OWW Radio “Attack of the 5 Boroughs” recap

If you missed Tuesday June 1st edition of the Online World of Wrestling Radio with host Alan Wojcik, here’s the highlights:

· Phil Strum of Under the Ring and the Poughkeepsie Journal joined the show for WWE chat including an injury update on the Undertaker and what should happen at the Fatal Four Way PPV, his pick to win NXT, Ashton Kutcher’s job as Raw guest host and more. Spug of Wrestle Talk Radio joined in with his always interesting perspective.

· Phil’s colleague Kevin Scott joined OWW to give his thoughts on TNA’s Slammiversary PPV announced matches, Ric Flair’s recent media comments on the UK promotional tour, Sean Waltman’s latest media comments, the rumored signings and upcoming departures plus more. Mase of Wrestle Talk Radio joined the discussion to talk about his recent purchase of the NEW TNA trading cards. 

· You missed the interactive question of who should be a dream opponent for the late great Owen Hart with WTR chat room residents.

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