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Ring Crew ExpressNWA Upstate WrestleBowl ’08 Full Results/February Fallout News

NWA Upstate returned to action Saturday January 12th with its first show of the new year, WrestleBowl ’08. On the heels of Upstate’s last show, Holiday Hangover, it would be interesting to see what would happen as a bitter feud came to a bloody, violent feud, another feud has started involving a rival promotion, and many titles were up for grabs including the Upstate World Heavyweight Title.

The Dustytaker defeated “The Rochester Bulldozer” DewMaga
The show started with a remtach from Holiday Hangover pitting The Deadman Reffin’ against Upstate’s Man of Many Gimmicks in Dewey, this time as The Samoan Bulldozer, Umaga. DewMaga tried to gain the upper hand attacking The Dustytaker before the bell rang. Once inside the ring, The Rochester Bulldozer once again fell prey to a thunderous chokeslam and Dustytaker once again got the victory. Rumor has it that after the match Dewey said that he wasn’t done with The Dustytaker and that he wouldn’t rest until he put him away once and for all. What does Dewey mean, and what could he possibly have in store for the Dustytaker? Hopefully we’ll have more on this in the coming weeks.

Main Show
NWA Upstate Six-Man Champions The Latin Soldiers defeated Spazz, Mark Krieger, & Chip Stetson
The Latin Soldiers (Luis Whiteshoes, Maximo Suave, & Stargazer), who won the Six-Man Trophy at Holiday Hangover, made their first defense of the trophy a successful one against the unpredictable psycho from the Shady Acres Mental Institute and his two mystery partners, Mark Krieger and Chip Stetson, who were both former Upstate Six-Man champions themselves. The champions isolated Spazz and hit a powerbomb/neckbreaker combo with Maximo getting the pin. It looks as if Whiteshoes & Maximo, who feuded for most of last year, are on the same page and the trio from Puerto Rico have gelled very well as a team.

Gabe Saint & NWA Upstate No Limits Champion Cheech defeated CloudLee (“One Hit Wonder” Cloudy & “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee)
This was a special challenge match made from Holiday Hangover when CloudLee interrupted Gabe & Cheech after their title match. Back and forth match that saw some miscommunication with Saint & Cheech as Saint accidentally hit Cheech thinking he was Cloudy. Saint apologized, but the No Limits Champion wouldn’t hear it, leaving the ring and walking out on his partner. Despite the 2-on-1 advantage, CloudLee couldn’t put The Bull of Black Mountain away. Frustrated with themselves and the referee, Brodie Lee went after referee Andrew Mollon and he and Cloudy were going to give him the Cloudy Killer (powerbomb/lungblower combo). But Saint hit Cloudy as he strattled the top turnbuckle and had enough left to rollup Brodie Lee for the three-count. Saint overcame the odds to get the win, but one has to wonder if the respect he had for his partner is still there?

Sweet Lou (w/Col. Johnny Kayfabe) defeated “The Exceptional Icon” Eric Everlast
This match was demanded by Eric Everlast after Sweet Lou decided to “go back to his roots” and team up with Rhythm & Booze at Holiday Hangover instead of Everlast & Triple X in their defense of the Six Man Trophy. Much to Everlast’s and the fans’ surprise, Col. Johnny Kayfabe came out with Sweet Lou and was instrumental in the victory. Everlast seemingly had the match in hand when Col. Kayfabe distracted the referee, Super Assassin and Triple X came out and attacked Eric Everlast. The interference along with a vicious spear equaled a victory for Sweet Lou. Super Assassin & Triple X, upset with Everlast for turning on them and costing them the Six-Man Trophy at Holiday Hangover, gained a small measure of revenge for Everlast’s actions. Suffice to say the loss has not sit well The Exceptional Icon and there’s no doubt somewhere down the road he’ll be looking to even the score with his former partners.

Tag Team Champions Rhythm & Booze defeated The Ring Crew Express in a Lynchburg Death Match
This was the much anticipated, first time ever Lynchburg Death Match and the culmination of a bitter rivalry between two of the best teams in Upstate. It was an anything goes, falls-count-anywhere street fight that will go down as one of the bloodiest, most violent matches in Upstate history. Everything from ladders to belts to bullropes to hay bales were used as all four men beat the hell out of each other. Even Col. Kayfabe wasn’t safe as he took a spear from Nikki Jett and brutal guitar shot from Marcos. Sweet Lou, though, came out as he helped pull Dunn out toward the aisle where Buddy Delmar smashed a beer bottle over Dunn’s head! Back inside, Delmar & Frank The Tank continued their assault tying up Marcos with the bullropes to the ringposts so Marcos couldn’t escape. Frank hit Marcos with their Confederate Crunch (top rope splash) to get the pin. The champs from Lynchburg retained their gold, but how much did the win take out of them and The Ring Crew Express?

“D To The Icky” Dicky Sanchez & “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes defeated 2CW’s Slyck Wagner Brown & “Hurricane” John Walters by disqualification
The match between D To The Icky and Ricky Reyes was interrupted by the 2CW contingent, who were going to make an impact and answer the challenge laid down by NWA Upstate owner Hellcat from 2 weeks ago. It started with Zachary Springate grabbing the mic and proclaiming that wrestling had finally come back to Rochester. Springate went on to rundown Upstate and its fans and put over Slyk as “wrestling’s best kept secret” and said that Walters could wrestle circles around anyone in Upstate. Well The Boss had heard enough as Hellcat came out. Hellcat said that since 2CW wanted to make an impact and that Dicky & Reyes were pissed off that their match was interrupted, he would put them in a tag match with Slyk/Walters vs. Dicky/Reyes. Hellcat also said that since Springate and Love didn’t have managers’ licenses, neither of them could be at ringside and security escorted both Springate and Love out of the building. As for the match, Brown and Walters were in control until both men got frustrated and shoved down referee Andrew Mollon forcing the DQ. Slyk and Walters continued their attack on D To The Icky until Reyes chased both men off with a steel chair. So it was Upstate who came out on top against 2CW, but is this the last we’ve heard from the rival promotion out of Syracuse?

NWA National Heavyweight Champion Pepper Parks defeated Cody Deaner
Another back and forth match that was a good showing by Deaner as he came close on several occassions of becoming the new champion. But a rollup by Parks with his feet on the ropes for leverage and “The Patrick Swayze of Professional Wrestling” retained his title. The champion’s tactics are definitely questionable and haven’t sit well with the fans. But one can’t argue his success as he comes into the new year with a lot of momentum. Deaner, who was once hated by the fans, has definitely turned over a new leaf and received in a nice ovation from the fans for his efforts.

NWA Empire Tag Team Champions The McCloud Brothers defeated Super Assassin & Triple X
The McCloud Brothers made their first defense of the Empire Tag Team Titles a successful one against two-thirds of the former Upstate Six-Man Tag Team Champions. The brothers from Boston were in sync throughout the match while the challengers were anything but. The masked duo did take control and scored a few near-falls, but the champions rebounded and hit Triple X with the Boston Massacre (double-team lungblower) to get the win. The fighting Irishmen continued their winning ways and have a lot of momentum in their quest to become Upstate Tag Team Champions.

“The Notorious BCL” Big Cat Lemmer defeated Coconut Jones
Suffice to say, The Notorious BCL was not in a good mood and it showed here as he made quick work of Coconut Jones, winning with the BCL Driver (Death Valley Driver). Lemmer didn’t seem too happy with his competition, or lack thereof, and rumor has it he let Upstate officials know about it after the match. We’ll keep an eye out on this situation in the weeks to come.

NWA Upstate World Heavyweight Champion Jimmy Olsen defeated “Fabulous” John McChesney (w/Star Rider) and Danny Doring in a triple threat match
This was the main event pitting the champion against two of his top contenders, one a former Upstate champion in Doring, the other being the man who felt he would’ve been champion in McChesney had in not been for Doring’s interference. This one saw all three men go at it tooth and nail. In the end, it was Olsen who knocked Doring to the outside, leaving him alone with McChesney. McChesney went for his Fabulous Fallout but Olsen countered hitting his overbomb/piledriver combo to get the pin. Olsen retained the Upstate World Title but one has to wonder which man, Fabulous and/or Doring, will be looking to get a rematch for the gold.

Thank you to everyone who packed into the Minett Hall for Saturday’s night show.

We will have results and pictures going up in the next few days, but some things we DID find out…

February 23rd, 2008
NWA Upstate returns to the Minett Hall for February Fallout ’08

Already Announced:

NWA National Champion Pepper Parks vs. “The Havana Pitbull” Ricky Reyes

Cloudy vs. the returning Sabian

Champions vs. Champions
NWA Upstate Tag Team Champions Rhythm and Booze vs. NWA Empire Tag Team Champions the McCloud Brothers

How will a DQ loss to Ricky and Dicky, and being chased out of the building by Hellcat effect 2CW’s chances of returning to Rochester?

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