Why No One Cares About the WWE TLC Main Event

TLCWhy No One Cares About the WWE TLC Main Event

Its finally out there, in WWE own words or more less Triple H weekly sit down interview with Michael Cole he said: “In 11 years, after the brand extension is no longer, at TLC we will have a undisputed champion”, now I summed up what he said but that’s the majority of what he said about this match.

What’s the first thing I thought when I heard this? Thank god we don’t have to see Orton vs. Big Show in a rematch. I think a lot of people thought the same thing, isn’t that sad that is your thinking process about the main program in WWE right now. First off, the mass majority of the “WWE Universe” wanted to see that match but now we get a match we have seen over the years and a there trying to build up a PPV that generally doesn’t do well in buyrates. Now I get they want to increase their buyrate’s but isn’t a bit odd to have a huge match or what is built up to be huge at a end of the year PPV.

You would think they would have this match at WrestleMania on the grandest stage of them all. Here is my thinking; do the titles need to be unified? Yes in my opinion. Before Cena was champion it was Del Rio’s trophy and a transitional champions like Ziggler. Who I am a fan of so let’s not go down the road that I’m not a fan of his.

With the amount of guys that are not over due to booking, characters and constant losing on Raw and SmackDown, for the World Title it’s a mid-card match on a PPV. Heck during the months leading to Del Rio vs. Cena, Alberto was losing every other week on TV. Why should your second key champion be losing non titles bouts? He shouldn’t, let’s be honest, before Cena became the champion no one cared about the World Heavyweight champion.

Now how many times have we seen a “Champion vs. Champion” on Raw or SmackDown? So why should we care more about this match than the others? Just because Triple H who is NOT getting over right now says they should. Orton vs. Cena has been seen in the past?

Think about this for the last five WWE pay per views there has been non, screw finishes to in the main event. Without us being guaranteed that there will be one Undisputed Champion, how can we trust the word of WWE. The answer is you can’t.

I said it once and I’ll say it again, somehow, some way WWE will get in their own way and not have a clean finish. Two titles will be in mix until WrestleMania, where I see the real guaranteed Unification match.

— Andy

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