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Saturday February 23rd, 2008
NWA Upstate’s February Fallout ’08

On the heels of it’s first show of 2008, NWA Upstate returns to action Saturday February 23rd at the Minett Hall in Rochester, New York for February Fallout 08′. With all the recent challenges and major news that’s been announced the last few weeks, here’s an update and a preview of what to expect at February Fallout.

Main Event
NWA Upstate World Heavyweight Title Match
Jimmy Olsen (c) vs. Danny Doring
This feud started back at the Indytational show in September when Olsen scored what many considered an upset victory over Doring in the Indytational Tournament. Doring responded at Holiday Hangover in November by beating, and almost taking out, Jimmy’s brother Colin. Later on in the show, Doring interfered in Olsen’s title defense against “Fabulous” John McChesney. This led to the three-way for the title at Wrestlebowl 08′ where Olsen successfully defended his title by pinning John McChesney, not Danny Doring. Doring, upset over not only not winning the title but also not even being involved in the decision, went to Upstate offiicials and demanded another shot at the Upstate title, this time one-on-one. Doring is so confident that he’ll defeat Olsen that he’s GUARANTEED he’ll win the title and if he doesn’t, he’s gone on record saying he will leave Upstate! A pretty bold statement to say the least, but given Doring’s experience and track record in big matches, one cannot discount his chances of once again being Upstate champion. Olsen, though, has defeated Doring in the past, has turned away just about every challenge, and will not go down without a fight. Something’s gotta give as both men lay it all on the line at February Fallout.

NWA Upstate No Limits Title Match
Cheech (c) vs. Judas Young
Yet another title will be at stake at February Fallout as Cheeh defends his No Limtits Tiltle against Judas Young. Judas Young is a veteran of the ring wars who currently holds the NWA Pro Television Title and made his Upstate debut in the Indytational, losing to “Fabulous” John McChesney. Young looks to rebound from that loss and put even more gold around his waist. Cheech has been an Upstate mainstay who’s made the transition from a tag team specialist to a solid singles competitor. Even though Gabe Saint looms as a large threat, Cheech cannot overlook the punk rocker from the lower east side of New York City or else his reign as No Limits Champion will go “up in smoke.”

NWA Upstate Tag Team Title Match
Rhythm & Booze (c) (w/Col. Johnny Kayfabe) vs. NWA Empire Tag Team Champions The McCloud Brothers
This is assuming this title match will even happen based what happened last week after NWA Empire’s “Blizzard and Brainbusters” show. For those who don’t know, following last week’s Empire show Kyle McCloud suffered major rib injuries, and the locaion of Evan McCloud is unknown. The McCloud Brothers were attacked in the parking lot by Rhythm and Booze, where Kyle McCloud was beaten on the ground in a 3 on 1 attack and Evan McCloud was stuffed into the trunk of a car and driven off. Eyewitness reports indicate that Rhythm & Booze were clearly trying to take out The McCloud’s before their title match at February Fallout. The incident was video taped by Colonel Kayfabe as shocked fans stood by in disbelief. So on the heels of all this, several questions need to be asked? Where are The McCloud Brothers? Will they show up to challenge for the NWA Upstate Tag Team Titles?
And if so, what kind of shape will they be in to wrestle? Hopefully we’ll get the answers to all these questions at February Fallout.

Eric Everlast & the returning HC Loc vs. Super Assassin/Triple X
“The Exceptional Icon” Eric Everlast challenged his former six-man partners to a tag match. It was at Wrestlebowl 08′ where Super Assassin and Triple X came out and distracted Everlast and thus, costing him his match against Sweet Lou. Everlast said he had a mystery partner picked out and until a few weeks ago no one had any idea just who it would be. Well Everlast’s partner will be none other the returning HC Loc! The former Carnage Crew member has been out of action for quite some time and one has to wonder what his motivations are and how much ring rust he’ll have as he returns to the squared circle. One thing is for sure, Loc has wreaked havoc wherever’s he gone and his return coupled with Everlast’s wanting to get revenge doesn’t bode well for the masked duo of Super Assassin and Triple X.
Brodie Lee vs. “The Bull of Black Mountain” Gabe Saint

It was at WrestleBowl ’08 where Gabe Saint & Cheech took on CloudLee (Cloudy & Brodie Lee). During the match, Saint accidentally punched his partner, but Cheech didn’t see things that way as he left the ring and walked out on his partner. Despite the 2-on-1 disadvantage, Saint was somehow able to defy the odds and pull off the victory. Lee, upset with the loss, confronted Gabe in the locker room after the show and didn’t appreciate what he called “a cheap win.” Lee then challenged Saint to a single match and Saint accepted. So at February Fallout, two of Upstate’s top stars collide in a match that could possibly steal the show.

Cloudy vs. “The Black Jesus” Sabian

Brodie Lee’s partner, Cloudy, will be in singles action as he takes on the returning Sabian. Sabian debuted in Upstate at Holiday Hangover in November and impressed Upstate officials with his showing against “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes. Sabian is also one of the top stars in CZW as the World Junior Heavyweight Champion and as member of Team BLK-OUT. His opponent, “One Hit Wonder” Cloudy, is also a star in CZW but feels that Upstate is his backyard and Sabian is trespassing and trying to make a name for himself at his expense. This two will hold nothing back in what should be a hard-hitting, high-flying affair.

“Fabulous” John McChesney (w/Star Rider) vs. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes

Two of the top stars in the indy’s collide in what some fans are calling a dream indy matchup. “Fabulous” returns to action after coming so close the last two shows of winning the NWA Upstate Title. McChesney must move forward and get back in the title hunt as he’ll have his hands full with the “Havana Pitbull”. Ricky Reyes debuted in Upstate at Holiday Hangover, defeating Sabian. Then at WrestleBowl ’08, Reyes and D To The Icky thwarted the challenge of the invading 2CW contingent of John Walters & Slyck Wagner Brown. Two men with different styles but with the same goal: winning. That’s what both men will try to accomplish as they square off at February Fallout.

Latin Soldiers vs. Dunn & Marcos

The Latin Soldiers (Luis Whiteshoes & Maximo Suave) have been on a roll as of late, as they are two-thirds of the Upstate Six-Man Tag Team Champions. Although both Whiteshoes & Maximo had their problems in the past, they’ve put their issues behind them and are hitting on all cylinders. The boyz from the barrios of Puerto Rico look to continue their winning ways against Dunn & Marcos. The rock and rollers from Paradise City suffered one of the worst losses of their career, mentally and physically, at WrestleBowl 08′ losing a brutal and bloody Lynchburg Death Match to the Upstate Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze. One has to wonder if Dunn & Marcos will be able to put that devastating defeat behind them and move back up the Upstate tag team ranks.

NWA Empire LOTD Champion Stargazer vs. Spazz

Stargazer, the other part of the Six-Man Champions, is another wrestler that has seen a resurgence in his career right now. Stargazer became the NWA Empire Lord of the Dance Champion last week, defeating Gabe Saint & Super Assassin for the title, which was vacated earlier in the show by Colin Olsen. Spazz, though, doesn’t seem to be impressed with Stargazer’s recent winning streak or his credentials. The psycho from Shady Acres Mental Institute is looking to avenge losing the Stargazer & The Latin Soldiers at WrestleBowl 08′ and make the Latin luchador see stars.

The Blue Dewey vs. The Dustytaker

This will be the third (and perhaps final) match between the most interesting wrestlers in Upstate in Dewey & The Dustytaker. Dewey has faced The Dustytaker the last two shows and both times The Dustytaker has come out on top. Dewey has promised that the third time will be the charm and has said he has something in store for The Deadman Reffin’ that he’ll never forget. What is Dewey’s plan? And will he finally beat The Dustytaker?

All that and MORE will go down at NWA Upstate’s February Fallout Saturday September 23rd. Oh, and there’s one more thing. For all of you Upstate fans that want to look ahead, here’s your chance.

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