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Colt Cabana versus Adam Pearce

Seven Levels of Hate

For the NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship

Stage One: May 13, 2012 – NWA Hollywood – Glendale, CA

–Colt Cabana beat Adam Pearce Sunday night at the NWA Hollywood TV tapings in Glendale, CA in a first blood match in the first of their best of seven matches series for the NWA heavyweight title.  Match No. 2 takes place on 6/8 in Bridgewater, MA for New England Championship Wrestling in a Boston street fight.  Match No. 3 will be 7/7 in Hopkins, MN for Steel Domain Wrestling (where both wrestlers worked early in their careers) in an I quit match.

Stage Two: June 8, 2012 – New England Championship Wrestling – Bridgewater, MA

–The NWA World’s Heavyweight Championship was on the line as Colt Cabana (Champion) faced “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce (Challenger) in a Boston Street Fight. It was clear early on that the ring would not be able to contain this war as the action spilled to the outside and all over the Knights of Columbus. No chair, table, or wall was safe as these two warriors battled to every corner of the building. In the end, a bloodied Pearce fell victim to Cabana’s Billy Goat’s Curse submission hold, and despite not submitting, passed out from the pain and the blood loss, giving Cabana another victory and a 2-0 lead in the best of seven series.

Stage Three: July 7, 2012 – Steel Domain Wrestling – Hopkins, MN

Colt Cabana and “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce went to war in a brutal “I Quit” match for Stage Three of “Seven Levels of Hate” on July 7 in Hopkins, MN for Steel Domain Wrestling.  Cabana and Pearce will meet in Stage Four, a 2-out-of-3 Falls Match, on July 21 in Kansas City, KS for Metro Pro Wrestling. Cabana now leads the series 3-0; if Pearce loses Stage Four, he will lose the series and leave the NWA forever.

Highlight package for Stage Three of ‘Seven Levels of Hate’ was an I Quit Match, and took place this past Saturday (July 7) in Hopkins, MN.  Stage Four is in 2 weeks on July 21 in Kansas City, KS, a 2-out-of-3 Falls match.


Stage Four: July 21, 2012 – Metro Pro Wrestling – Kansas City, KS

KANSAS CITY, Kansas — July 23, 2012 — Less than forty-eight hours after defeating Colt “Boom Boom” Cabana to become a five-time NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce has already come to realize that he’s still only one loss away from his storied NWA career coming to an end.  “One win at a time,” said a newly crowned Pearce with a smirk on his face. “I got one on Saturday to stave off elimination, and it feels great, but my work is nowhere near complete.”

Pearce was visibly emotional after getting his hand raised in Kansas City.  “I was prepared emotionally win or lose. I knew it was either win or go home. I had one last swing when it counted, and whether you like it or not, I hit it out of the park.”  Cabana understandably had a different take.  “It doesn’t surprise me in the least,” the former two-time champ said. “You don’t become World’s Champion without ability and it took him four matches but he got one and that’s okay.  I would have been surprised if he didn’t.  That said, it’s still my series and Stage Five is right around the corner.  He can celebrate (last weekend), but come tomorrow its back to work because his days are still numbered. I know it, the fans know it, and deep inside, Adam Pearce knows it.”

Indeed “Seven Levels of Hate” will continue, now with Pearce as the champion but still at a huge 3-1 disadvantage in the series.  With the five-time champion still only one loss away from a forced exile from the NWA, you would think the “Scrap Daddy” would be cautious.  Not so says Pearce.  “Call whatever you want. Call it inevitable, call it a foregone conclusion, call it a matter of time.  It doesn’t matter one bit to me.  I set out to beat Cabana and now I know what that tastes like.  And I like it a whole lot more than I thought I would.  I welcome Stage Five with a smile on my face and when I beat (Cabana) in Boston they’ll say ‘he will get it done in six’.  And then I’ll win in Oregon.  And once that is done we’ll come home to Los Angeles where it all began and I’ll bury him.  Tell me, what will “Boom Boom” and the experts say then?”

“Seven Levels of Hate” continues on Saturday, August 18 in Bridgewater, Massachusetts for New England Championship Wrestling.  NECW hosted Stage Two (highlights viewable at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8pDJtwrs5MA) and saw Cabana and Pearce wage war in a brutal Boston Street Fight.  On August 18 the two men return with their roles reversed, but rest assured that the carnage will certainly be at an entirely new level as they will do battle once more in a DOG COLLAR MATCH!  Can Cabana take the title back and Pearce’s career in one fell swoop all the while chained to the man that called for blood to begin with?

Stage Five (if necessary): August 18, Boston, MA

Stages Six and Seven, if they become necessary, will be announced as scheduled.

Ticket information, stipulation details, and more will be released as it becomes available.

“The National Wrestling Alliance is the oldest sanctioning and governing body in professional wrestling. The NWA World Title has the most storied history in the sport dating back to the 1900’s. follow the history and Tradition of the most prestigious world title in wrestling from it’s creation to the modern era of the NWA today. Learn of the great athletes who held the title, also the ones many say should never have held it, to the ones fighting to keep the heritage alive. The NWA World Title has had it’s highs and lows but it’s importance has never been tarnishied. Too many the NWA World Title represents a legacy that will never die. Does it still mean anything? Find out in History & Tradition: The Story of the National Wrestling Alliance.”

To order the documentary, visit www.highspots.com

NWA World Titles

NWA World Heavyweight Champion: Adam Pearce

Defeated Colt Cabana in Kansas City on July 21, 2012

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion:  Kevin Douglas

Determined on 10-7-11 in 8 Man Tournament in Charlotte, NC

NWA World Tag Team Champions: Dark City Fight Club (Kory Chavis & Jon Davis)

Defeated: Usual Suspects (Murder 1 & AJ Steele) in Warner Robins, GA on 5-29-11

NWA World Womens Champion:   Tasha Simone

Defeated Tiffany Roxx on December 25, 2011 in Lebanon, TN

NWA World Minis Champion:  Octagoncito

Defeated El Espanito on September 20, 2009 in Watsonville, CA to become first champ.

NWA North American Titles (United States & Canada)

NWA North American Heavyweight Champion:  Shaun Tempers

Defeated Ace Rockwell in Tournament final on 6-25-11 in Cornelia, GA

NWA North American Tag Team Champions:  Rochester Wrescking Crew

Rochester Wrecking Crew def Colin Delaney and Jimmy Olson on Dec 3, 2011

Team Mega vacated titles,  Nov 30, 2011

NWA National Titles (United States)

NWA National Heavyweight Champion: Tokyo Monster Kahagas

Tokyo Monster Kahagas def Chance Prophet in Ft Lauderdale on 3-29-12


Multimedia section at www.nwawildside.com.

NWA Wildside featured stars like Current TNA Heavyweight Champion, “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles (TNA/WCW), Ron Killings (WWE/TNA), Abyss (Justice) (TNA), Jimmy Rave (TNA), Amazing Red (TNA), Tony Mamaluke (WWE/WCW/TNA), Air Paris (WCW), Hotstuff Hernandez (TNA), David Young (TNA), Kenn Phoenix (Kenn Doane/Dykstra) (WWE), Luke Hawx (Altar Boy Luke) (WSX), Matt Sydal (Evan Bourne) (WWE), Delirious (ROH), Mike Posey (WWE/TNA), “The Original Gangsta” New Jack (ECW/TNA) and many more.  NWA Wildside served a development promotion for WCW and featured stars like The Beast (Bob Sapp), David Flair, Tank Abbott, Shannon Moore, Shane Helms, Mark Jindrak, Sean O’Haire, Elix Skipper, Jimmy Yang and many more.  Wrestling legends like Dusty Rhodes, Dory Funk, Jr., Terry Taylor, Larry Zbsyzko, James E Cornette, The Rock & Roll Express (Ricky & Robert), Abdullah The Butcher, and many more all appeared on NWA Wildside TV.

This week … a VERY special episode of IN THE ROOM on WEXP 1600 AM Philly and www.thebradyhicks.com, as Brady Hicks welcomes TNA stars AJ Styles (for the second time) and Crimson IN THE ROOM to talk all about the progress TNA has been making, as well as to hype up their appearances at Lockdown this past Sunday night in Nashville. In addition, Brady, Derrick, and Mr. Akbaz talk lots of Brock Lesnar, TNA Lockdown, WWE bringing up young stars to Smackdown, and so much more. Special thanks to TNA for allowing its talent to once again step IN THE ROOM … and to AJ and Crimson for being candid and outspoken. And thank you to the listeners … as always … for the support!







NWA Rampage Pro Wrestling presented “Renaissance”, their first event under Murder One (creative) and Ben Masters (promotion), the duo replacing Jimmy Rave at the helm.

Owner Dr. Johnny Gayton pulled the trigger on replacing Rave as booker after the July 22 taping. Some of those familiar with the situation believe that Rave sealed his fate by opting not to be present at the July 22 taping, however legitimate his reasons may have been. Others take the view that the die was already caset, because the winds of change were blowing prior to July 22.

Whatever the deal was with Rave’s situation, by almost any measure, this show was a success for Murder and Masters. They immediately had their work cut out for them, because this was the “go home” show for Sizzling Summer Bash. It was a more angle-driven presentation, with more talking and less emphasis on the wrestling. The notoriously blasé RPW fans actually woke up a bit. The crowd was up from recent tapings (115) and the heat was better, though that aspect still has a long way to go. As TV tapings go, this appeared to run quite smoothly.

The new announce team of Dan Masters and Bill Behrens taped the opening from ringside. The crowd wasn’t used to this and it showed. Dan replaced Ben as co-commentator.

Ben replaced Miss Alllie as the ring announcer. For whatever reasons, the angles RPW started with Allie never went anywhere. I will say this: any wrestling promotion that can’t or won’t incorporate a female presence is missing the boat.

(1) CB Gibson defeated Leon McMichaels in 8:10. The fans heartily approved of referee Dustin Robinson’s new buzz cut. McMichaels could use a Rick Michaels do over of his gear. Orange vinyl pants falling off one’s ass is not a flattering look. Leon engaged in playful banter with fans. Wrestlers at McMichaels’ level would be better served developing that elusive larger than life quality. Match was was babyface vs. babyface with the crowd not strongly behind either wrestler. Gibson’s offense looked good. McMichaels got a close near fall with a springboard roundhouse kick. Gibson got the pin with a rolling prawn hold.

Ben introduced Doc Gayton, wearing a snazzy suit befitting a world renowned eye surgeon. Gayton said last time he got carried out after Murder One’s piledriver onto a steel chair, but it was J Rod’s fault. Doc said the NWA had barred him from wrestling, but things had changed in the NWA, and he was putting himself in a match with AJ Steele as his partner vs. Murder 1 & J-Rod at Sizzling Summer Bash on August 26.

That brought J Rod out. J Rod said Doc made a lot of money off him and he wasn’t doing the work no more. J Rod demanded that Doc let him out of his contract. J Rod is holding to the delusional belief that “New York” will give him more money.

Doc introduced a new twist to the story — he would let J Rod out of the contract, IF J Rod paid back the money he owed.

J Rod said he didn’t know what Doc was talking about, and threatened to leave pieces of Doc’s old goat carcass all the way to New York, where he would be making the BIG MONEY. Doc said no way that was happening. J Rod punched Doc. Murder One intervened and reminded J Rod that this was not the plan.

Doc made J Rod an offer he couldn’t refuse — if he won the match at the Bash, Doc would let him out of the contract, but if he got pinned, he would have to stay, and if Murder got pinned, his former partner AJ Steele could have Murder in any type of match he desired.

(2) Murder One defeated Chris Jacobs in 7:38. Cop meets cop hater. Jacobs missed as spear and fell to the floor. M1 beat his ass. A Jacobs dropkick got the first solid pop for a wrestling move. The crowd got behind Jacobs, but M1 had a cheering section as well. Jacobs got a near fall with an Olympic slam, but M1 dodged Jacobs’ finisher, the Mr. Wrestling II kneelift, and smoked him with the Ether. M1 could have pinned Jacobs right there, but he sent a message with a piledriver for the 1-2-3.

J-Rod ran out with a taser and a bottle of water. He handed the taser to Murder, then doused Jacobs with a bottle of water, but before Murder could do the deed, Doc Gayton and Micah Taylor made the save.

Next up was the first installment of the Gospel According to Rob Adonis – the truth according to Rob, so help him God. Adonis introduced Charlie Cash (with Bobby Moore) as the boss of the Cash Vault and his best friend. Adonis maintained that after today, Cash Vault would possess all of the titles in RPW. They already had the tag titles, Judge had a shot at the TV title and Moore had a shot at the heavyweight title. Cash said after that, he might change the sing out front from Johnny G’s to Charlie C’s. Kyle Matthews entered the ring. He said that what Cash never did for him, he did for himself by becoming the RPW Heavyweight Champion. Cash said Matthews owed him the title belt for making him a tag team champion (along with Frankie Valentine). Cash told Kyle he still loved him, so he was going to give him a rematch at Sizzling Summer Bash after he lost to Moore, but if Matthews was able to defeat Moore, he would accept a match against any member of Cash Vault at the Bash. Matthews signed the contract.

Dan Masters did a ringside hype segment for Sizzlin Summer Bash. Dan has burned many bridges, but he as a ring announcer and ringside/backstage interviewer the man is gold.

(3) “Adorable” Anthony Andrews (with “Marvelous” Michaels Stevens) defeated the debuting Steven Stiles. When his acrobatic offense wasn’t getting the desired reaction, Stiles yelled “C’mon!” which comes across as a desperation move. Stiles fell for distraction by Stevens. On the comeback trail, a Stiles dropkick sent Andrews rolling into the waiting arms of Stevens. Andrews caught Stiles with a messy looking hotshot and won it with a short powerbomb.

Afterward, a mystery man (CJ Awesome) came to ringside and handed an envelope filled with something smelly to Stevens. The BFF’s puzzled over the contents.

(4) The Judge (with Charlie Cash) defeated RPW TV Champion Mike Posey via count out in 5:33. This was heel vs. heel. Posey was giving away a lot of size, and Judge was giving the champion fits with his strength and power advantage. Judge hoisted Posey into a vertical suplex position and heaved him over the top rope, and Posey took the count out to retain his title.

Afterward, Posey sprinted from the back like he had seen a ghost and ran out the front entrance. Bent (the twisted alter ego of Patrick Bentley, who Posey and company screwed out being their partner in Rave Approved) emerged through the curtain in search of the TV champion. Call me crazy, but the Bent character does nothing for me.

Ben announced the new ticket pricing policy – $10 first row, $8 general admission, folks with church bulletin $1 off. Bens said Drew Adler and Steven Stiles would be signing autographs after the show. The promise of an autograph from Stiles was enough to take my breath away.

Dan and Behrens taped a ringside open for week #2 of TV. The crowd was livelier than they were for the first hour open.

(5) Drew Adler pinned Tommy Daniels with the Drew Drop in 5 minutes.

At ringside, Ben Masters welcomed Micah Taylor. Taylor reminded the fans that he was more than a one-time heavyweight champion and he was excited to threw his name in the hat for the number one contender’s match vs. Johnny Swinger at Sizzling Summer Bash. These fans didn’t seem to remember Swinger, who wrestling for RPW in the early days of the promotion (2008-2009).

Ben called J Rod out to the ring to talk about what is being billed as the Double Jeopardy match at the Bash. J Rod was accompanied by Murder One. Now these dudes get heat. J Rod gave Ben a ridiculously difficult time, At one point, he ordered Ben to lie down in the ring, which Ben refused to do. The fans tried to shut J Rod down with “boring” chant. J Rod said the only thing boring is your lack of a dental plan while you wait for Obama to solve your problems. J Rod said old eye surgeons don’t make good wrestlers, and continued to push the envelope with Ben. Murder told Ben he was a big fan of his work in Tropic Thunder. “If if was a 5th we’d all be drunk,” Murder said. Murder also said Steele would history after August 26. J Rod said he would be history too. “I hit the gym, I hit the tan, and these lucky ladies, I hit them too.” This segment had the edge of danger that was everything that pro wrestling should be, and these days, usually isn’t. J Rod is such a delusional dick that he’s even better as heel than as a face.

They taped a ringside segment with Dan hyping Sizzling Summer Bash and Taylor vs. Swinger.

(6) Hot Like Lava (Cru Jones & Shaun Banks) defeated Corey Hollis & Chip Day to become the number one contenders for the RPW Tag Team Championship in 12:56. Moore laid Day out in the entrance way before the bell, so Hollis had to go it alone, and he took a severe beating. Banks gave Hollis a taste of his own medicine with a wicked back elbow. Hollis has been a Rave Approved heel so the fans had sympathy for him no matter how much abuse he took. When he kicked out of the Lava Drop, Jones said Hollis was on steroids. Hollis made a tremendous comeback and almost had Banks choked out, but in the end, he was pinned by Banks after a double team strangle slam.

The crowd was pretty dead during the match, but I guess it dawned on them that Hollis had given one hell of an effort, because they applauded him afterward.

(7) Kyle Matthews defeated Bobby Moore (with Charlie Cash) via submission in 12:53. Moore had to endure the “Barney” chants but nothing compared to the heat he gets at NWA Anarchy. Matthews worked on Moore’s leg, using a figure four and a variation on the Indian deathlock. Matthews got strong fan support once Moore took over. The story down the stretch was that each guy had the other’s guy big moves scouted. Matthews went for the Hidaka lock, but Moore came back with a Boston crab and speared Matthews clean out of the ring. Moore said it was over, so of course, it wasn’t. Matthews went for the slurpee kick. Moore ducked and it caught referee Robinson flush.Moore hit his running kick and second ref Dee Byers slid in to make the count, but Matthews kicked out. Moore loaded his elbow pad, but Matthew tied him up on the Hidaka lock. Good match.

Gayton said he was sick of J Rod’s garbage and ordered a match vs. Taylor, which will NOT air on television.

(8) Dark match – Micah Taylor (with Doc Gayton) defeated J Rod in 2 minutes. Micah owned J Rod, who was still in his street clothes. J Rod tried to escape but Doc threw him back in. J Rod missed a mad charge into the corner and Micah rolled him up.

NOTES: Tracy Taylor and former Georgia referee of the year Jeff McGowan and Jonathan Williams from the Georgia Wrestling Now radio show were attendance…The elimination of Day from the tag match was a necessity. Day could barely walk, much less wrestle, due a hyperextension injury suffered in his PCW match on August 4. Day said he would be ready to go for the August 18 PXW show in Charlotte where he and Hollis defend the tag titles vs. Grizzly Redwood & Jake Manning …Behrens is no longer formatting the television show as was the case when Rave was the booker…Jeremy Vain was Matthews’ scheduled opponent in the main event. He canceled due to a family obligations…Zane Riley would like to continue as a member of Cash Vault but it may not be practical due to the travel time (8 hours each way).



NWA ProSouth Wrestling

627 Southern Avenue

Piedmont, AL 36272

Tickets are $6 and free for children under 5. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information, call (256) 447-3825.

NWA ProSouth Heavyweight Champion: Ace Haven

NWA ProSouth All-Out Champion: D2daC

NWA ProSouth Tag Team Champions:  vacant

NWA ProSouth Wrestling was in Piedmont, AL on August 10th. Results: Stupid (w/Tweety) defeated Crash Test Dummy. D2daC defeated Dakota Outlaw after the attempted interference from Daniel Alexander backfired. Daniel Alexander defeated Chris Ganz. Tyler Gage defeated Brandon Collum by DQ after Big Tomb attacked Gage. Jed Johnson made the save, setting up an impromptu match. N-Justice (Big Tomb & Brandon Collum) defeated Jed Johnson & Tyler Gage. After the match, Tomb & Collum attacked Johnson & Gage until D2daC made the save. Daniel Alexander then ran out and attacked D2daC.

NWA ProSouth Wrestling will be at the PSW Arena in Piedmont, AL on August 17th. Advertised: Jed Johnson & Ace Haven (w/Amy Haven) vs. Brandon Collum & Big Tomb n a NWA PSW Tag Team championship tournament semi-final match. Lamar Phillips & Stupid (w/Tweety) vs. De La Vega & Vandal in a NWA PSW Tag Team championship tournament semi-final match. Najasism vs. Crash Test Dummy. Tickets are $7 and free for children under 4. Doors open at 6:00 and bell time is at 7:00. For more information call (256)447-3825.


Watch NWA APW AFTERSHOCK at: http://www.youtube.com/alternativepro





Eli Evans def. Scott Mayson by pinfall in 5:38

Wade Adams def. Mystic Storm by pinfall in 5:21

The NWA North Georgia Champion “King” Seth Delay came out, stating that after his victory over the former North Ga Champ James Blvd, that he was the true King. Then he called out Blvd, he came out sporting, a shiny tray, water, and wine glass. Much like Skirra Corvus had to do for him. Then after he came to ringside, Delay said he was ready for his opponent. Enter Kevin Blue, when he came to the ring, Delay then said that because he owned the contract of Blvd, that he should wrestle the match for him. Much to his dismay, Blvd entered the ring. Then Delay had even more disturbing news for Blvd, that this match was a triple-threat match, then the third opponent came out, The Wildcat Gavin Cross.

James Blvd def. Kevin Blue and Gavin Cross by pinfall in 5:52

(Due to the interference of Anthony Henry.) Post Match-Henry comes to the ring and says that he wants another shot at Stryknyns’ Southern States Title. But in order to do that, he had to be the #1 Contender, and therefore, he had to be the NWA North Ga Champ, and he challenged Delay to a match with his title on the line later on in the evening. Delay accepted.

Jamie Cruz def. Jacoby Boykins by pinfall in 4:53

(Cruz wins with a very unsuspecting roll up, Boykins was irate!.)

Ballenger def. Josh Powers by pinfall in 6:46

The Sin City Saint Brandon Parker and Yasir Akbar came out for an appearance for the first time, since their loss at Freedom Fight 2012. Akbar stated that Shadow Jackson had to get an old, washed up Ricky Morton to help him, and that their victory was a fluke. Both of them challenged Shadow to a match, and any partner of his choosing. Shadow Jackson came out with a still farely new face in APW, but a promising talent in Kameron Kade. The crowd was well pleased with this.

Yasir Akbar and Brandon Parker def. Shadow Jackson and Kameron Kade in 11:44

(Towards the end of the match, Jackson went to tag Kade, who much to the surprise of the crowd, jumped down off the apron and refused the tag, costing them the match, when Parker and Akbar finished off Jackson. Post match, Kade reenters the ring to pick up Jackson, as Jackson gets to his feet, Kade hits him with a blatant low blow. He exits the ring, to the sound of the crowd voicing their unpleasant opinion of his actions.)

NWA North Ga Championship

(c) Seth Delay def. Anthony Henry by pinfall in 17:40

(A very good, technically sound wrestling match, with alot of close calls.)


The Championship Wrestling Alliance, based in the Tri-Cities area of Northeast TN, has presented top quality wrestling events for the last 7 years. Their television show, Championship Wrestling TV has aired consecutively in their home market for over 6 years. The show’s current timeslot is at Noon on Saturdays on Tri-Cities CW 4. The show is posted online at ChampionshipWrestlingTV.com every week and has been available in the past in national syndication via AMG-TV.

NWA Smoky Mountain returns to the Kingsport Civic Auditorium with “Tradition Rises” on Saturday, September 1, 2012… The chaotic circumstances at the closing of our last event in Kingsport, TN left fans and those inside the sport shocked… But in the true spirit of the National Wrestling Alliance, no matter what the odds, Tradition Rises! We will prove that with another top notch card for the fans of the Mountain Empire… Bell time is 8:00 PM

The Main Event for this event will be “The Real Deal” Chase Owens vs. former TNA & ROH star, Jimmy Rave… After failing in his bid to become NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, thanks to Davey Richards & Team Ambition; Chase Owens is on a hunt to get back into title contention. Owens made a challenge to any former NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion… That challenge was accepted by Jimmy Rave. This is the 1st ever meeting between two talented competitors.

Here is the card so far:

***Main Event***

1st Time Ever Match

“The Real Deal” Chase Owens vs. Former TNA & ROH Star, Jimmy Rave

NWA Tennessee Tag Team Title Rematch

Champions, The Illuminati (Tony Givens & Chris Richards) vs. The Party Army (Jeff Connelly & Keith Knox)

— If The Illuminati are Disqualified, the Party Army will win the titles.

Plus – Much More to be Announced featuring:

NWA Mountain Empire Champion, Sigmon

PWF TV Champion, Johnny Knieval

“The Xcception” Josh Crawford

“The Cold” Alyx Winters

& More!

*Card Subject to Change*

Doors Open at 7:15 PM

Ticket Info

Tickets are $12 Front Row ($10 in Advance); $10 General Admission

Tickets are $2 off when you buy in Advance at:

EverMore Comics & Games

New Location at the Green Acres Shopping Center

1167 N Eastman Rd

Kingsport, TN 37664

NWA Smoky Mountain’s Fire on the Mountain DVD

One of NWA Smoky Mountain’s Greatest Events EVER is now on DVD… Don’t miss a second of the action as NWA Smoky Mountain Champion, Jason “The Gift” Kincaid battles former ROH World Heavyweight Champion, Davey Richards… Then in the 2nd half of the Double Main Event, The NWA World Junior Heavyweight Champion, Kevin Douglas comes to Kingsport to defend against NWA Smoky Mountain’s Own, Chase Owens… Plus much more featuring stars from around the region.

NWA World Junior Heavyweight Title Match

Chase Owens vs. Kevin Douglas (c)

NWA Smoky Mountain Title Match

Jason Kincaid (c) vs. Davey Richards

Zac Vincent vs. Tony Kozina

NWA Tennessee Tag Team Title Match

Tony Givens & Chris Richards (c) vs. Jeff Connelly & Keith Knox

Shawn Shultz vs. Shane Andrews

Contenders Ring Match

Cody Ices vs. Alyx Winters

4 Way Match for the PWF Television Title

Mountain Goat Jack (c) vs. Matt Conard vs. Johnny Knieval vs. Cody Blade

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