NWA Super-Brawl Weekend Results

National Wrestling Superstars’ fans know a good thing when they see it… that is why not even the stormy weather on Friday night February 1st could keep the fans away, as nearly 300 packed the Middletown, NJ VFW Hall for NWS’ “Super-Brawl Bowl Weekend” show and their first Bayshore area appearance of 2008.

(1) In a Fatal-Four Way Elimination Match, Chris Steeler emerged the winner against Jumping Joey Janella, Corey Kastle, and Dan Rageous (both returning to NWS action after a long absence).

Former ECW stars “Dastardly” Danny Doring & Julio Dinero & Miss Michelle came to the ring and berated referee Mike “Quick Count” Dillon and the MIddletown fans. The former WCW star “Taskmaster” Kevin Sullivan made an unexpected appearance, adding a few comments and then leaving the ringside area just as mysteriously.

(2) Michael Reigns defeated J.T. Highlander. Reigns, making his first NWS appearance in nearly 9 months and Highlander went back and forth with each coming close to a victory on several occasions.

(3) Rhett Titus & Mikey Pacifica defeated the “Team of Champions” NWS Cruiserweight Champion J.D. Smoothie & NWS Jersey Shore Champion Nicky Oceans. After the match, Smoothie and Oceans attacked Titus and Pacifica, injuring Titus’ knee and Pacifica’s ribs. Oceans then told Titus “see you tomorrow in Edison”.

(4) NWS New Jersey Heavyweight Champion Vicious Vinny retained his title against Corey Havoc (accompanied by Danny Doring & Julio Dinero & Miss Michelle). Commissioner Moore ejected Doring and Dinero from ringside, but allowed Miss MIchelle to stay as she had a valid manager’s license. After Vinny won the match, Miss Michelle confronted Vinny and slapped him. Before Vinny could retaliate, Doring and Dinero attacked Vinny, but were driven off by the ECW Zombie, Giant Silva, and WWE hall of famer George “The Animal” Steele running in from the back; Zombie & Silva would be facing Dinero & Doring in the main event.

(5) In a bonus bout, one-time ECW brawler The Equalizer (accompanied by his “spiritual guide” Kevin Sullivan) won by countout over Ronin, after pounding him from corner to corner and then tossing him over the top rope to the floor where he lay unconscious and was counted out. Equalizer also attacked referee Sargeant Jimmy Storm who came out to help Ronin to the back.

(6) “Outlaw” Shane O’Brien defeated luchador Antonio Malave in a match that had the fans on their feet for the entire bout. O’Brien got off to a quick start but was quickly caught off guard by the speedy Malave. After nearly 9 minutes of non-stop action, O’Brien scored the pinfall.

(7) In the main event, one-time WWE star Giant Silva & the ECW Zombie (with George “The Animal” Steele) defeated Danny Doring & Julio Dinero (with Miss Michelle). After a strength vs. strength battle with Silva proved hopeless (Dinero had to climb to the second rope just to reach Silva’s hand in a test of strength), Doring & Dinero were able to keep Silva at bay with drop kicks to his knees, and double-teamed Zombie for several minutes. Silva got tagged back in and cleaned house, and this time not even drop kicks could stop him as he chokeslammed & pinned Dinero for the victory.

NWS returns to action Saturday night February 2nd at the St. Matthews School Gym in Edison, NJ, and then February 9th at the Bloomfield High School Gym in Bloomfield, NJ.

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