept fighting. Sexton finally made a mistake and Hawkins took advantage to make his comeback, even hitting a huge bulldog off the top rope that would’ve done it, but Sexton’s veteran ringplacement allowed him to get a foot on the rope. Hawkins went for the Extreme Makeover, but Sexton countered and scored the pinfall victory. Problem. Hawkins foot was on the rope.Wes Grissom came out to try and influence the refs decision by explaining Hawkins quandry and at least get a restart, but the referee held his ground, at least until Sexton tried to jump Grissom from behind, but Grissom was wise to it and knocked “The Technician” off the ring apron. Sexton grabbed the mic and challenged Grissom to a 1 on 1 match at the next TV taping on 2-16-08

7) “The Untouchable” Jeremy Vain & Mr. Adonis defeated Jesse Emerson & Chip Day in around 4 minutes by pinfall with the VDT while on Day while Adonis locked in the claw on Emerson.

– Not much to this match. Day and Emerson fought hard but both are very inexperienced and were simply outclassed here by the effective combination of Mr. Adonis’s brute strength, and the cunning veteran prowess of Jeremy Vain. Vain interviewed himself after the match made it clear that they were not done with Jerry Palmer and he was gonna need a whole lot more than an axhandle or Sal Rinauro to fight his battles for him against Vain and Adonis

8) “The Big Deal” Sal Rinauro defeated 1/2 TNA’s Rock N Rave Infection, “The International Superstar” Jimmy Rave by pinfall with a 180 springboard roundhouse kick to the face in around 12 minutes.

– Rave was a veritable “one man hair band”, debuting his TNA “rockstar” look complete with a guitar hero controller and a “Good Evening Atlanta!”. Lance Hoyt & Christy Hemme didn’t come along for the ride. This was a battle of two men who know each other extremely well, and who were previously known as good friends outside the ring. Word from Sal is that Jimmy got a case of the ego once he got to TNA and won’t return Sal’s phone calls. Honestly, Rave’s demeanor hasn’t changed that much in recent years. He’ll gladly let you know he’s full of himself, and Sal doesn’t exactly lack confidence but his recent efforts towards abiding by the rules would perhaps say that he’s trying to turn over a new leaf and the fans seem to approve wholeheartedly. Perhaps Rave feels Sal is betraying him by trying to do the right thing? Regardless it made for a great matchup and Rave pulled out all the stops including the Disco 2000, but Rinauro kicked out. Sal also hit an incredible dive to the outside. He could never nail the running knee, and Sal was able to counter his efforts with an incredible springboard kick to the face that knocked Rave’s lights out and allowed Sal to get the pin.

9) Awesome Attraction (“Awesome” Austin Creed & “The Attraction” Hayden Young) defeated NWA Anarchy Tag Team Champions: The Devil’s Rejects: (“The Sleeper Cell” Shaun Tempers & “The Son Of Satan” Azrael) w/ The Reverend by DQ when Iceberg interfered.

– These two teams rivalry has picked up steam over recent months, and it’s almost turned to hatred upon The Rejects taking the titles from The Awesome Attraction at Season’s Beating’s 2007. The match started out with Azrael and Austin Creed and it was all business in the ring as Creed worked on “The Son Of Satan”s arm. Quick teamwork by the former longest reigning Anarchy tag champions of all time led Awesome Attraction to control the early going of the match and Hayden Young cleaned house after a blind tag that led to the Rejects needing to regroup on the outside. The Rejects took control when Tempers used Young’s trunks to leverage his head into the awaiting knee of Azrael in the corner. Tempers and Azrael beat Young to a pulp using their typical illegal tactics. Young suffered a vicious neckbreaker from Tempers and several sick kicks to the head from Azrael. When Young hit a flying headscissors out of nowhere on Tempers both men went down, and Young was able to finally get the tag into Creed who fired away. During this time things got out of control and an illegal Tempers sent Creed to the outside and went for a baseball slide but Creed sidestepped him and gave the champions a double noggin knocker as Azrael’s sneak attack was also thwarted.. This set up perfectly for Hayden Young to fly as he hit an incredible corkscrew moonsault dive onto the champions. Hayden recovered first and tossed Azrael in the ring who was the legal man to the waiting fists of Creed who hit The Montefisto, followed by Hayden Young’s Flying Squirell, with Creed (also the legal man) making the cover. It looked as if the Attraction would two time Anarchy tag team champions for sure, until the pin was broken up, by ICEBERG!!! A 3 on 2 beatdown commenced as referee Ken Wallace called for the DQ when Anarchy TV Champion Truitt Fields hit the ring for the save! He shoulderblocked the 450 pound Iceberg right out of the ring and helped Awesome Attraction recover and dump the champions. A clear line in the sand was drawn between the 6 men, and since it has been announced that on 2-16-08 it will be a 6 man tag with Fields & The Awesome Attraction taking on all 3 Devil’s Rejects (Azrael, Tempers, Iceberg)!

10) “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter defeated “The Feature Presentation” Jeff Lewis by pinfall after the PTSD in around 14 minutes to retain the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Championship.

– The last time Jeff Lewis met Phil Shatter he was simply outmatched. Phil Shatter may be the most amazing specimen we’ve ever seen in the NWA Arena and that covers alot of ground. He’s in perfect shape. He’s been to war, literally as a member of the United States Marine Corp. He’s got excellent cardiovascular conditioning although he rarely has to put it to the test. He’s got more power than you could ever imagine, and he’s got the evil genious of General Jeff G. Bailey delivering orders and strategy from the front lines. Jeff Lewis has miles upon miles of experience over Shatter, and I think the result of their prior contest was a case of Lewis underestimating a more inexperienced fighter. Lewis found out first hand just what a beast Phil Shatter is and refused to make the same mistake this time. Lewis gave it all he had. He didn’t underestimate Shatter. He didn’t get too cocky. He fought his heart out. During a crucial point in the contest, Bailey had the ref, and Shatter attempted to KO Lewis with the title belt, but Lewis took the belt away from the champion. He went for the PTSD but Lewis conked him on the head. If Lewis had just made the cover, he’d have walked away champion but he just couldn’t resist the urge to give his former employer some overdue payback, so he went over and punched Bailey in the face. This freed the ref to make the count, but Shatter had recovered enough to kick out at the absolute last second. Lewis took the champion to the corner and gave him 10 big ole fat knuckle sandwiches, but Shatter being the bionic killing machine that he is was able to absorb the blows and capitalize on the one mistake Lewis made the whole match….putting himself in a position to be powerbombed. Shatter snatched Lewis into his clutches and brought him down from the turnbuckle right on his head. PTSD=123. Great bout.

– Shatter and Bailey commenced with the post match celebration but they soon found out that there are “certain things in life that can’t be stopped” as the familar music of the returning “Seven Figure Deal” Ace Rockwell played over the wrestlevision. Rockwell had taken several months off to let torn ligaments in his knee finally heal properly. He was NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion when the injury occured and he fought through the injury as long as he could, but it was ultimately Shatter who capitalized on a less than 100% Rockwell to take the Anarchy Heavyweight Championship. Rockwell competed once against doctors orders after the title loss in an unsanctioned texas tornado street fight against The Devil’s Rejects, but other than that has been on the shelf for over 4 months. He proceeded to face off with Shatter & Bailey, reminding them that he never got his rematch and letting everyone know he wanted the gold back before bidding them goodnight.

– Notes: Due to the snowstorm, Anarchy TV aired recap episodes featuring the NWA Anarchy Heavyweight Champion: “The Universal Soldier” Phil Shatter and the hunt for his gold, as well as a special Devil’s Rejects edition of NWA Anarchy. The episodes were guest hosted by Jeff G. Bailey and “The Reverend” Dan Wilson respectively and also featured an indepth two part exclusive interview with Shadow Jackson discussing his road to recovery, what the UAS meant to him, and his true feelings on Nemesis. You can catch Anarchy TV for FREE every week at www.thesuperstation.tv. Don’t forget you can see the stars of Anarchy all over the state of Georgia. Every friday night in Royston, GA catch APW featuring Jeremy Vain, Truitt Fields, Azrael, King & Buck, Talent & Money and more! On 2-9-08 in Lafayette, GA for GWP catch, Iceberg, Shaun Tempers, The Rev, The Hollywood Brunettes, Jeff G. Bailey, Slim J, Talent & Money, plus David Young & “The Wild Eyed Southern Boy” Tracy Smothers. Also on Sunday 2/10 for SECW in Villa Rica, GA catch Kyle Matthews, Adrian Hawkins, and Sal Rinauro!

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