WSU News: Orsini Crashes IndyGurlz Show

WSU On The Road Update

This past Saturday, on 9/18/2010, WSU returned to Boonton, NJ as part of our working relationship with NHPW’s Indygurlz promotion. WSU congratulates WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez on racking up another championship, as Martinez defeated Sara Del Rey in the finals of a tournament to crown the new Indygurlz Champion.

In footage that will appear on an upcoming WSU “On The Road” DVD, the unsanctioned WSU “All Guts, No Glory” Champion, Angel Orsini, decided to crash the show. Orsini said she felt disrespected that the WSU World Champion (Mercedes Martinez), the WSU Spirit Champion (Brittney Savage) & 1/2 of the WSU Tag Champions (Jana) were all booked for this tournament, but she was not.

Orsini made her presence felt when she crashed a quarterfinal match between Sara Del Ray & former WSU Tag Champion Roxxie Cotton. After Sara Del Ray went to the locker room after a strong win, Angel Orsini, with her new All Guts, No Glory Championship in tow, crashed the ring and had her eyes set on Roxxie Cotton.

Orsini gave Cotton vicious strikes, followed by a T-Bone suplex. To make sure she got everyone’s attention, Orsini put Roxxie Cotton in a devastating rear-naked choke. Orsini would not let go of the hold until Indygurlz officials took Orsini off of Cotton.

With Cotton’s lifeless body in the ring, Orsini addressed the live crowd about why she was there. Orsini said she would take on anyone and did not care how many people she had to wrestle. For video footage of what Orsini had to say, and of her attack on Roxxie Cotton, check out the video links at the end of this press release.

Later on during the show, Orsini came out for an “All Guts, No Glory” Championship gauntlet match. Orsini would defeat Marti Belle & Tina San Antonio in respective matches. Orsini would tell after the show that, “Everyone needs to be on watch. Right now the WSU World Championship is the most important championship in womens wrestling, but it’s only a matter of time before my All Guts, No Glory Championship is considered a superior championship in the land of womens wrestling.”

Like the WSU World Championship, Orsini plans on defending her championship anywhere where womens wrestling matches are featured. Orsini concluded her interview with saying, “This belt is all about respect, and respect is what I will get. I will wipe out every female in womens wrestling until only Mercedes & I are standing, and WSU is forced to finally overrule our Ironwoman stipulation and give me my WSU World Title shot.”

In Indygurlz tournament action, Kellie Slater d. Niya, Mercedes Martinez d. Jana, Sumie Sakai d. Brittney Savage, Sara Del Rey d. Roxxie Cotton, Mercedes Martinez d. Kellie Slater, Sara Del Ray d. Sumie Sakai, Mercedes Martinez d. Sara Del Ray. Check out our friends at for more.

WSU will be releasing Orsini’s footage on an upcoming DVD.

While at the show roving WSU reporter Jimmy Gentry caught up with several wrestlers. Here are the video interviews (Fan cam footage) with the stars of WSU:

WSU Spirit Champion Talks About New Member Joining The Cosmo Club & About Sassy Stephanie:
Direct Link:


WSU #1 Contenders To The WSU Tag Team Titles, The Belle Saints Talk About Their First Opportunity At Gold:
Direct Link:


WSU Tag Champion Jana Talks About Recent Trouble & The Cosmo Club:
Direct Link:


EXCLUSIVE LOCKER ROOM FOOTAGE: Orsini & Martinez Bump Into Each Other
Direct Link:


And here is fan cam footage of Angel Orsini’s attack on Roxxie Cotton & words about her AGNG Championship:
Direct Link:


WSU will be announcing more On The Road dates soon.

WSU also returns with a special double DVD taping on 11/6 with Martinez/Jazz, Orsini/Alicia, WSU Debut of Serena, ODB/Perez, Belle Saints/Cosmo Club, Return of Traci Brooks, Havok/Lee, Savage/Stephanie, Rain, Melissa Coates, Jamilia Craft, Divina Fly & so much more. Tickets are now on sale by visiting:

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