NWA Upstate February Fallout Results

NWA Upstate returned to action with Saturday February 23rd for February Fallout ’08 and the show was filled was lots of great wrestling action and many expected surprises, highlighted by the crowning of a new champion.

Nick Ando defeated The Dustytaker
The Deadman Reffin’ saw action in the preshow against the newest student to come out of NWA Upstate’s Kayfabe Dojo in Nick Ando. The Dustytaker used his size and strength to overpower the newcomer in the opening minutes. But just when it seemed DT had victory well in hand, The Blue Dewey came out and distracted Dustytaker and Ando took advantage rolling up Dustytaker for the pin and the upset victory. This was Dustytaker’s first loss in Upstate and suffice to say the loss didn’t sit well as he chokeslammed Ando after the match. But then The Blue Dewey came in and attacked Dustytaker. Dewey then grabbed the mic and said at Anniversary Anarchy he would beat him at his own game, a Casket Match. Once back to his feet, Dustytaker agreed and we already have our first match for Anniversary Anarchy IV Saturday, May 17th.

Main Show
1.”The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabe Saint defeated “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee (w/Cloudy)
This was a special challenge match which came as a result of Gabe Saint pinning Brodie Lee in a tag match involving the two at WrestleBowl ’08. Both men went at it tooth and nail, but it was Saint getting the win as he knocked Cloudy off the ring apron who tried to interfere, and hit his “Down The Sun” frog splash for the victory. “The Bull of Black Mountain” has not made it a secret that he wants to be the next NWA Upstate No Limits Champion, and this victory will give him even more momentum and confidence to do just that.

2. Spazz defeated Stargazer
This match pitted two of Upstate’s unique stars in action in the psycho from Shady Acres and the masked man from Mexico who is one-third of the NWA Upstate Six-Man Trophy Champions and the current NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Champion. The match started with Spazz confusing and frustrating Stargazer with his unorthodox antics, but Stargazer came back and took control and seemed to be in control until he went for a face-plant and landed awkwardly on his knee. Slowed by the injury, Spazz was able take advantage and roll up Stargazer for the victory. After the match, Upstate referees came down to attend to Stargazer and help him back to the dressing room. We hope to have more on Stargazer’s condition as soon as it becomes available.

3.”The Notorious BCL” Big Cat Lemmer defeated The Czar (w/Coconut Jones)
The Czar, who’s been out of action in Upstate for quite some time, returned with Coconut Jones. It was announced that Coconut Jones was bringing The Czar back to Upstate to take out Big Cat Lemmer after Big Cat made quick work of Coconut at WrestleBowl ’08. The Czar was telling the fans that he’s a changed man and that he’s someone they can believe in. His words, though, as Big Cat came out and attacked both Czar and Coconut Jones before both men even got in the ring. The onslaught continued in the ring as Lemmer manhandled both men, finally finishing off Czar with a BCL Driver (DVD) for the win. After the match, Big Cat grabbed the mic and started jawing with some of the fans, which was very uncharacteristic of one of the popular wrestlers in Upstate. Big Cat then said for the last eight years he shook hands, kissed babies, and was a nice guy and asked what did it get him. Big Cat then said no more because he’s tired of being a nice guy and being in meaningless matches while other wrestlers were elevated to the top of the card. He then said he was a changed man and if the fans want to boo him, later on in the night he would give them a reason to boo.

4. NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze & “The Montgomery Madman” Sweet Lou (w/Col. Johnny Kayfabe) defeated NWA Empire Tag Team Champions The McCloud Brothers & D To The Icky
Rhythm & Booze & Sweet Lou along with their manager, Col. Johnny Kayfabe, came out first. Kayfabe said that his boys took out The McCloud Brothers a few weeks ago and that there no more teams left for them to face. Much to their surprise though, The McClouds did show up and hit the ring, but were outnumbered by the Upstate Tag Champs and Sweet Lou until D To The Icky came out to even the odds. Despite the beating they received a few weeks ago, The McClouds were able to take it the R&B and hit their Boston Massacre and had the match won. But Buddy Delmar hit Evan McCloud with one of the Upstate tag belts as Col. Kayfabe distracted referee Adam “Dusty” Bloodstone. Frank The Tank got the pin and Rhythm & Booze got the victory. After the match, the beating continued as Rhythm & Booze hung Evan over the top rope with Frank’s bullrope. Once again, the Upstate tag team champions stooped to new lows, but also got the upper hand in their feud with the fighting Irishmen from Boston.

5. NWA National Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks defeated “One Hit Wonder” Cloudy (w/Brodie Lee) in a non-title match
Cloudy along with partner Brodie Lee, still hurting from his loss to Gabe Saint, came out. Cloudy grabbed the mic, but the fans got on his case so much, he barely got the chance to talk. Brodie grabbed the mic and took matters into his own hands, saying that since Sabian was injured Cloudy didn’t have an opponent and that he was the winner by default. As the two were about to leave, Pepper Parks came out. Parks said that he couldn’t tell if Cloudy was a boy or a girl, but that he would be more than happy to accept his challenge for tonight. A valiant effort by the One Hit Wonder, but the “Patrick Swayze of Pro Wrestling” got the victory with a powerbomb. Even though it was a non-title match, Parks looked sharp and looks to continue his momentum going into Anniversary Anarchy IV.

6. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes defeated “Fabulous” John McChesney by submission
Before the match, “Fabulous” John McChesney grabbed the mic as the fans were chanting his name. He said that he didn’t know where his manager Star Rider and quite frankly, he didn’t care. McChesney said that all he needed was the support of all his fans and that from now on, they were going to see the real John McChesney in NWA Upstate. Despite Fabulous’s best efforts AND his fans’ support, The Havana Pitbull was just too much for him in this one as he made McChesney tap out to his patented dragon sleeper. After the match, Reyes wasn’t finished and continued to choke McChesney out as blood came pouring out of his mouth. The fans booed loudly Reyes’s actions, who responded in kind by flipping off the crowd. It looks as if Ricky Reyes has gained both momentum, and a bonafide mean streak, in NWA Upstate.

7. “The Exceptional Icon” Eric Everlast & the returning HC Loc defeated Triple X & Super Assassin
This match was demanded by “The Exceptional Icon” after what’s gone down between him and his former six-man partners, who were at one time six-man trophy champions. The match marked the first time Everlast has been in the ring against Triple X and Super Assassin and it marked the return to the ring after a three-year absence of HC Loc, an ECW original and former ROH Tag Team Champion and NWA Upstate champion. The match was highlighted by X & the Assassin trying to stay way from Everlast as much as possible. Eventually, Everlast and Loc got their hands on the masked duo as Everlast gave Triple X a chokeslam from the second rope and Loc gave Super Assassin a tornado flatliner off the other ropes and both men scored the double pinfall. It was a small measure of revenge for Everlast and a successful return for the former Carnage Crew member.

8. NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech defeated Judas Young in a non-title match
February Fallout turned out a lot better for the No Limits Champion than WrestleBowl ’08, when Cheech accidentally struck by Gabe Saint in their tag match against CloudLee and walked out on his partner. Cheech, however, put all that behind him and got the win with his signature move, The Deluxe (his version of the GTS). Despite the impressive victory, one has to wonder why Cheech didn’t put the title on the line as perhaps he was either too preoccupied with #1 contender, Gabe Saint or didn’t feel Judas was worthy of a title shot.

9. Dunn & Marcos defeated The Latin Soldiers (Luis Whiteshoes & Maximo Suave)
Dunn & Marcos bounced back from their loss at WrestleBowl ’08 against Upstate Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze in a Lynchburg Death Match and beat the formidable, streaking team of the Latin Soldies, who are both co-holders of the six-man Trophy along with Stargazer. This match featured a little bit of everything, from technical wrestling to high-flying to a little bit of hijinx involving all four teams and referee Ron Falco. But in the end, Dunn & Marcos hit their Dust in the Wind from the second rope for the victory. Both teams shook hands after the match in a great display of sportmaship, much to the delight and appreciation of the fans in attendance.

10. Danny Doring defeated Jimmy Olsen to become the new NWA Upstate World Heavyweight Champion
Everything was on the line in the main event as Jimmy Olsen defended his Upstate title against Danny Doring, who said that if he didn’t beat Olsen for the title, he would leave Upstate. Because of what was at stake, referee Andrew Mollon relaxed the rules for this all important match. This was a wild, chaotic brawl as both men went at it all over the building. Back inside the ring, Doring took control thanks to using a steel chair. But the ever resilient champion fought back and had the challenger in trouble until Olsen was thrown by Doring into the referee. With the ref out of the picture, Big Cat Lemmer hit the ring and attacked Olsen, delivering a choke-bomb and leaving the ring as Doring looked on with a shocked and confused look on his face. As the referee came to, Doring took advantage and got the 1-2-3 to become a two-time NWA Upstate World Champion. Doring’s celebration would be short-lived, as “The Boss” Hellcat came out. Hellcat said that since Doring wasn’t leaving Upstate, he was now contractually obligated to defend his title and said that he would defend the Upstate title against Jimmy Olsen at Anniversary Anarchy IV: Inside A Steel Cage! Just as Hellcat was finishing his announcement, Olsen climbed the top rope and hit a cross-body on both Doring and Lemmer to the outside. Danny Doring is the new champion, but Jimmy Olsen will get another shot at revenge AND a shot at regaining Upstate gold.

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